I saw on the news yesterday that someone in LA had discovered  a mountain lion had moved into the crawl space under their home. Cougar_Under_House-07f2f I feel their pain! I live in an area where critters run rampant.  In rural Southwestern Colorado there is no shortage of critters.  Deer, moose, elk, bear, eagle, owls.  We have coyotes and wolves, we have chipmunks and ticks. The only thing we don’t have at high elevation is snakes, and for that I am truly grateful!  thVO2254IZ There are bob-cats and mountain lions, marmots and field mice by the gazillion.

While this makes for lovely postcard photos the reality is that one must keep one’s head on a swivel, carry a good sized hand-gun on long hikes and generally be thinking things through!thD4PMHIRU In the city we lock our cars to keep opportunistic thieves from stealing our vehicles. Here we lock our cars to keep the bears out! In summer and fall we make a conscious effort not to leave anything that smells delicious in our cars.  Bears have taught their cubs how to open car doors.  They love to break in and help themselves to whatever snacks, bottles of water or upholstery that they can find therein!

Small trees must be circled with wire fencing to prevent the deer from eating them during the lean winter months.  Unprotected flowers or vegetable gardens are fair pickings for all manner of hungry chipmunks, deer, elk, squirrels, foxes, coyotes…you name it we’ve got em!thUAZDN45T thHTPL5AYYEvery so often we have bears that enter someone’s home, or restaurant and clean out the refrigerator.  Always a good idea to keep an eye on your small dogs and to close the downstairs windows and lock that front door!

Woodpeckers are, even now, rat-a-tat-tatting the upper eaves of my home.thB9K5LRZJ  I’m sure that at their daily de-briefing conferences they mock my puny, pine-cone chucking and shrieking antics which I regularly employ to discourage their dedicated activities.  Critters are more than annoying they can cause real, lasting damage.

Critters in our homes and yards are one thing.  Critters and pests in our spiritual lives are something all together different.  It is amazing to me to see the incursion of movie/ television programming that  thO92NT7JP is centered around the paranormal,witchcraft or demonic themes. These are sleek, sexy, exciting and romantic tales geared at our impressionable daughters and sons . th5TNOJPV4 What are they learning as they are being entertained?   That’s not even including zombie or vampire storylines which are related but occupy a slightly different category. We consider it harmless because it is fiction, but is it? These are influences that have gradually moved in, with increasingly sinister trappings and begun to gnaw on our brains.  Just as with foul language, extreme violence or immorality, the constant bombardment of these demonic storylines reduces the shock value,thP2ZSY597 and the repetition makes this ” good vs. bad” witchcraft or demonic activity socially acceptable, normal and even desirable!

 Video gaming addictions are even more disturbing as they take the demonic/ fantasy themes, add soft pornography to the hi gloss “reality” animation and suck unsuspecting participants into a “hobby” that just won’t let them go. Men especially, have a real problem with this sort of visual (10) I will admit that World of Warcraft is more socially acceptable than straight up pornography but it isn’t really far removed and  does affect the same part of the brain that cocaine addictions stimulate! Every time someone sits down and begins to play invisible chains are being formed and often the player is the last to know. These types of addictions additionally are subtly dumbing down our society and eroding the socialization skills of it’s participants and also establish isolation and short circuit the glue of our family units.  It is interesting to me that in a society that touts organic, clean dieting habits because “we are what we eat” cannot see that they should be  supremely vigilant about what they take in visually for the very same reasons!

We would never, purposefully, prop open the front door open so that thieves or disease-bearing vermin such as the mice, rats could sneak in to steal or ruin our homes. No one willingly invites larger and more dangerous critters such as black bears to enter our homes to poop and pillage our places of refuge!thCBNPZ7IK However, we have unwittingly, and in the name of titillating entertainment, given free access to the enemy to infiltrate our homes and families with toxic viewing activities.  At best, we are wasting valuable time and being lulled into a sense of complacency that all is well in our world.  At worst, we are exposing our minds and the minds of our children to very dark, powerful  influences and in some cases familiar spirits. untitled (11) By dedicating  untold hours of daily repetition we are essentially worshiping these gods, as well as purporting those themes to be true and likely not giving any meaningful ,equal time to educational Scriptural alternatives.

While I am not calling on wholesale censorship or “church-lady” legalism in this area: We do need wholesale awareness of Spiritual Warfare and be aware that we are targets!  I do believe that we need to, as Christian families, have regular, serious conversations as to what level of exposures we are willing to endure. Devil 3 Our children need to KNOW that Satan is the Prince of the Air and that includes the airwaves and gigabites!  He is a liar and hates us and wants to see us hung up in anything other than the love of God. ( Ephesians 2:2, John 8:44) We need, if we do watch something questionable( or these days even the nightly news!) immediately weigh in with authority and talk about the spiritual message hidden within.  What is the message that the world/ media wants us to believe versus what the Word of God has to say?  If we are not grounded in the Word of God then we and our children will,potentially, fall for anything.Alarm clocks 2

It is  way past time to close this door of free influential, hostile-takeovers of our homes and lives.  Pull the plug.  At the very least, we need to be aware and regulate what our children (and spouses) are watching and playing on their computers.  We need to set Godly examples as parents and grandparents and gently, firmly, and lovingly drive home to them why it is important. Ephesians 5:16 states my theme this week very bluntly that, “We are to redeem the time because the days are evil”.


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9 Responses to Critters

  1. chuck chetwin says:

    Sally, I think you have it perfect. the enemy sneaks in any way he can. The subtle ways are his favorite. Movies, games, anything that seems innocent. Watch a movie that is intense or read a bible verse, which do you think about longest ? Since I didn’t go the way of family, I am only speaking as someone that is still trying to bring myself up. It better happen soon, I’m running out of time. c

  2. Don Korb says:

    “Miss Sally” – Your comment: “If we are not grounded in the Word of God then we and our children will,potentially, fall for anything.” TOTALLY AGREE! Our ONLY weapon of defense is the WORD. The same “tool” Jesus used, I must use likewise! The Word works when we work the Word.

    • says:

      The word works when one is aware that the battle is on…it is often so subtle that folks are totally oblivious. Full armor and holy spirit are the best plan!

  3. Elizabeth smith says:

    This is certainly a “chipper”. It chips away at the very foundation of our society, family and faith. When you have a water leak and that water continually hacks away at your foundation , eventually the leak undermines the integrity of that very foundation on which our house is built. This type of warfare that satan uses does the exactly the same thing. Satan has won and crumbled yet another person , another family, another society, another country. Thank you Sally .

  4. Nancy Tackis says:

    Wow, Sally! Another great post! Thank you SO much! I wondered where you were going with those wildlife stories, but what a GREAT analogy! We don’t have TV or video games, but of course we all have computers! I love my Kindle ap and iBooks, and a wonderful Christian book site, BookBub! It’s a shame that most people don’t read books anymore! Apparently, very few public school HS graduates even CAN!! As cruising sailors, we have met many home-schooled children! What a difference!!

  5. Your post is right on. It really distresses me to find Christian writers who wander off into Gothic, vampire, and so-called Christian erotica. There are some literary forms and some dramas and games that I am very sure were not invented through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
    It seems to me that the most important thing parents can do is to protect their children by teaching them to love and value what is good as well as teaching them to recognize the subtle temptations Satan throws in their path in various art forms.
    You said it well: we must close the “door of free influential, hostile-takeovers of our homes and lives.” Too many people say, “It’s just a harmless little game.” There is nothing harmless about the demonic deception and invasion of an innocent mind.
    Great post!

    • says:

      Thanks so much, I think sometimes too when the kids are gone we let down our guard as well, thinking I suppose, that we are immune and that those influences won’t harm us.

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