2015 The Last Gasp

 2015 is grinding to a halt, gasping it’s last breath:

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Before we wave goodbye to this tired ol’ 2015, I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for following along, for supporting this blog and encouraging me with your comments, questions and finances. I truly appreciate your faithful readership and you recommending and sending my blogs onto your friends!

This is that peculiar, exhausting week where the shopping, shipping and gluttony is all done and the Christmas tree and festive décor are waiting for me to summon enough energy to store them away for another year.  This is that goofy week where routines are totally forgotten– as is the caloric intake of all the Peanut Brittle and Christmas cookies consumed in the past few weeks! This lost holiday week between Christmas and New Year’s always puts me in a philosophical, review-type mindset.  Maybe it does for you, as well:

Here is my review of 2015 from Sally’s World:

I love my family but this is easier to do some weeks than others!

I love the Lord but this is easier to do some weeks than others!

The Lord loves me- but this is less exasperating for Him to accomplish some weeks than others!

I am tired of shoveling snow and it is only 10 days into winter!

I love grandchildren but hate homework, teeth-brushing, picky-eating and modern day cartoons!

I believe that it would be a better outcome if all of our politicians and all voters read the Constitution once a year.  It might be a good idea to read the Declaration of Independence from time to time as well!

I am already extremely tired of the 2016 Presidential Campaign and realize that there is still, nearly a year of endless blather to endure until the election. Sigh.

I grow very frustrated when the media focuses on two or three stupid stories to the exclusion of really important world and national stories.  Makes me wonder about their motives.  I don’t like to feel manipulated, do you?

I don’t know why folks in Washington can’t see the connection between open borders, easy immigration policies and trouble ahead for life as we know it.  Seems pretty clear cut to me but common sense isn’t so common anymore.

Supernatural Warfare is ramping up regardless whether we choose to see it or not!

No matter what it looks like to the casual observer, God has a winning plan!

Forgiveness is totally worth it!

The other night, I spent a very happy evening watching back-to-back Fred Astaire movies.  I think the world was a much better place when there were more fun musicals coming out of Hollywood.  Let’s all take tap-dance lessons!

I wonder why people in our society seem really preoccupied about Climate Change and  “carbon footprints” and not concerned at all about their Spiritual footprint? Do you know, or care, what Jesus bought for you on the cross and why? Or, where the Lord is leading you?  He is always leading and talking but you may not be hearing or following. That’s something to consider at the end of the year.  Are you tuned into the Right Voice?

In the past week or two I have had word of several friends and acquaintances who have died unexpectedly: another had a tornado drop out of the sky!  There was no warning, no red flag symptoms, no time for death bed decisions or confessions. They just keeled over, didn’t wake up or stepped- ready or not- into a whirlwind!

This always begs the question for all of us to review: How are you living, how will your family and friends react if you die tonight or your car goes careening over the edge of a slippery mountain road?  Do you know-really know- where you are going for eternity?  Do you have a real, true relationship with Jesus? Or, are you thinking that because your Mama was a sweet Christian, that you must be one too, by association. That’s not the way it works. Just because someone told you that all religions are worshipping the same god, does not make it so. If it were true, then Jesus would not have needed to die on that cross. So, do not be deceived. He is the ONLY WAY.thSTDT1Y2D

I think it was Billy Graham that once asked,” If you were arrested for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?”  We may chuckle as we read that, but it really is a good end of the year query to ask yourself and to ask of those you love!

I like to hope that even if my friends and family members vehemently (yet politely) disagree with me; that they know without a doubt where I stand and that I can substantiate those beliefs with the Word of God.  That they have heard, frequently, from me that Jesus loves them, died for them and rose again. He is ALIVE! He healed me, instantaneously of lifelong Asthma 5 years ago and I have never had an attack since that day! He can do the same for you!  That whether or not they understand or believe it or not: they have heard that I commanded, In Jesus’ Name,  more than once, a blizzard to stop! The snow immediately stopped! Amazing and true!

Regardless of whether you have heard this in church: I want my friends, readers and family to know that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a  completely separate step from accepting Jesus as your Savior.  One is for Eternal salvation and the other is for empowering your Christian Life.  You must have both to be obedient and following that book of Acts pattern of the first Church.  You must accept Jesus as your Messiah to assure your eternal destination, your salvation: And you must pray for the Holy Spirit to flood your life, to empower you and to give you the umphff to make it through  as an overcomer what is coming.  His gifts aren’t silly, optional or extraneous. Nor, are they only for kooks and goof-ball fanatics.  This is normal Christianity: totally scriptural and critical!

We have tough times ahead in this life.  The Bible tells us so, and therefore, I must assume that it is true! Are you ready?  Really ready?  Is there enough actual testimony to convict you? Or is it all rumor and hearsay? Is there actual fruit in your life to show that you are related to Him and a productive vine in Jesus’ vineyard?

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If not–then you can change that right now! If you are tired of trying to do life all on your own strength and understanding, If you have found the way the world says is good- to be hollow and empty of real reward- then STOP!  Repent of your sin and Ask Jesus in – to be King of your life.  Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing.  Don’t know what to do or say?  Email me, text me, call me ….I’m your girl.

Have you wandered off, slip-sliding away from your long lost Christian faith. It happens.  You need to get back on track.thH95F1R3O Don’t beat yourself up.  Don’t care what anybody will think. Times a wasting! Repent, tell Him you are sorry and begin again.  Today, here at the end of 2015 is the absolute, perfect time to start over!  You may need to leave some harmful habits or associates behind, but that’s OK.  Be good for you.  Need someone to pray with?  I’m your girl.

2015 has been a memorable year. We’ve talked about a lot of things- covered a lot of ground in this blog.  None of us have a 100 year guarantee in this life…nor, did my afore mentioned associates that didn’t wake up one morning. If you have been following this blog for more than 10 minutes, then you know that prophetically, things are being fulfilled everyday. Time is short and times are serious.  This is the day to start fresh, turn a new page, turn over a new leaf, get a clue, re-engage and get your head in the real supernatural game and live powerfully for Jesus!  Once you take care of that–no matter what 2016 throws at you-  It will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR!















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4 Responses to 2015 The Last Gasp

  1. Pam Hay says:

    Amen Sister Sally! Thank you for a year of great information, encouragement and love that oozes through your writings to our hearts. May the blessing of the Lord increase in this coming year to you and all your family……Love, cuzin Pam

  2. Don Korb says:

    Such excellent counsel! Right from the WORD. For sure your words of encouragement pass THE test in 1 Jonn 4:1. Sally, thanks for pointing us to the Truth, in your gentle way which in turn leads us to Jesus and the power (baptism) of the Holy Spirit. I asked, I received, and live the Abundant Life! As that cute old worldly song says: ” You Can’t Take That Away From Me”

  3. Patti says:

    It’s 2016 in New York as I write this. Thank you Sally for all your wonderful blogging in 2015. May God continue to bless you as you bless us. Love, Patti

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