Fire beneath the Ice!

From time to time, I report on dreams and visions that I, or other Christians, have had.  I think it important to know and to teach others, that the Lord still speaks to individuals in the same way that we see from Genesis through Revelation.thMLH1UBDN I believe that dreams and visions, just like words of knowledge or wisdom are part of a prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit. I do not wish to imply that I have such dreams or visions all the time but when I do it is profound and meaningful to me.  When I feel they may be profitable or intended to share, I pass them along to Feverseason readers.

In reporting on dreams and visions allow me to remind readers who may not know; Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit have nothing to do with me. While I welcome them, I do not call them forth, control them, concoct them nor embellish them. th4DDZVZN7 Like a Western Union telegram they  arrive as a unique message or visual from the Father. I always want more of whatever the Lord has for me and pray for more revelation of Him.  Matthew 5 and 6 tell us that we should seek first the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus teaches in the beatitudes that those who hunger and thirst after his righteousness will be filled.  I’m counting on it.  I treasure each precious resource he sends me and try to pick all the meat from each bone.  I record them, pray for any aspects thereof that may be cloaked or confusing and suggest others do the same.

Last week, as I was praying in the Spirit,I had a vision.  I was observing what appeared to be a broad frozen river of ice. Beneath the thick ice I could see , not water moving but, the wavering of flames and thethFYCZS53U blurred image of a large heart amidst the flames.  Embedded in the ice, there was a huge metal wedge and I could see an enormous sledge hammer swinging down striking this wedge. The wielder of this hammer was just out of my sight. With every strike I could hear the distinctive ring of metal meeting metal.  Everytime the hammer met the surface of that wedge I distinctly heard the word, BREAKTHROUGH!

With each strike of the big hammer, the ice cracked, chunks loosened and flew aside, little shards flew up and away.  The flames were clearly visible, not melting the ice but moving, as if alive, beneath the fracturing ice.  From my observant position, I could barely make out the shapes of the pulsing chambers of a large heart moving underneath the opaque surface.


Wham- Breakthrough! Wham- Breakthrough! Wham- Breakthrough….the cracks in the ice lengthened in spidery patterns, and plate sized ice sheets shook lose and began to move freely. I realized somewhere in the midst of this vision,  as I was praying in the spirit, this hammer was striking to the beat of my (99)  This knowledge was so startling that I stopped praying in tongues.  The vision immediately  fizzled away.  Hummm.  I begin again and soon it returned as before.  Hammer meets wedge in startling force of  power, chipping and splitting the ice. Breakthrough, Breakthrough, Breakthrough.

I fell asleep to this rhythmic ring of hammer slamming against the wedge. And woke up still thinking of this Breakthrough hammer on the thick ice. (I will save my thoughts on the absolute importance of praying in the Spirit for another day.)


We, as Believers, are often encouraged to pray for revival. We regularly pray for a return of our nation to former Biblical roots. However, before we can, as individuals or a nation, see revival, renewal or restoration there must be repentance.  Before we can see wholesale repentance of churches, individuals or nations we must breakthrough the glacier, that hard- hearted shell of rebellion and  spiritual confusion that has firmly encased us.

Like gradual, communal cataracts that gradually formed on the national vision and eventually will totally blind a nation, so we have come under thickening layers of ice as we have turned our hearts, minds, eyes and  National consciousness from the Lord.

Breakthrough is coming! It takes work, it takes focused effort.  The power of the Holy Spirit is cracking away the cold hardness on thZU4LQ6JDour land and it won’t be long before the ice is shaken off and the fire released to flow on that river in my vision. The fire in this vision, I believe, is the incredible,thJDX7I9Q9 manifest revelation of the love,presence and power of the Heart of God.

Breakthrough is coming and it is coming as the Body of Christ prays that hammer down.  The heart of God is to be released and revealed in power and fire as we- his kids- pray it down from heaven!




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