Close Encounters

This is a continuation of the recent Stranger than Fiction post:  If you haven’t watched the video and read that posting, then you won’t know what on earth is going on in Close Encounters!  This is probably not a salvation issue…although I suppose it could be if as Jesus said  “even the elect could be deceived by this end times sneaky deception mentioned in Matthew 24:24. That being said,  I hope that you will prayerfully continue on this fascinating discussion with me.th8H08LPMV

I will grant you that this is a pretty weird concept that we have been bandying about. In the previous post I tried to link the concept of a specified Satanic plan/ activity enabled by media, past and present, to  preparing us for the end-time arrival of a” higher being”. th6M9RYBBZ Exotic alien life-forms from other galaxies that will arrive at the appropriate moment and have the answers to world peace and whatever.  This seems much more socially acceptably and palatable than Biblical demons or th1Y13E1FG

Satan’s fallen angels trying to sign us up as room-mates in eternal hell-fire.  We know that the end-times comes with a very charismatic, demonically possessed political Anti-Christ leader.  I do not think that it is beyond the pale to consider that along with his arrival or his answers to critical world problems will come some high-tech Alien answers.

We have been wildly entertained and simultaneously indoctrinated as a society for decades with this self-same concept? In the guise of fanciful, funny sit-coms back in the th (179)day, such as My Favorite Martian, Superman, Bewitched and  Mork and Mindy to the more recently Supernatural, X files, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity, the Star Trek thFEJWQR9Gfranchise, The Day the Earth Stood Still (the one in the 50’s as well as the one in with Keanu Reeves), and every single Marvel Comic Movie I can think of.  I could go on and on with tons of examples but you get the drift. And, yes, I know that ‘Fiction’ isthOCBMLGKT intended to be good story-telling and take us on these flights of fancy.  I am not saying that these movies, books and series are not entertaining or that you should chuck your TV out the window or something.  However, as with so many things in life we need to be very aware that entertainment can be much more than we see on the surface.

Have you taken a look at the Computer games that your sons-in-law and your grandchildren thTRYCZZVA are playing these days?  Have you seen the life-like demonic characters, the witches and dragons and familiar spirits that entertain them for hours?  All this “entertainment” with cloaked messaging is just the next deceptively creative lie to keep these newest generations from The Real Light, Jesus.  Lest we think this deceptive subliminal messaging is  something new, it is really not very different from our grandfather’s more traditional deceptions found in their Lodges.  Those “massive good works” programs undertaken by Grand-dad’s Lodge seems to completely blinds initiates from those same deceptive themes we have been talking about. Satan’s tricks are the same they just come in slicker more sophisticated packaging as the years go by.

Satan’s message and ways never th (177) change.  He is always sneaky and always a deceiver and liar.  Whether it is the Masonic-Freemasonry rituals and binding oaths of generations gone by, modern entertainment or today’s Sustainability Earth themes: it all circles right back to the same idolatrous roots and often with enough of a smattering of pseudo-Christian sounding verbage to make participants feel better.  What is that theme or Message? That  There are Supernatural/ Aliens/gods/other intelligent life forms are out there and they will help us and befriend us. Only they have the power and knowledge to  download, or the keys to unlock the Universe for us– because we aren’t quite bright enough to figure it out for ourselves….or we are too selfish and greedy to take care of our earth and they will have to make sure that we stop our bad-boy actions.

We see National Deception playing out right here with the recently reported, UN Agenda 21 and emblazoned on the Empire State Building we saw in the previous post’s video.   Closer to home it is hard to ignore the music and media messages, thCZFXDIEDcorrosively dripping into our lives. There is a cost and it is not harmless.  The source is ever the same: Unwittingly, we are throwing open doors and inviting real demonic thFAI2D79Jentities and familiar spirits into our lives, into our homes and right into our children’s bedrooms.  Generational curses and strongholds are legally rooted, continually watered, and we then wonder why folks are sick, addicted or crazy.  It IS a World of Warcraft and we are playing it whether we acknowledge it or not.

Combine a constant drip, drip, drip of multi-media themes with concurrent belief even amongst our churches who downplay any supernatural power and necessity of the Holy Spirit. To Satan’s delight thAORW6SSR many congregations believe that Christians cannot be affected by the demonic.  They are wrong. Even when families attend church, most congregations today have no understanding or no teaching on the demonic, of Satan, Hell or his hateful game-plan for humanity.  Taken altogether, you have a recipe brewing for disaster.

It is late in the game for Churches to wake up to the deceptive game being played out here. If we don’t take the lead then then who will? No one is talking about it: but there is a clear agenda thDVEM26MGin the world, on more than one front, to blind your families, steal the truth as well as your soul while they mock everything that is clean and righteous.  We are told in 1 Peter 2:9 that we are CHOSEN, a Royal Priesthood and a holy nation and a PECULIAR people.  That means strange, set apart, sanctified and different from the gullible herd for a specified purpose.

There is a price for this peculiarity. We shouldn’t be surprised that we are not be asked to sit at the cool-kids table or are not invited to many parties. Celebrities like Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart  or SthNIUIJZ3Aaturday Night Live will not-so-subtly mock us. Politicians will be drawn to the loudest voices. Often,  even church friends and frequently our own children roll their eyes when we throw that yellow “foul” flag on false doctrine or take a rock-hard stance against the demonically sourced, moral depravity. It can be cold and lonely out on the wall with only binoculars and a computer!  No matter the topic de jour, our society has become so carefully, socially inoculated not to rock the PC boat, not to cause a fuss or hurt anyone’s delicate sensibilities! Because so many are now totally unfamiliar to stances founded firmly on THE ROCK we are left with thRI68Z2UOa society of spineless prey that cannot recognize the one who stalks them.  These days, society teaches drivel saying everything is OK, all roads lead to heaven, every opinion is equally valid. It is perfectly fine to sell and pick through aborted baby remains with tweezers but it is not OK to pray at a High School Graduation ceremony. The Prince of this World softly repeats these lies with brainwashing regularity: There are no absolutes, all morals are fluid, all ethics situational, God is a myth and anything goes.

It is my job because I am Chosen and  pretty Peculiar: to keep standing in the GAP for what is thSWO26CP6Righteous, to keep watching from this Wall that is built on THE ROCK and broadcasting, loudly, how totally upside-down and backwards our Country is becoming. Of the dangers that are stalking us and the possible deceptions that I see coming. I am encouraging other’s to do the same! Redeem the time.

We do no one any favors when we intimate that belief in Jesus as Messiah will solve all your problems and guarantee you a pile of cash and trouble-free living! Claiming Jesus as your King and Savior guarantees you eternal life. All Christians must start receiving on day-one the vital tools and training which accompany their Authority as a card-carrying Christian.  They need immediate th (185)understanding of actual battlefield tactics and Spiritual Warfare strategies that the enemy employs! Believers in Christ must understand that Christianity is much more than just a one-stop acknowledgement that they made at summer youth camp to believe in Jesus.  Constant relationship is required going forward. This is Real and this is Warfare.  We must take our heads out of the sands of jobs and busy lives to truly see what is going on around us. It is imperative to armor th (184)up.  We must recognize and use the Authority that the Lord gave us to succeed!  If Satan can’t sideline you, then you may be sure that he is coming after the next generation and he is doing it in a sleek, savvy, high-tech ways that kids love and that we can’t even figure out how to use!

No one is surprised , as they once were, with vulgar lyrics of unbridled sex and drug usage as this has become old hat since the 1960’s amongst musicians and popular entertainers. The shock value doesn’t even thQUEFFMRLregister with people anymore. Since those days there has been added technology advances which added vividly powerful video, constant MP3 availability of streaming and downloads for 24/7 bombardment of influential tripe .  Parents will find it difficult to blockade the addictive, cheap and easy access to these doorways of opportunity to their children’s lives.

It is hard to miss a blatant trend in pop music these days that incorportates supernatural, aliens, or demonic entities.  A perfect example is Katy Perry and Kanye West who released a disturbing video a few years back which shows sexy Aliens/Demons falling to earth and procreating with the earth girl and  at the end,she becomes something a totally different species: Following a “scriptural Genesis 6 pattern”.  This video  ( which I do not recommend viewing or if you do, you should mute it as Mr. West’s lyrics are revolting) portray some very scary demonic stuff with disturbing visuals. The slick subliminal advertising for the demonic is set to a snappy Grammy winning tune.

As you consider the regular drumbeat of Scientology themed movies over the years such as the hugely popular STARGATE  franchise th (176)or the last Indiana Jones movie: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull it starts to register.  Your family may be watching television shows like Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Falling Skies or programs which proclaim a search to find “Ancient Aliens.” Movie blockbusters like Avatar, Interstellar, th500SZ17ZX-files, Signs, Avengers, Warehouse 13 or the ever-present Star Wars teach us that there are others out there if we only look.  Unless you are Amish, it is difficult to beat back this tidal wave of influence. Forbidding  this sort of thing just makes that forbidden fruit that much sweeter to seek out. I encourage you to use these as ongoing, teaching opportunities.  Selectively keep out what you can but, when the darkness seeps in you need to point out those demonic or desensitizing themes of Aliens as our Smart Saviors from another world.

th19OLH1QFIf I am correct that this is truly a possible” Great coming deception” that will be so tricky that even the elect may be deceived:  hadn’t we better be training our kids, grandchildren and new and old Believers to recognize the seductive, dark themes  that are running all through our thRNSHIMMVlives and have the BIG Light handy to shine on it? We need to be discussing – right now-these dangerous entertainment trends at the dinner table. We need to be pointing out that even the Catholic Church is publically and deeply invested in astro-research/ deception which is searching, expectantly, for Alien life in outer space. It is  really weird and it is slick and seductive and if you begin to look you will see it.

 It is better to teach new believers and our families to rightly divide not only scriptures and doctrine but every single thing that they encounter in an increasingly dark world.   1 John 4 tells us that we are to test every spirit.  Verse 17 says that we are to be BOLD in the day of Judgment.  So, I will be bold and say: Our society is being subtly,th753SZ90P consistently prepared for something much, much larger than just a delightful night at the movies.  We must spread the word, train the folks, keep our armor on all the time and the Lights on High Beam!

***Readers who would like to read more about this fascinating topic of Aliens and the End Time deception are encouraged to read or watch:

On the Path of the Immortals, Exo-Vaticana & Petrus Romanus by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, Return of the Nephilim by Chuck Missler,Cosmic Chess Match by LA Marzulli, On the Trail of the Nephilim by L.A. Marzulli. Many of these folks can probably be found on youtube as well with informative interviews and information for instant gratification.

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