Automobile of Life

Many long years ago while attending Baylor, my brother John, a  very talented musician was in a band called Trinity. thUM7UGAC2 They cut one lonely record. Most of the songs on that album were original and all, I thought, were really good.  One of my favorites was a cover they did of a funny, old Roy Acuff song.  It had a great tune and the message struck a true chord. I was just going to lay out the lyrics for you and then I found a vintage recording of it and included the video below.  This song made a lasting impression on me when I was in high school.  I thought of that funny song the other day as I have been encountering a few of life’s potholes lately and thought perhaps you may need to hear it as well!

Automobile of Life

by Roy Acuff

Some people are just like an automobile
They’ll run fine when every thing is right
When the roads are all clear and the weather is fine
And there’s plenty of sunshine and light

But often they come to a wash out
And then get stuck and have to detour
Maybe a break in the casting will prove
They never were built to endure

Get plenty of water and plenty of oil
And the best gasoline you can find
Have the engine tuned up and look out for your breaks
Youll have some hard places to climb

Look out for the tires for the blowouts will come
On a dangerous curve deep and neigh
But if you’ll let Jesus take hold of the wheel
You’ll make it to heaven on high

Some autos are painted and polished so bright
They sell for more than they are worth
And some people think their profession
Will do stop short of the bibles new birth

Just start up your engine and then
You can tell if the thing is hitting on six
For if you depend on the looks of the car
You’ll be in a terrible fix

Now all our professions of powder and paint
Though lovely upon the outside
Wont answer to God for He looks on the heart
It matters not how hard we’ve tried

So if you are stuck in the quicksand of sin
And wondering and floundering about
Just let Gods great engine of glory and grace
With a cable of love pull you out

Get plenty of water and plenty of oil
And the best gasoline you can find
Have the engine tuned up and look out for your breaks
Youll have some hard places to climb

Look out for the tires for the blowouts will come
On a dangerous curve deep and neigh
But if youll let Jesus take hold of the wheel
Youll make it to heaven on high!

th (78)

Life is like that. Inevitably we all get turned around, lost or stall out at the least opportune moment.  Everyone is going to hit some monumental potholes and throw their front end out of alignment.  Sooner or later, each of us is going to make a decision to drive in dicey weather and slide right off the road and land in a metaphorical ditch or crunch dramatically into someone else’s metaphorical bumper.

I’ll drive Roy Acuff’s idea a little bit further.  No matter how long we have been a believer or how mature we are in our faith, life happens.  thYULA1RHBSatan will try to drive us into a brick wall or off the bridge- every time! He isn’t bothered by  the folks NOT living for Jesus.  They are absolutely no threat or bother to his raggedy kingdom goals!  But if you are driving for Jesus, if you have a calling on your life- you can expect ol’ Red to take notice!

We must keep oil in our engine- the Holy Spirit is the lubricant that keeps it running smoothly.  Without Him we will burn our engine up trying to run it on our own puny efforts. That’s exhausting and it does not work.

We have to put water in the radiator and pump gas regularly into the tank.  That’s the Word of God.  Get deep and stay deep in the Word.  Keep pumping that Holy Spirit blend of Truth along with it.  If not,thD4W0KWRS No matter whether your “vehicle” is plain or fancy, old or brand new- without the GO Juice–  it’s not going to get out of the driveway!

It’s a proven fact if you drive often enough, you WILL slop coffee all over the seat -and yourself! Sooner or later, your kid or somebody else’s is going to get car-sick and barf in your backseat. The Christian life is not perfect nor is it stain free!  Clean it up and keep driving on!

If you drive with the window down–one of these days a bee or two or three is going to fly in and scare everyone senseless and maybe sting you!  Be ready to pull over and smack some bees!  You have that authority, use it! thV1DF33IB

  We were never promised a trouble free life. But we were given the kingdom authority to deal with it. So quit whining about it all and DEAL WITH IT in the name of Jesus!  Keep your windows up, add more empowering oil of the Holy Spirit, keep your tank full of gas and keep driving forward in His service!

Replace your windshield when it’s cracked so you can see clearly. th (81) Be willing to lighten the load for better mileage and get all the ungodly friends, behavior and habits out of your trunk. Jesus forgave you when you didn’t deserve it.  Make sure that you do the same: Forgive folks, don’t hang on to bitterness and anger and stupid stuff like resentment: it’s dangerous, the dead weight wears holes in your frame , you will totally rust out  your vehicle…leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

This road of Christian life is a long one.  Its a journey.  We are to learn as we go, by doing and driving.th2OE3TTU2  And like any trip undertaken some will be successful and some will be better forgotten!  But we are called to GO! We are commissioned to GO- Preach-spread the good news, heal the sick , cast out the demonic! The whole package.  Keep moving! Keep learning, Keep driving your Automobile of Life down which ever road you have been sent.

If you lose your way or hit a dead end, a deer or a detour don’t give up or get discouraged!  Flat tires are fixable! thIO3QL3ZP Don’t allow the unexpected, sad, tragic or disappointing stuff to bog you down or get you stuck forever. Rejoice no matter what!  Call a tow truck, fix the flat, let God buff out the scrapes and repair the body damage–PRAY for wisdom.

Learn those lessons from your slipping and sliding, and bee-smacking and get out there on the Road Again!



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7 Responses to Automobile of Life

  1. Suzanne Handley says:

    Great exhortations ! Thanks Sally !

  2. janet says:

    You want to know something funny, I still have that LP. I loved the cover too. The songs were great.

    • says:

      A fan from back in the day! They were really good. John still sings and plays. What an amazing talent. I missed the musical Rutledge gene.

  3. Nancy says:

    What a fun analogy, Miss Sally! Love the advice to “get all the ungodly friends, behaviors, and habits out…” Sounds like Dr.Carolyn Leaf’s theory of mental detox! Great stuff! Thanks!

  4. At a time in our lives when Larry and I were working diligently toward a dream God had given us, we chartered a sailboat in the Grenadines to try out our sailing skills and try to figure out what cruising was all about. We had reviewed the prices and determined what we could afford, a 35-foot boat. When we arrived to begin the adventure, we learned that the captain who chartered “our” boat the week before had run it aground and punched a hole in the bottom. Because the boat we chose was not available, we were given a much larger boat, and that boat’s name was Perseverance. We were also given 3 extra days in addition to the normal week’s rental, and they didn’t start counting the days until the next morning, so we actually had 11 days in that boat!
    I say all this to say that all week, when we made radio calls, we had to identify ourselves: “This is the sailing vessel Perseverance.”
    The timing of that experience perfectly meshed with our need to be encouraged to believe we could do what we were imagining. From that time on, at each pothole or flat tire or wrong turn, I just reminded myself, “This is the sailing vessel Perseverance,” and we persevered. We made the goal, and now we live the calling. And we are still being challenged to persevere in the face of obstacles.
    Great post.

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