Who’s Sally?

Thanks for stopping by.  If we haven’t met, my name is Sally Moore. I am a native Texan and Baylor University graduate, sometimes muralist, writer, Bible teacher and Christian speaker.   Quite by surprise, I find myself living in a small mountain town in Southwestern Colorado.  A 19th century mining town, Lake City, at 9000 feet elevation, is a fine perspective from which to think great thoughts, write, dream and teach and keep cool while doing so.

Author, Sally Scott

I’ve been blessed beyond belief in my life with three beautiful daughters, six grandchildren, good friends and a very good man who patiently loves me. I’m the richest woman in the world and I know it.

In my life, I have lived many places, raised a family and worn many hats.  I hope that you will follow along with me for a while on this latest journey.

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4 Responses to Who’s Sally?

  1. Hi Sally, I just found your blog after a friend shared the link. I am delighted to meet a Baylor grad anywhere. You have a very interesting blog, and an extremely interesting locality. Glad to meet you!

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Welcome aboard! As I’m sure you know, the sun never sets on the Baylor family! LOL Very glad to meet you and hope that you will drop by often!

  2. Finis P. Beauchamp says:

    Read your info in the latest Baylor Magazine and came to your blog. I appreciate your view of person and power of the Holy Spirit. I believe we are living in the end of the end times.
    Finis Beauchamp (Baylor 1978)

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Hi Finis, Thanks for stopping by and hope you will be a regular follower! Yes, we are certainly living in exciting times!

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