All Shook Up!

If you are expecting deep spiritual insights or profound thoughts pouring forth from my pen…this is not the day for that!!

Today is a 1/2 day of school in the Vail School District.  Therefore, little Maddie who ordinarily spends a leisurely morning at home has to be up, dressed, fed with snack in the lunchbox and out the door at 7:15.  All this to be completed with a clean face and matching socks.


While attempting to insert tiny toddler-A into Carseat slot-B I dropped my Kindle Gizmo thingy.  It slid all the way under the car.  After groveling around on hands and knees, in the gravel I finally fished it out only to discover that the screen was totally shattered.  Now, I will be forced to read my actual Bible…the one with real pages and forgo “Words with Friends” until a replacement may be procured.


On to school, we drive due east directly into the rising Arizona sun…sans sunglasses.  Maddie does not “wike it” and instructs me to fix the offensive sun!

At last, after 20 minutes of incessant chatter and innumerable questions, a parking spot is found and amidst all the svelte, cute young, pony-tailed mother’s we sign in at the pre-school office.  One can no longer just drop a little kid off at the door and go on your way rejoicing!  The office doors open up onto a courtyard whereby all the classrooms are safely accessed.  As we step into the courtyard we discover that the annual Book Fair is in full swing.  Colorful, tempting children’s books are displayed on short shelves in glorious splendor like the candy bars at the grocery store check out aisles.  We cannot “pass go” and proceed to the Busy Bee classroom until Maddie chooses a book.  The most expensive book.  It is a toddler hostage situation; highway robbery wrapped in the guise of reading readiness!  I pony up the cash and deliver the child to her teacher.

Driving way, I think that this is an inauspicious beginning to a beautiful January morning.  I am exhausted and it is not yet 7:45!

Whipped by the brutal hardships of grand-parenting, I retreat to Jerry Bob’s Family Restaurant.  Their signage touts “Down Home Cookin’ and Fresh Coffee.”

I plan to drink copious amounts of coffee, eat some real food and blog on…until time for the bus to deliver the princess at 11:15.  I am working my plan!

10:45  Phone call from the school.  The school bus does not run on 1/2 days!  Mad scramble to get back to the school to fetch the abandoned child.  Epic Sassy Fail! And so it goes!

Lest I leave you without at least one pearl of wisdom, let me just say that Life is hard, it is seldom fair, but it is exquisitely precious.  It seems just a moment ago that I was the young, energetic pony-tailed Mama dropping my own children off at  pre-school.  I blinked and those golden days are gone.

We spend a great deal of time during those hectic years as we build careers or help our spouse to build theirs, wishing that our children would  sleep longer, eat their vegetables, do their own homework and spontaneously clean their rooms, wipe their own little noses and be polite.  We forget just to be grateful. To savor and be thankful for these blessings.  And it’s a good lesson whether you have children or not:  Be grateful for the joy of the moment.  Be grateful for the opportunities to influence whatever and whomever the Lord has dropped in front of you today..  Hug the ones you care for and don’t let a day go by without telling them how proud you are of them and how much you love them.  Do your best, Praise God, and repeat it all again tomorrow!

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9 Responses to All Shook Up!

  1. Eleanor says:

    A day in the life…love it.

  2. Kay Barber says:

    Ditto your entire super funny and ever so true blog. My grandson also does not “wike” the extremely offensive sun and on grandparents day we always are obliged to buy books for the precious grandchildren. I read and then forwarded the entire blog to both of my girls and they absolutely loved it . Can you put them on your list? Thanks Kay Barber

  3. Laverne says:

    Lives are so “Daily”!

  4. Robert Hines says:

    Sounds like fun but you can have it. Bob H.

  5. Suzanne handley says:

    What a joy to share that time with grandkids! Enjoy !

  6. Faye Askew says:

    Grandkids are so wonderful and all so different. Unfortunately they, too grow up. Thanks, Sally for sharing such a great, FUN experience with Maddie,

  7. Lynn Bishop says:

    Amen and Amen, Sally! Remembering “When,” I found myself identifying with many of your comments. But those days are long gone for me, at least with my own children and grandchildren. Now, here come the great-grandchildren! Maybe I’ll get a chance at another go-round. Lynn B.

  8. Beth M. says:

    No children – but God has blessed me with an angel — Little Ricky, our Jack Russel/Beagle. He demonstrates many of God’s attributes: He’s loving, even good, gives me peace, comforts me and keeps me company. Follows me around – continuously! Knows every hair on my head and helps me tie my shoes even. He’s forgiving – even when I scold him. I LOVE JESUS WITH ALL MY HEART..and Little Ricky too.

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