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thA7C4O0GEMost of us are familiar with Jesus’ last minute instructions to his disciples recorded in 3 out of 4 of the New Testament Gospels ” to Go Ye Therefore….and preach the gospel with signs following” ( Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:20) And, I think we all understand the importance of and the weightiness of His direction.  We have all become Christians because someone got up out of their lazy-boy recliner, turned off the TV and followed that Great Commission.  Admittedly, not everyone is specifically called to go overseas or become an actual missionary, but we each ARE called to share the Good News of Jesus to everyone in our own sphere of influence.  And, we all understand the supreme importance of supporting those who ARE called to go further afield with the Gospel Commission.

However, over the past year or so I have had many discussions with like-minded  friends who have come under great conviction about supporting ministries that thDYPV41HTfall under the umbrella of any denominational ministry,  or school of thought, which does not preach nor believe that the Church still needs to operate in a “First Church manner” as patterned by Jesus and his disciples. Nor, do they believe or teach of the Power and gifts of the Holy Spirit being necessary in the Body of Christ today. I have written about this  serious deficit extensively, most lately in the Flaming Arrows trilogy.thJPGFZBDU

These discussions have raised a bit of a sticky- wicket for us. Many of the mainline denominations do very well at bringing folks to a salvation knowledge of Christ and this is a very good thing.  Don’t misunderstand me. It is what they do not preach or teach that we see is a real problem.  Many of the Missionaries fall flat (or are strictly forbidden) to teach of the Biblically sanctioned, filling of the Holy Spirit and empowering by the Same to all those new converts to Christ. Sadly, missionaries can’t teach what they don’t know!  As a result, many both at home and abroad, soon fall on the spiritual battlefield because they have little understanding of the Supernatural Spiritual world that they are to be involved with in their journey. It is hard to watch!

The conviction and problem we then face: is that by continuing to contribute to and through those denominational missions (both with church mission budget funds or personal checks) we are putting our stamp of approval, our financial endorsement, on such “deficit doctrine” and perpetuating more and more of the same powerless gospel message.

Coffee Sack Girl, 4/21/14, 7:35 PM,  8C, 5282x7367 (326+368), 100%, Custom,  1/12 s, R92.5, G85.1, B104.3

Coffee Sack Girl, 4/21/14, 7:35 PM, 8C, 5282×7367 (326+368), 100%, Custom, 1/12 s, R92.5, G85.1, B104.3

Where then should we, as the Body of Christ, as Full Gospel or Charismatic believers be channeling our overseas Mission dollars? How will we know that those funds will be working towards the discipleship and complete, sound teaching that new Believer’s must have and that follows that vital Biblical, first-church, book of Acts pattern?

I would like to introduce you to just such a fledgling young ministry called Firm Foundations in Christ that has germinated in order to minister to Ethiopians who have come out of the Muslim faith.

In the interest of full disclosure the head of this small ministry is my first cousin, Brad Johnson. I am shamelessly promoting thisunnamed (18)

important, rising ministry which really has a rock solid, Firm Foundation! I am watching, joyfully, and cheering from the sidelines as the Holy Spirit has given Brad, and his family, the heart and vision to serve in the “outermost parts of the world” I believe that the Holy Spirit is lifting them on His wings to minister to those precious Africans in need. I want to help and I hope that you will too!

Thy Word Have I Hid, 6/24/15, 8:46 PM,  8C, 5930x7030 (26+525), 100%, Custom,   1/8 s, R84.3, G77.7, B97.6Thy Word Have I Hid, 6/24/15, 8:46 PM, 8C, 5930×7030 (26+525), 100%, Custom, 1/8 s, R84.3, G77.7, B97.6


In an effort to raise funds for  upcoming mission trips back to Ethiopia. Brad’s wife, and wildly talented artist,

Patricia Johnson of Glory to God Artwork is unnamed (17)hosting a fundraiser in Denver on August 29, 2015. All proceeds from the sale of her magnificent paintings and prints will go to fund Firm Foundations in Christ a 5013C designated ministry.

In the next post I will be sharing  a bit more with you about Firm Foundations in Christ and introducing you to some of the wonderful folks that Brad has been working with in Addis Ababa area.unnamed (21)

Many of the Muslim converts Brad has had the privilege of sharing the importance of having a “firm foundation in Bible study from Genesis to Revelation”, have told him that Jesus appeared to them in a dream or vision.

When Jesus would appear He would usually say, “Follow Me!” How wonderful that there are ministries like Firm Foundations in Christ who also “follow” to prepare those that followed Jesus’ call to faith!

Young Queen Of Shee, 2/19/13, 10:09 AM,  8C, 6528x4445 (0+2115), 112%, Polarized 8_10,  1/10 s, R92.6, G84.2, B103.3

Young Queen Of Shee, 2/19/13, 10:09 AM, 8C, 6528×4445 (0+2115), 112%, Polarized 8_10, 1/10 s, R92.6, G84.2, B103.3

Storm on the Sea O, 7/13/10, 11:36 AM,  8C, 8224x9455 (0+708), 138%, Custom,  1/10 s, R100.1, G90.8, B111.6

Storm on the Sea O, 7/13/10, 11:36 AM, 8C, 8224×9455 (0+708), 138%, Custom, 1/10 s, R100.1, G90.8, B111.6

I hope that if you are a Feverseason follower in the Denver area you will put this fund raiser on your calendar. I am planning on coming down from the mountains of Lake City and driving in for the Event and would really love to meet some of my readers while there.  If you can’t make it, then I hope that you will make me proud by adding your whole-hearted, financial support to this Spirit-filled ministry.

Mark your calendars and don’t miss this amazing and worthy event on Saturday August 29th

From 3-8pm at Knights of Columbus 1555 Grant St. Denver CO 80203. The parking is free. There will be      hors d’oeuvres, drinks, raffles, Ethiopian coffee and a chocolate fountain! Come On Down!

unnamed (20) It will be a wonderful time of fellowship and a good opportunity to meet Brad and Patti Johnson and learn all about their ministry and be awed by her wonderful talent!! (


***For those who feel led to support this ministry…and I hope that you will!  Make your check payable to:  Firm Foundations in Christ   and mail to 1344 McIntosh Ave.  Broomfield, CO 80020.  Thanks so much!  Next time we will have a more formal interview with Brad and find out all about Firm Foundations in Christ. 

Put August 29th on your calendar and be sure and stop by!


















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  1. Shirley Quinlan says:

    I know Brad and Patti well. They are truly beautiful, devout Christians. I am planning on being there and look forward to meeting you, Sally.
    Shirley Quinlan

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