Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama:

I know that in the past you have publicly claimed to be a Christian, a believer in Jesus. However, having seen some clips of  your Chicago church abc_gma_wright_080430_mnand knowing that you were raised and educated far from the Bible Belt of our nation, it occurred to me that you may be operating from a deficit position with regard to critical knowledge which will make you a much more successful President and increase the likelihood of your leaving behind an important and positive legacy. Like many Christians, you may possibly be functioning and making important political decisions without full understanding of the importance Christianity’s Hebrew roots.

As I observe your interaction with the only Democracy in the Middle East and the notable snubs over the length of your presidency, to date, with the nation of Israel, I am deeply concerned.

As I watch Secretary of State Kerry’s reactionary behavior during peace negotiations with Israeli leaders, I am alarmed.  As I see your staff, who take their cues from your example, being quoted in the Oct 29,2014 US News and World Report interview, calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu uglyIsrael 10 names ranging from myopic to ‘Aspergery’ and  culminating with ‘Chickenshit’. Not only am I deeply shocked but I am ashamed. Hence, the necessity of this letter.

I have heard via numerous media outlets, of your recent letter writing to the Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran, trying to finagle a resolution to the nuclear issue prior to the November 24th deadline.  As you well thZ2SKWCRT know, Iranian leaders have repeatedly, vociferously and publically declared their loathing for the Nation of Israel, denied the holocaust, refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and proclaimed their open intent to wipe the Nation of Israel off the map.  It is concerning to many Jews and Christians and other reasonable people, in light of those open confessions, as to why you are suggesting cooperation in the fight against ISIS (Sunni) to the Iranian (Shiite) government who is openly supporting the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.  Why would you be offering sanction concessions and hope for deals with a country who not only despises our closest ally but has proven hostile and perfidious towards us in the past. Peace at any cost is not a peace that we should be seeking with such an enemy.Teddy 3  Iran is a threat to Israel and as such, a threat to us. No deals, no concessions and definitely no nuclear capabilities should be tolerated. A Teddy Roosevelt ” big stick” would be a much sounder policy at this juncture!

I know that you had a colorful upbringing in various parts of the world that may have not included much, if any, Bible history.  Therefore, I would like to posit this cautionary Bible lesson which begins in the Genesis 12 as The Lord is establishing his Covenant with Abraham and his descendants.: “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you and through you ( Abraham) will all the nations of the earth be blessed.” Moses with TorahIncluding this verse and reading on to the early chapters of the book of Joshua; I count at least 25 more definitive instances where the Lord is personally re-confirming His bond and Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Joshua.  Clearly, The Lord is intentional, over  the span of hundreds of years, in declaring that the land is His and He intends for Israel to have it.  If you care to read to the end of the book of Revelations you will see that ownership never shifts or alters and that Jerusalem is the eventual location of His Millennial Kingdom.

Perhaps, Mr. President, you are thinking: Well, that was a long time ago and the people of Israel surely lost their true citizenship in the face of  ancient capture and dispersal. It is true that these Covenants and scriptures were penned long ago.  It is also true that at various times in their history that the Israelite’s did wander away from their faith and  were taken away from the land as a result. scroll 2 But, did they loose their claim of sole ownership of the Promised Land?  We will explore that item later.

First, however, I believe it important to explore how they came to be removed from the land of Israel.  This lesson, in and of itself, should give America and her leaders a pause on their own account.  Reading what happens to the very “Apple of God’s Eye”Israel 22when they forget Him, neglect His statutes and begin to follow after false gods is a slow, sad spiral into chaos.  In the face of ongoing rebellion, The Lord, lifts his protective hand from the nation and her borders and allows his people to be humbled. When Godly, warning, prophetic voices are scoffed at, ignored or persecuted by any Nation’s leaders and patently un-Godly laws and statutes are boldly passed and upheld in the courts, said nation has clearly lost it’s reason for continued blessing.

thMVF3IMFH Historically, we see that unless heartfelt repentance soon follows from the top echelons of government to the lowliest citizen then not only is God’s protective hand removed but judgment soon follows.  America, whose foundations were established by men who honored Godly principles, ought to take careful note!

Of course, the reverse is true as well, as we see in the story of  the reluctant prophet Jonah ( the fellow swallowed by the whale!) who God sent to wicked Niniveh,the capital of the Assyrian Empire.  They, this pagan city, heard God’s warning, repented of their collective sins and God spared them!  (see book of Jonah in the Old Testament)

Israel, however, back in the day, following the example of their wicked Kings did wander away from God’s statutes.  They would not listen to the prophets which The Lord sent in warning and eventually, they were taken into captivity by the Babylonians.

th (4) We see in the Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah that after 70 years of Captivity the Persian King did allow the people to return to their land and rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple.  The Jews stayed in the land, until some years after the crucifixion of Jesus.  In fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy and in response to political rebellion: the Romans sacked the city of Jerusalem in the summer of 70AD and hauled all the folks who survived off into slavery.  It is critical to your understanding to know that God considers the land of Israel HIS and it is He who decides who sub-lets that land and for how long.(Leviticus 25:23)

Further, we see in Genesis 17:7-21 that God’s Covenant with Abraham and his descendants, the children of Israel is an Everlasting Covenant. EVERLASTING Covenants are not breakable. Moses with Torah  They have no expiration date.  They are not dependent on behavior, residency, what the neighbors think or our modern day understanding of their merit.  Unlike many that we may know, God’s Word, His Promises, as well as His nature, are true and unchanging.  Immutable, they, like The Lord himself, are the same yesterday, today and forever.  In a world where ethics are situational and truth is considered subjective: You, Mr. President can count on the Word of the Living God. There is no shadow of turning in God’s character and therefore a good example for every one of us to honor and follow!

As we study the history of the Nation of Israel it is worthy to note that every person or nation that has come against them has come to a very bad end. Just a brief, cursory review enforces this historical truth to believers and non-believers alike:

The Egyptians were initially enormously blessed by honoring God’s people when Joseph was placed in leadership and saved his own people from starvation as well as the Egyptians. Conversely, they paid a very heavy price, hundreds of years later, after they had forgotten Joseph and enslaved the Jews then refusing to free them when asked politely. (Genesis 41-50) Today that once great Empire of Egypt is considered a third world nation.

The Philistines were immediately plagued with horrible devastating hemorrhoids after stealing the Ark of the Covenant!  They  wasted no time in returning it! ( 1 Samuel 5-6) Ark of Covenant 2After invading Israel and enslaving it’s people, The Babylonian Empire led by Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson, fulfilled prophecy and fell overnight to the Medes ( Daniel 5)

More recently, Tsarist Imperial Russia fell in the early years of the 20th Century after a prolonged policy of vicious pogroms against the Jews.

th59W3H7BCNazi Germany’s Third Reich fell after millions of Jews were systematically murdered under Hitler’s direction.

I could go on and on with many more examples from history, but this is a letter and not an encyclopedia!

In stark contrast, America has been the recipient of unbelievable blessing, in a host of ways, due to their direct and stalwart support of Israel Statehood israel 9and as her valued ally since Israel was awarded the land in 1948.  It would be foolhardy in the extreme for America to throw off this cloak of blessing and shirk our responsibilities as their friend and military ally.  We have been blessed here in America because we recognized Israel and have stood by her and backed her up with our policies.

Reversal of this historic stance by the appearance of your disdainful attitudes exhibited towards her leaders, the half-hearted supportive statements in the United Nations, by the Israel 20continual pressuring of Israel to give land for peace or  to place her borders or people in peril is not the action of a friend nor an ally. Beware as you condone and court other nations in the region who hate her and throw your support to their claims.  Please recall those historic examples above as you write to the Iranians and enable their nuclear ambitions toward their hated enemy and our professed ally, Israel.

President Obama, men do not reached the lofty levels that you have reached, in any government, without being intelligent, proud and having an ego to match it.  However, it is important to remember the example from ancient Babylon:thWB2O9XU4  The wildly successful, brilliant and arrogant,King Nebuchadnezzar, having been warned ahead of time of his prideful attitude, looked out over his kingdom and stated that everything he could see was due entirely to his own efforts.  He forgot that Daniel had told him that God sets up kings and kingdoms and takes them down at his pleasure.  As you plan and make legislation, and push your foreign policies  you would be wise to remember Nebuchadnezzar’s folly.  The moment he believed that ” he was all that and a bag of Babylonian chips”: he lost his mind for the next 7 years, he was like a wild animal and ate grass in the field.  I believe that Daniel, the Godly Jewish prophet, kept his kingdom safe in the interim and when the 7 years was up, the King’s mind was instantly restored.  You can read King Nebuchadnezzar’s personally penned testimony of this event in Daniel 4.  Prideful no longer, he gives all honor and Glory to the King of Kings.  This is a much wiser position from which to rule and legislate and establish a foreign policy!

President Obama, there are many of us in the land that regularly pray for you and your family.  We pray for your safety.  We pray for your humility. thQP0G3DCS We pray that you will have a teachable spirit. That you, as well as our congressional leaders would repent and seek God’s will for our country. We continue to pray that you would be listening and lead from a position of Godly wisdom.  We pray that you would be wise enough to surround yourself with Josephs and Daniel’s who would speak Wisdom into your life as well as your Administration.

I hope that you will take this history lesson to heart and learn from it’s example, not only for Israel’s land but continued blessing for our own. God has promised to bless those that bless Israel and curse those that don’t. You then, have a deep and weighty responsibility before Almighty God, whose Son you profess to worship and to the citizen’s both blue or red, liberal or conservative:  Bless Israel and by doing so, the nation that you lead will continue under the umbrella of God’s blessing. Do not misunderstand, God has Israel in the palm of His hand, her future is sure.  But, by standing firmly with Israel, supporting her against her enemies, you are taking the wise position that will keep America safe!


Sally Rutledge Moore








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      Thanks Sharon…I just got to thinking, maybe he doesn’t have a clue and somebody needs to ‘splain it to him!

  2. Don Korb says:

    My immediate thought: A word Fitly spoken is as apples of Gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11 Next: I pray for the miracle necessary for this message with it’s Godly wisdom to be read and digested in the mind, will and emotions of the addressee as well as he or she who reads!
    A+ “Miss Sally”

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