Biscuits and Blessings

Yesterday morning,as the husband was out putting the snow blower to good use, I decided that I would wax domestic and make a hearty breakfast for him.  I had the little sausages simmering, the eggs all ready to be scrambled and the oven pre-heating in readiness for the biscuits. th67XHO260 I pulled a can of biscuits out of the depths of our fridge and had just begun to pull the wrapper off.  It suddenly exploded like a cannon!  Not only did this scare 10 years off of my life but it blew pasty-white Shur-Fine biscuit dough ALL over the kitchen, living and dining room!  (the downside of open-concept living!)  There was biscuit dough clinging to the ceiling, on the floor, in the key basket on the counter.  It peppered goop all over the dining table where all the Christmas stuff sits awaiting festive wrapping. Tiny aspirated biscuit bits had been blown near and far, into the cracks of the hardwood floors and gone as far as the front door where they disguised themselves as snow and ice on the entry hall rug.  I used the biggest wads of dough to begin patting up, like Playdough, the tiny hardening crumbs until I realized that this  seemingly efficient process was leaving polka dots of highly visable, greasy circle marks all over the counters and floors.   Unexpectedly, the plan for my day had changed and breakfast was delayed indefinitely!

Life is full of drama.  Some is good (cherish it!) . Some drama isdrama 2kind of funny and makes for a good story after the fact. Some is Bad, really bad (endure it!) Some drama is expected and at other times Life catches us unawares, like a can of exploding biscuits and leaves it’s unwelcome greasy residue over everything that we have and are.

Before we get swept into the hectic, stressful holiday season with the traveling, cooking, shopping and overdosing on pie thGISJR4M8and football don’t forget the most important thing:

Don’t forget to rejoice. Be purposefully thankful.  Philippians 4:4 tells us to rejoice in the Lord always! And again I say REJOICE!  Always means always! It’s not a suggestion either. It’s a command.  Do it. When it gets to be a habit it changes your heart, direction and attitude.  You are saying that God is God and He IS in control! He is the God of the Mountain tops and the God in the Valley.
Count your blessings…all of them.  Give thanks for all the drama-good and bad and unexpected.  It means you are alive and that God has a plan for you.  It means that you are a work in thKVHEZH2Pprogress. I don’t know what your particular drama is for but, it may be bringing you to a place where you must totally depend on Him. It means that where ever you are and what ever you are going through that God loves you!  Acknowledge that His perspective is  much more accurate than yours. We are caught in this temporal timeline but The Lord is not so restricted:  He is King of the Universe, The Great Physician, Wonderful , Counselor, Comforter, Lord of Hosts….

When things are good, great, awesome:  Praise Him!!!  When things are dark and depressing and horrible:  Praise Him anyway!!!  He will walk you through it.  And you will have a wonderful testimony to share when you get to the other side of this mess! Jesus 5 Have you wandered away from your faith,from relationship with Him, made awful mistakes, reacted badly, and hardened your heart to God and those who love you?  Praise God!!  There is a way back:  Confess your sin, ask forgiveness, forgive others, Praise God!  Chalk that up to experience and do better next time and move on.  Ask for help.  He loves that!  Don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about? Then here it is:  Jesus is the Messiah, The Lord.  He  loved us so much that He came and  died for our sins, in our place, so that we could be spared eternal judgement and have eternal life instead. Jesus 1 He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us and to help us to share His love with others.  Accept Him as Lord of your life and receive the Gift of Salvation and the Gift of the Holy Spirit…..If we can’t think of one other thing in this life to be thankful for, then this is ENOUGH! it is enough and worthy to be shared with anybody who is still breathing! John 3:15-18

It is important too, to remember here at Thanksgiving time, that we are all just Pilgrims passing through this earth for a short time. th55OD68SQ And,  just like that can of Shur-Fine biscuits,we all have a definite expiration date.  Be thankful for the blessings and the precious people in your life while you have them. Praise God for the Hardships and the Joys.  Be grateful for His Love and Leadership and vow to be a better steward of both in the years to come. Pass it on with Joy!

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!







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4 Responses to Biscuits and Blessings

  1. Nancy says:

    Great funny story about the exploding biscuits! What a mess! Sure seems like a clear sign from God to stop eating that stuff! Don recommended Wheat Belly, but even more convincing is Grain Brain! You won’t touch wheat again, and you’ll feel amazing! Happy Thanksgiving! Rejoice!

    • says:

      Yes, good tip. I need to ditch wheat, and sugar….again! On my list of things to do after thanksgiving! Thanks so much for dropping by! I was thinking about you yesterday while shoveling the second foot of snow we’ve had in 2 weeks!

  2. Becky Nunez says:

    This was interesting, well-written, and inspiring! Thank you, Sally.

    Becky Nunez

  3. Sharon Scott says:

    Wonderful Word! Good reminder our focus always needs to return to Jesus! Happy Thanksgiving May God continue to Bless You and all of your Loved Ones! 🙂

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