Chipmunks in the Kitchen

Not long ago I inadvertantly left a door in my home ajar and a little chipmunk got into my house. untitled (22)Once I discovered him I freaked out, screamed, and scared him to death!  It took all afternoon, with a formation of cardboard blockades and brooms to get him scooted back outside where he belonged. He belonged on the other side of that door.

We have talked about the doorway of unforgiveness in an earlier post, Slam that Door, and the evidence that supports this as a bonified entryway for demonically based problems in your life.thJHH0P1AZ And, I think that we all agree that unknown doorways of opportunity could have many more, far-reaching implications than chipmunks in our kitchen!

th4MLGYTH2Are there other doors that can cause problems in our lives? In Exodus 20:5 God is just laying out the 10 Commandments to Moses.  While discussing the seriousness of Idolatry and the prohibition of worshiping anything or anybody other than I AM, He makes it clear that violation of this commandment carries a heavy consequence.  Worship of anyone other than God results in the sin of the father being visited/passed on/perpetuated to the 3rd and 4th generations. thAKNYFC21And, I would surmise that if John Doe in the 4th generation repeated this forbidden allegiance then the “curse” would regenerate for an additional 3 or 4 generations and on and on!  This is called a Generational Curse.  It can be operational in your life and you don’t even know about it.

But, what are we really talking about here?  What was God  revealing to the Hebrew people in this Commandment?  There is no specific consequence laid out in this passage.  I believe, just as in the Forgiveness Door, that worshiping at the feet of anyone or anything else opens us up to the demonic.thE4NS1UZL  Think of it this way, if I continually hang on and refuse to extend any forgiveness, coddling that hurt, am I not tacitly idolizing that activity because I am placing unforgiveness and my related feelings above the Word of God?  This may be a bigger door than we originally thought!

From a close study of Exodus,thXR6EY3CWwe know that these people were chosen by God. He is not trying to be mean or unfair or keep them from having fun. He is warning them that not doing/ or doing certain things places them in serious danger…and not from Him.  Just as we don’t want our children to play in the street or run with scissors in their hands! In addition to this warning against idolatry and to place ONLY God in that preeminent worship position: there is a recurrent warning to either stay away- do not intermarry-or take on any of the practices of their pagan neighbors.th60UL6LUJ Frequently, there were stern orders        (due to Nephilim-offspring of fallen angels) to utterly destroy a certain group; soldiers, men, women, children and animals. This seems really extreme to our casual. anything-goes mindset but remember;1 Sam 15 recounts that it was disobedience of this very issue that cost King Saul not only the Kingdom of Israel but his Holy Spirit Anointing.  A cautionary tale,  recall  the demonic spirits that tortured him til the day he died.( Making my point!)

Back to idolatry:  We like to lump “idolatry” terminology into ancient history;  religious activities where graven images werethVZNX6MJ1worshiped. We don’t like to think that this is really a problematic issue applicable in our modern life-style.  However, idolatry is not, necessarily, confined to organized religion that worships another deity.

The bottom line, no- holds-barred, definition of Idolatry is anyone or anything that you are placing above or out in front of God.  It is essentially anything you are “tithing”/pledging your allegiance by your words, your vows, your money and time, (ouch!)  your passion, your thought life and relationships  ( very ouchy!). thC0GX4F3SIdolatry shifts your focus of Love Relationship from Jehovah God to something less worthy. You are  essentially placing your judgement above God’s and isn’t this the exact same trap and lie that Adam and Eve fell for?

This is where it get’s a little weird and I will undoubtedly  hack people off.  At the risk of losing readers I want to make folks really think about this issue. ( Remember we have had previous chats about what a lying, deceiving critter that Satan is and he loves to masquerade as an Angel of Light.)   Believe me, I know that no one likes to hear that they have done something idiotic. Pridefully, none of us wants to come face-to-face with the prospect that they or their beloved ancestors may have entered into something, with the best of intentions and no malice aforethought, that has  negatively impacted the health and spiritual well-being of generations of family. This is a topic that is rarely taught from the pulpit (toe- stepping avoidance?)   And, when someone, like me, actually dares discuss it, then the knee-jerk reaction is to immediately raise the drawbridge and instinctively reject this idea out of hand.  Please, hear me out!

My object is not to tell you what to do or not to do.   But, if you recall, our original question was,” Why are bad, hard, ugly, uncomfortable things happening to me?”.  Ignoring God and “worshiping” something else carries a heavy toll not only to you but to future generations. thB24V6PA1It is difficult in America to shake anyone’s family tree, especially in the South, and not have 8 or 10  big-dog, Freemasons fall out of it…my family included.  If I shock you or offend you by telling you that being involved in Freemasonry may be making you and your family sick, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. They don’t call them sacred cows for nothing! Our culture today thinks nothing of giving and breaking vows. (hence, the embarrassing divorce rates even of church folks)  However, to God, a vow/pledge/ a covenant is serious stuff (see post, True Love) He requires the only spot in our heart. As the omniscient,omnipresent, omnipotent God, He is incapable of anything less than that. thOBPBGP1Z His is a no-tolerance policy when it comes to idolatry.  Rebellion or disobedience or ignorant activity in this area of  idolatry creates yet another open door for demonic activity. We are talking about barriers to receiving healing because of legal, demonic entry which we have invited.  Please read on and prayerfully consider the truth of what is being laid out.

I want to caution you about “pledging” yourself  to any groups, organizations or institutions through any vows or promises, oaths or pledges of fidelity “or else”.  Whether Fraternity, Sorority, masonic lodge, Fraternal orders, secret societies: I think we all even know of certain universities whose alumni seem to carry their fervor to a religious cult status, unable to talk about anything with the intensity as they do their alma mater.  Some  of these groups  listed above even come with a smattering of pseudo-religious verbiage that may soothe your qualms. thBJ5XNRCKIf your group won’t allow you tell anyone what you have vowed, (and possibly vowed increasingly serious things as you achieve various levels) under penalty of some specific or vague threat,then it is probably something you need to get out of immediately and repent of this affiliation as soon as possible. This is a big door that needs to be slammed and bolted. th

You may have convinced yourself to look beyond the seemingly harmless but questionable pledge process to that ultimate goal of acceptance and group camaraderie, the business networking affiliations, the good deeds this group accomplishes with their time and money. However, demons are bound to the legalities of the matter.  (Remember that we are participants on a Supernatural battlefield and we can’t serve two masters or play on opposing teams)  Once we pledge ourselves to God,acknowledging His Kingship in our lives, then our dance-card is full!  I am not saying that these groups don’t do wonderful, important work in the community…I’m just saying that there are dangerous vows to be taken to gain membership that you may not even perceive as bad at that moment. He doesn’t want us flirting around with anyone or anything else.  As in Traffic court, failure to see the speed limit sign is no excuse: Just because we don’t know His commandments or wrongly assume that the Old Testament is no longer applicable for us doesn’t nullify the untitled (19)repercussions found in Exodus 20:5, Ex 34:7, Numbers 14:18. ( James 5:12, Matt 5:34-37 forbids the taking of God’s name in vain  Matt 10:26-27, John 18:20, Acts 26:26 speak to the secrecy issue.  Matt.22:37-40 confirms the Ex 20 commandment against bowing down to any other gods. Deut 30:19-20 teaches about God’s blessings and curses.  Numbers 30 tells how the father is the holder of blessings and curses in the family.) Luke 11:28 reminds us in Jesus’ own words that” Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of the Lord and obey it!”

Sick you say?  What exactly are you talking about, Miss Sally? Depending on the type of oaths taken and the penalties sworn for breaking that pledge, the effects can vary wildly. Truly, I don’t mean to keep hammering on the Masons; They are just really prevalent, they combine a variety of interesting occultic practices with their deception and  and their th37L75LVLsecret oaths are very  plentiful and gory. In Freemasonry, members swear oaths on a Bible, in the name of God , the nebulous “Great Architect of the Universe”, that involve mutilation and murder of human beings. 2nd degree violation of oaths involve having left breast laid open, heart torn out and given to ravenous birds or devouring beasts of the field..  Third degree risks being severed in two, bowels burnt to ashes  and blown away in the wind.  You get the idea, and there are 30 more “degrees” of oaths to go!! These oaths seem to be very thorough in covering every part of the human body.   A few of the physical symptoms can manifest as unusual eye diseases, neck and throat problems including thyroid, cancer of the tongue, mouth or throat, choking and swallowing. thUJN9SPP0Problems with pituitary and endocrine systems. Problems with intestinal tract, gall bladder, liver and female problems. Breathing issues of all sorts.  Heart disease.  Problems with wrists, hands and thumbs from a promise of having the hands cut off and mutilated.  Feet ( flaying of the feet).   A very cursory skim of mental issues which manifest from these oaths would be irrational fears and phobias, confusion, forgetfulness, emotional hardness .  I am literally, just  giving you a tiny little glimpse of the tip of the iceberg.  I have seen many of these problems in my own family’s health. ( Both my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were 32nd degree Masons.) I encourage you to study this topic at length.  This type of oath gives the demonic, (who are always listening to our words!) the legal right to take the words literally and affect that promise right onto your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren just as though they themselves took the oath!

By participating in this activity you have removed yourself from the umbrella of His Godly force-field and kicked open, th (38)legally, that  kitchen door for the generational curse” chipmunks” to move in with you and your family. They will destroy your home, your health and gnaw on all your blessings.

( Funny note! In an ironic twist, I just now caught a chipmunk in my garage as he was heading for the stairs!!)

Do not misunderstand.  God has not moved.  He gave you those commandments and the consequences.  It is YOU who have stepped out, and while running with scissors have removed yourself thZVAF4KSFand your children’s children from the protective umbrella of God’s blessing and this HAS to be fixed. I can’t do it for you, God can’t do it for you, (other than convict you of the problem thru the Holy Spirit and lead you to the scriptures and repentance).  You have to do it yourself!

th98Z3VM1LNext time I will outline exactly what extermination tactics need to be employed to get the critters out of the house and back on the other side of your door.      * Authors note: recommended additional reading list for more info on Freemasonry, and there is a ton of good info available for free on the internet as well :  Unmasking Freemasonry by Selwyn Stevens.  Ana Mendez Ferrell’s The Dark Secret of G.A.O.T.U. : Shattering the Deception of Free Masonry. Once again, I recommend Don Dickerman’s When Pigs Move In.  A book about all sorts of demonic deliverance it does outline, in great detail, many of the spiritual repercussions, which I did not have time to cover, of Freemasonry that he has discovered thru his extensive Deliverance ministry.  I also recommend Forgiveness by Rodney Hogue and any of his DVDs that pertain to supernatural Deliverance.

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