Broken Wings and Battered Hearts

 “Broken Wings and Battered Hearts.” I heard this phrase, audibly, one night as I slept.  It came without dream or explanation.  Sans music, this phrase could be lifted right out of a Merle Haggard tune. Perhaps the Lord was up late writing twangy County Western songs and I just caught the overflow on the chorus!  Just the one phrase, acknowledging brokenness and heartbreak.  Everyone of us knows a verse or two of that song, don’t we?

Feverseason posts in past weeks have laid out some important dreams that I, and other Christians, have received.  Occasionally, I wonder if readers believe I make stuff up, or attempt in some dramatic way, to be ultra-spiritual.  ” Look over here,  I’m so special because the Lord is sending me special messages.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As with all spiritual gifts they have nothing to do with us. Each instance is unbelievably humbling to me.  Yet, if we learn to gracefully two-step to this supernatural country song, in tandem with one another’s spiritual gifts, the “overcoming church” not only catches that heavenly rhythm, but also joyfully receives an operational plan from our King.

For example, this random phrase. Broken Wings and Battered Hearts:  Though it’s an extremely relatable, potential lyric; what does this snippet of Spirit-born message really trying to teach ?

Broken wings: like those of a bird who may have hit a window or been blown out of their nest too soon, keep us from flying.  Without functional, strong wings any bird is destined to flop on the ground.  This is not their natural habitat.  While grounded, they are unable to gain altitude and unable to have the advantage of the higher vantage point.

As believer’s in Jesus we are intended to fly. It is the Holy Spirit and only the Holy Spirit who provides the uplift, the supernatural vision or hearing necessary to operate in that realm.  We ought not be accepting as” normal” the chains which shackle us to problems, sin or traditional doctrine thus keeping us from our intended Royal Destiny.

We reside in a crazy, mixed up world and stuff happens.  Folks betray us, children suffer, life disappoints us, accidents happen and old age sucks. If we marry this sad fact to “traditional” church doctrine which has grown resistant and highly suspicious of any operational gifts of the Holy Spirit we then concoct a recipe for perpetually broken wings!  Assuredly, we may be saved but we have grounded ourselves and our wings are clipped.

Without reliance on Holy Spirit sourced, “inside” knowledge Christians are operating blind, without benefit of radar, navigation or instruments; smashing into life or  blowing off course in a storm. (Is. 40:29-31) They may still be breathing, maybe sitting in church each week– but their faith wings have been crushed by circumstance .  A complacent, deceived, lukewarm church has left broken Believer’s earthbound, unable to fly-believing a lie that they shouldn’t fly- and powerless to fulfil their destiny. ( Rev. 3:14-22)

Earthbound is not where eagles or hummingbirds are intended to linger. Birds sidelined with wounded wings not only have restricted vision, they will be an unbelievably easy target for hungry prey.

Some Christians are blissfully ignorant on the topic, others wary or distrustful of loss of control. Some folks labor under the lie that any gifts (beyond pastoring or teaching) are unnecessary since the completion of the canon of scripture.  However, this IS the purpose of His gifts.  It is these precious, priceless gifts which are to keep the beautiful body of Christ, healthy, unbroken and soaring.  When we inevitably hit a wall these gifts will supernaturally identify the root, fix the problem and keep us moving and operational till the harvest is done (Ephesians 4).  This is why and how we can rejoice in any circumstance! (Phil. 4:4)

The signs, wonders and miracles we see happening in scripture were not JUST to endorse Jesus as Messiah. They give a glimpse of a Loving God, who intended to keep exhibiting His Amazing heart along with the saving message of Jesus to the unsaved world.  Consequences of seeing such wonders was/is to instill faith in the viewer. “If that kid could be raised from the dead, or grow new eyes- then surely I can be healed of  anything!!”  Yahoo!

By the same token, if Peter or Paul healed broken wings-the Apostle’s faith was also buoyed each time they saw soaring results.  Not because THEY were powerful–but because the King of Kings was making himself known through their hands, through their voices, through their feet as they carried the gospel from town to town.

It is past time for the Body of Christ to step completely into agreement with all the Bible says about this matter.  We must embrace what was taught to and by the disciples and what we saw happening in the first church. Veering from this original understanding of what Jesus intended, and scripture substantiates, may be tradition in your church, but it is dead wrong.

The result of side-stepping God’s Word means we don’t remember who we are.  We, corporately, have forgotten how to fly.  Each day we continue to look like the rest of the world: broken, addicted, angry, bitter, unforgiving and battered is a day we are not following in His footsteps.  Jesus paid the blood price for us to be healed, saved, free from bondage, released from slavery and deep darkness. Jesus bought our freedom and sent the Holy Spirit to empower us to FLY! (Luke 10:19)

The honest-to-goodness followers of Jesus, had best claim that inheritance, and begin to heal the broken wings and broken hearts of our brothers and sisters. We can’t achieve our destiny, our Kingdom-decreed purpose on earth until we move into that place of  complete repentance and healing. 

Its getting late, there is no time to wallow in brokenness, accept sin and dysfunction as normal nor to continue following off-track doctrines (2 Tim. 3:5) which eviscerate our flight plan.  This is the time when our vision needs to be clear, our trajectory obedient and unimpaired, and soar!

For further study:

1 Cor. 12; Ephesians 4.  There are tabs on this website entitled Holy Spirit 101 and Holy Spirit 102 which give copious amounts of scripture and additional insight on this essential topic.  Acts 19:2- Fly!









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