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Lost in Space

Perhaps you remember that TV show from the 1960’s, Lost in Space. The parents were some sort of scientists and the entire family, The Robinson’s, and a few other crew members are launched off into deep space for multi-year, deep-space … Continue reading

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Hospitals and Lotteries

The other day I saw a little thing posted on Facebook.  It was a picture of a famous TV faith healer and the caption said: Faith healers don’t empty out hospitals for the same reason that Psychics don’t win the lottery. ( … Continue reading

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1492 and You

History is the fertile field from which society ought to glean regularly.  Perhaps you have seen those late-night programs or news shows that feature a “man on the street” asking unsuspecting folks very basic questions regarding US History or current events. Most respond … Continue reading

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The other day I published a post about people living amongst us who wear “Happy Face” masks to hide what is really going on in their lives.  With that post I included a photo of mime, Marcel Marceau.  Soon afterwards … Continue reading

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Happy Face

“Hi, Happy New Year!  Did you have a good Christmas?  How are ya doing? How’s everything going?”   We often don’t wait for or expect any answer other than a brief smile and the appropriate, “Fine…Fine, how about you?”  These are the niceties  exchanged at school,at the … Continue reading

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