Dreaming Again

Last week I had a dream.  In it, dressed in white, I was standing in the palm of God’s very large hand. I was viewing myself standing there,th4ZJGBM1U so other than His hand I didn’t see Him; but I did hear His voice.  He told me not to be afraid;  That he had me in the palm of his hand. And, He told me to be bold!   This dream only lasted a moment but it has fundamentally and profoundly changed me.  A week or so later, I cannot think of it without being totally flooded by His peace.


It may surprise readers to know that I have often paused in lip-biting hesitation,  wondering if I should be saying, quite so brazenly, some of the things that I do.  Should I say less about demonic activity or generational curses that plague believers but are largely untaught in Christian circles.  Perhaps I should avoid outing specific cults and be more politic in subject matter. Fear of offense to others or rejection for myself, caused me to, periodically, question my resolve.  Ought I say less about the gift of  healing?  Increased readership would no doubt follow if I were less critical of my Protestant roots.  However, it is correct to stay quiet about the perpetuated error which, over the generations,has largely kicked away the foundational underpinnings of our first church example? Even when I have come to know that ignoring the viability and power of the Holy Spirit has resulted in loss of Truth and direction?  Our culture has increasingly grown back-bendingly averse to controversy or offense to anyone.  It is easy, therefore, to see how this attitude has resulted in a correspondingly tasteless, milk-toasty irrelevancy to bleed into our pulpits and dilute the integral structure of His original message. Still,  continually storming fortified, traditional positions can be exhausting and I do get tired.

This would have been an incredible dream anytime, but it came during a critical time while I was putting together the trio of posts: Indian Summer, Damn the Torpedoes, and Winds of Change, dealing with what I feel is the lull before the coming storm.Sleepers 2 This confirming dream has swept away any lingering hesitation in regard to content.  Bluntly, and without further ado, I submit to you Song of Solomon 5:2 where the Bride ( a picture of the body of Christ, the church) has been sleeping.  She has her jammies on and has her feet washed, she considers herself clean, prim and proper, everything is all figured out.  This girl doesn’t think she needs anything else. man in rain 1 Meanwhile, her Beloved, is on the other side of the door.  He is drenched in the rain of Holy Spirit anointing and blessing.  He is calling out to her.  The Beloved groom is pounding on the door, which she has locked, trying to rouse her from her lethargy. By the time she remembers that she is crazy about him, and opens the door in belated invitation , he isn’t on her doorstep anymore. thPME8NVKB

Folks, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sleep through any divine appointments with Jesus.  This passage isn’t in any way, speaking of Salvation.  It is speaking of urgency.  It is speaking of depth of intimacy of their marriage relationship.  I want everything that He is and has to offer to become part and parcel to my transformed mind and heart. Where is our desperation for MORE?   Where, how and when did complacency replace our reluctance to be separated from Him?  I want an influx of supernatural love and compassion for other people. I want more dreams.  I want more precious words from Him. I want to be used, powerfully, any way He sees fit.  I want inspiration to flow through me as never before, so that I may serve Him better. couple dancing in the rain When He calls me to the harvest, I don’t want to be like sleepy girl in the passage above! I want to be alert and raring to go!

On the heels of His letters to the seven churches in Revelations 3:20 we see that Jesus is standing at the door of our hearts and our Churches asking for entrance, for intimacy.  Sadly though, for the most part, we have decided that all those wonderful dewdrops, that heavenly supernatural rain: the unpredictable Holy Spirit anointing dripping off and puddling on the porch may be too messy, too inconvenient and unworkable within the carefully planned scheduling of our traditional services and lives.  Tradition and predictability haven’t worked that well for me.  th6LDNDDRP I’m throwing open the door whenever I feel His Presence. I’m ready to do it His way!  He has told me His way:  You are standing in the palm of My mighty hand.  Be bold.  Don’t be afraid!

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5 Responses to Dreaming Again

  1. Marsha Byers Etnier says:

    I could not agree with you more. I am continually reminded that HE holds me in the palm of HIS hands. Thank you for the inspiration. Blessings………What a day it will be when we all begin to live like we say we believe!!! <3

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Hi Marsha, Thanks for dropping by! Glad you were blessed by the super-cool dream God dropped on me. Thanks again and thanks so much for following along!

  2. Elizabeth smith says:

    Too many of our churches get the water downed version of scripture. Thank you for giving it to us straight. Keep preaching sister!!

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Hi! Thanks for dropping in! Behind every successful blogger is a best friend that made her do it! I so appreciate your constant cheerleading in my life and ministry!

  3. Sharon Scott says:

    AMEN!!! Anointed words from the Lord!!! Thank you for being an obedient servant of the Lord! I know He has a great and mighty work for you to do! May God continue to Bless You Greatly!!!

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