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The Bunny Hop

Everywhere I look the past few weeks there have been commercials for new Easter dresses or cute little patent-leather leather shoes, Easter Baskets and Cadberry chocolates.  While temptimg in the extreme- All these things stir those childhood memories of wearing of wearing pretty little hats and white gloves … Continue reading

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Bird Trouble

Some folks have Bats in the Belfry.  I’ve got  Woodpeckers on the Peaks! It seems every year,when the hint of elusive spring is just entering the Lake City Colorado consciousness I begin to hear insistent noises! This tapping is not that of a … Continue reading

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Prophecy Watch: The Mosul Dam

Prophecy Watch: It has been a while since I have posted any Prophecy Watch reports. I will admit that the news is so full these days that it is increasingly difficult to choose what to report and what to let slide when … Continue reading

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Beyond this point there be Dragons!

Prior to the Renaissance it was thought the world was flat. There was real concern that over-adventurous sailors might sail right off the edge. Hand-crafted maps of the day showed safe coastline routes. Beyond a certain point, the mapmakers painted sea dragons or terrible goblin-like creatures that awaited … Continue reading

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Islamaphobic or Realist

This is a really strange story that I have had tucked back in my holding pattern for some time.  It is a topic I have not heard discussed in main steam media here in the US. I am sure this … Continue reading

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Election Infection

We have been  embroiled in the midst of coverage for  the looming, important 2016 Presidential election for a long time. It seems that the campaign began the minute the previous election ended and it is emotionally draining for everyone. We have endured … Continue reading

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