Flaming Arrows

For the first time in years I jeeped up with a friend to American Basin to check out the wildflowers.  The tourists are touring, en masse, and I have never seen the flowers looking so lush up there.  It was wonderful to really look at the mountains and appreciate thethME72EQJG beauty and breathe deeply.  Sometimes I forget to do that and I bet you do too! Summer is sailing along at an alarming pace and from my desk this morning, I don’t see a single cloud in the sky.  But there are clouds out there on the horizon and my job is something akin to Spiritual meteorology.


I have spent a good deal of time over the course of the past year, warning about different things.  I consistently raise the banner of Matthew 24 in Jesus’ own words, which foretell the arrival of Great Earthquakes, famine, pestilence and so forth as items to watch for and prepare for before his return. Recently, I have added to the mix regular posting of Prophecy Watch articles that I feel have thSWO26CP6significance for those who care to watch for them. I have laid a pretty thick foundation over the last year of why it is important to be spiritually armored, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit operating in various Gifts that the Lord gives us.  I have harped on various important supernatural warfare techniques that the Enemy regularly employs to trip us up. This is important to teach about and to report on because most churches just don’t or won’t  go there.

It is not my intention to judge the motives or attitudes of anyone.  My goal is to wake folks up and get peopleJesus 5 thinking and thinking hard! My goal is to make sure all of my readers have a genuine, heart-knowledge, belief in and thNONZ7YRFrelationship with Jesus: Yeshua the Messiah. Earlier this week I caught a little flack from Catholic readers when I printed articles about the Pope.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way. Pope Francis holds an enormous amount of Spiritual influence in the world. His title IS the Vicar of Christ!  My job is not to judge.  My job is to be a bold little laser pointer. My primary concern is that he has repeatedly and publically been stating in one form or another that all roads lead to heaven.  That Allah and Jehovah God are one in the same or that once we get to heaven that we will all have the opportunity then to pledge our allegiance to the Lord.  All we need do is to follow our conscience! It should be deeply disturbing and setting off Alarms to Catholics everywhere that he is kissing the Koran and making theseth97SBRCQJ sorts of statements that are in direct contradiction to the Word of God.  Jesus said in John 14:6″ I am the Way the Truth and the Life and NO ONE COMES to the FATHER But BY (belief)  ME!!”  John 3:16 -18 is equally pointed in it’s framework of Jesus is the Only way out of this mess and into Eternity.  Let me be extremely clear. I don’t care who is saying it:  To say anything other than Jesus is the Savior of the World and only by his Blood we are made Righteous before God is blatant heresy and in total opposition to the Bible: the Word of God.

Let me dive yet a little deeper with you because many influential folks, in addition to the Pope, like Oprah Winfrey subscribe loudly to this same ideology.  They don’t want to make anyone feel bad or be perceived as judgmental or intolerant. However, to state cross 1that you can work your way to heaven with good behavior, or that all religions ultimately have the same destinations means that Jesus didn’t have to die!  His excruciating death on the cross and His purifying blood then, were totally unnecessary for your Eternal Salvation. To believe those soothing, politically correct, statements that the Holy See has been making publically can put you and your family at risk for all eternity. The danger here is that people, not versed in Bible Truth, will hear the authoritative Papal statements and believe that they are based in God’s Word.  I will leave the Pope and his motivations in God’s good hands and say only that when the Pope deviates from Truth then Catholics need to put their faith in the inerrant Word of God and in Jesus their King.thS294ENE4  These are very serious times and getting more serious by the day.  We must wake up, know what and why we believe and what we stand for.  It is critical that you as a Jew, Catholic, Protestant or undecided, know what is truly in the Bible, and what are just religious churchy”traditions” that have been added to the mix as the years have gone by.  It may someday soon be a matter of life and death to you to know the difference.




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