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All Shook Up!

If you are expecting deep spiritual insights or profound thoughts pouring forth from my pen…this is not the day for that!! Today is a 1/2 day of school in the Vail School District.  Therefore, little Maddie who ordinarily spends a … Continue reading

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Whirling Dervish

Years ago, I read a James Michner novel entitled Caravans.  It was the first book I remember reading that really introduced and explained in any detail, the Islamic culture and mindset. All these years later I don’t recall a great deal … Continue reading

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One Lump or Two?

In my last post, Face of Love, I  encouraged readers to assure that their working definition of  love lines up with the Word of God.  Real love doesn’t mimic our world’s shifting, shallow standard but ought instead to be a walking, talking reflection of God’s character … Continue reading

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Face of Love

I was watching the news this week as those intrepid climbers in Yosemite were clinging by their finger tips to the sheer rock face of El Capitan.  I watched them methodically inching along… ascending slowly to the top to victory!  I thought this an excellent … Continue reading

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