49 Across

Yesterday, as I washed dishes at the kitchen sink, I was having a little chat with the Lord.  I have lately been impatient with His timeline.  I have been tapping my foot, questioning whether He has placed me in the most useful avenue…considered all my best assets?  Here I am, Lord…over here! thWD6MMOWS What am I supposed to be doing?  While whining, I took time to remind Him that I had not had a dream in a while and was wondering if no news was good news.  I did thank Him for the occasional Words of Knowledge that I had received at opportune moments. Thanks, too, for timely interpretations for other people’s dreams that are always really amazing.  But, I was missing the personal communication. “Talk to me.  Remember me!”

And last night, I dreamed.  I dreamed I was standing before a huge crossword puzzle.  Billboard size- A Big SIGN, if you will- but, at street level on a bustling city sidewalk.Sleepers 2  I had been happily filling it in, even had a small ladder so I could access the high ones.  All the clues were printed in black and white for all to easily see.  I had a smaller copy, a booklet, to use for easy reference.  I had been working on the puzzle for some time.  It was all coming together.  From my dream perspective, I couldn’t see all the words on the entire puzzle….just the final words and phrases that were at my eye level:

Passover, Jesus is Lord,  Get Ready, Trouble is coming, Buy Food, Joy, Blood Moons, Signs and Signals, Israel, Time is Short, Feast of Trumpets, The King is Coming, Prepare… There were many more, but I can’t remember them all. Each box was filled in ink with no smudgy eraser marks or scratch-outs.

Everyone who stopped by was telling me that I had filled it in all wrong and had misread the clues.  They were specifically bothered by one phrase. 49 Across they all insisted, was definitely wrong. thI5KKBY3D I would consult my booklet, scratch my head and point over to the Across and Down hints and ask the folks, “What else could it mean?  All the other intersecting words seem to be correct, so I think I have it right!”

” No…no that isn’t what it means at all., 49 Across is all wrong!  I don’t know what it ought to be… but, that just can’t be right!” they insisted with authoritative voices. Some got angry.

Can’t be and Is Not are 2 entirely different things!” said I. (I know this is a dream because I am very unruffled and pleasant in my dealings with the sidewalk scoffers!) I keep my eyes on the puzzle most of the time even while I am engaged with the folks in discussion of the puzzle.” Nothing else fits here.  This is the correct interpretation!”

People eventually lost interest and moved on.  Others would take their place and  stare for awhile. th (29) Some suggested alternative words or that my spelling was in error.  They all carried shopping bags, or theater tickets and they didn’t linger, leaving me to contemplate my Big Crossword.

Many would rush by and not even look up or see the puzzle. Hustling to work, talking on their cell phones they never took notice.  Soon, however, another little group would stroll by, contemplate my Big Puzzle and say the same thing.   “I think you have all these other words right but the big one, the phrase in the middle.  49 Across can’t be correct.  It is obviously wrong.”  No one else was able to come up with a better answer or provide different letters that would fit into the prescribed boxes. But neither would they admit or believe that I had the answers.

In the dream-with each group- I explain all my answers and share the significance of this or that clue.  I tell the sidewalk folks about how wonderful Jesus is and how much He loves them. He wants them to be ready.  Some stay awhile and chat, others move along to their destination.  I never know if they take my warning, agree with my message or change their view of 49 Across.

Puzzles in this dream of course, are the prophetic words and seasons in Scripture that tell us that the King is coming back. th1RSKSDDI Big Signs are placed before everyone on the earthly sidewalk that we need to stop, take warning, turn back. Repent!  My little grandchildren often remind me in traffic that” Red means stop! or Green means Go!!”  Signs and Signals are there for a definitive purpose.  Not heeding God’s prophetic signs comes with short and long-term or eternal costs.  Maybe not at the first flashing Railroad Crossing which thEYF1I6VTyou ignore but…eventually.  When the Lord sends the Big Signs, gives us obvious clues and fulfills prophecy before our very eyes… maybe we ought to sit up and pay attention.

It is encouraging, the morning after, to see that God does have a sense of humor.  I tell him that I am frustrated, yawningly tired of my status.  Here am I, Lord, blogging from my mountain-top!  Your girl: watching on the wall. What now? What next?  In the quiet, wee hours of Palm Sunday He sends me this  gentle, encouraging dream.hand of God 5  A BIG PUZZLE  on a BIG SIGN.  Hints and Clues in stark black and white.  Intersecting words, obvious answers placed before disinterested and disbelieving passersby.  With a sweet nudge I am reminded, that it is not about me.  It is about Jesus.  It is all about the Joy. He clearly tells me that I am not called, at this point, to impact thousands with my teaching, to preach to stadiums of lost people, or to serve in deepest, darkest Africa.  I am called to sit here, with my seemingly unimportant, “sidewalk” blog and fill in the blanks for people.  They may listen, they may not.  They may heed or send my blog to someone else who  will then spread the word themselves.  Not my job, concern or worry.  I will keep on writing, studying, speaking to small audiences that have grown complacent in their faith, gotten stuck in some faulty doctrine, or become too focused on the cares of this world to see the flashing warning sign of the Railroad Crossing.  No matter the message of the world: Obedience is more important than voluminous readership, financial reward or public renown.  My value is not in the reception of my message or puzzle.  My value, and yours, is found only in relationship with Jesus. He is the One whose message and oil we have been entrusted! I am available.  I am obedient.  I will go where and when I am called.

There was no Act 2 -Scene 1 in my dream.  I did not win a Tony or a Pulitzer Prize or a popularity prize.  The crowds did not re-group at Starbucks and come back with a big Grand Finale flash-mob in the intersection where they proclaim me Absolutely Correct and then sing, dance and Rejoice in the Lord! th82LWMA5F In the dream I just kept on doing what I had been doing. That’s my job in the dream and in life.  I am called to read my book of clues and speak it’s message of Joy.  So are you!  His message is there for the general public, anyone walking by can see it. It is there to prepare and ready them for the return of the King!   The Prophetic puzzle is there for the curious to heed and to share in.  However, not all will see it, hear it, believe it, agree with it or treasure it’s message. Many will hate it.  Sad, but true. couple dancing in the rain

This Amazing Message should  dramatically change our attitudes, radically alter our behavior, re-prioritize our entire lives! Yet, too often and for too many, it rolls off our hardened hearts and motivates us, not at all.  As we watch His end-times puzzle almost daily  being filled in word by word our joyful anticipation should be building, there should be an energetic skip in our step. People should be stopping us on the street and asking us why we look so happy, so excited! “What is different about you, today?”   As we look at 49 Across we should know, without a doubt that it is absolutely true.

What phrase or message do you believe may have been revealed in 49 Across?

* Authors note:  For more information and the scriptural basis of Biblical Dreams and most of the past posts on this subject please see; Beautiful Dreamer 1 & 2, More Dreaming, The Voice and The Holiday is Over, Fire and Rain, Pulse Points, Dreaming Again and Sleeping Giant.  Always glad to hear about what my readers are dreaming about, too.



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6 Responses to 49 Across

  1. Chuck says:

    Judgement ?

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Alas, I am not totally sure what 49 Across was. In the dream I knew it and expounded on it. Once I woke up I couldn’t see it clearly anymore. I hate when that happens. It was a short phrase. Since 49 is a multiple of 7 and speaks of the Shemitah cycles I just keep thinking that it is something very timely as we are coming up on Passover and the next Blood Moon. Yes, Shemitah speaks of judgement or blessing based on what is going on….so that is definitely a part of it. I am thinking it was more a Time is REALLY short kind of phrase. People always seem to think that they have all the time in the world. They want to do what they want to do when they want to do it and leave the spiritual puzzles for later….much later.

  2. Beth says:

    I agree with Chuck. The day of Judgement is coming. Both Christians and non-Christians will be judged by Jesus Christ. We as Christians look forward to that day. Those who are not Christians – will perish forever and not have a second chance! They don’t believe it and think you/we are wrong. Please give us the correct answer Sally!

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Hi Beth, Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately, when I woke up I couldn’t remember what 49 across was very clearly. As I wrote to Chuck, it may include Judgement but that wasn’t the word. Since it was a multiple of 7, I was thinking it included the Shemitah cycle. Passover to Pentecost is 49 days plus 1. Then there was a great outpouring of the Spirit. Passover and next Blood Moon are coming up later this week. I think it is indicating that something is getting ready to happen soon! You are definitely correct, no body ever wants to think about Judgement. Nor do they want to think that the status quo will change anytime soon. ‘Time is really short’ is the idea that I was left with.

  3. Chuck says:

    If it was a saying, maybe it was ” get your house in order”. No one whose house is not in order would want to hear that. It seems not so long ago a bunch of us all felt the Lord was telling us to do just that. Chuck

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Yes, excellent point. In the dream,as dreams sometimes do, for me it came with a joyful feeling of imminent expectancy…like a little kid waiting for their birthday or counting down the days til Christmas morning. That was the frustrating part as I was having trouble getting anyone else to pick up on that feeling. They couldn’t see it.
      It was very reminiscent of that Holiday is Over dream.

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