Foot-Stamping Tantrums

On June 20th I had a dream where the number 27 and 27th were repeated over and over to me in my spirit. There was no gigantic feeling of doom or anything, just the repetition of ” the 27th”.  Over the next few days I prayed for more illumination and none was forthcoming. On the 26th I watched, as you probably did, as the Supreme Court ruled on redefining marriage.  I had totally forgotten that the SCOTUS rulings were coming down the last week of June.  Saturday, June 27th came and went with nothing momentous  or earthshaking happening. (which is a good thing!)thLZ88LT5T

The night of the 26th, when I saw the White House lit up in rainbow colored lights my heart broke a little.  They had planned ahead for this. The lights were in place and ready to go for full dramatic effect!  It was a celebration of defiance. Now, don’t misunderstand.  I have no condemnation against the gay community. Every Gay, Straight, Transgender persons are just sinners that God loves- that need Jesus, They, like Miss Sally, need the cleansing blood of Jesus, repentance and the power of the Holy Spirit. I will, no doubt, lose readership with this post, but, I am not called to make friends or to be politically correct.  I am called to teach what the Bible says…and to be bold and accurate while I do it!  That’s why I have Ezekiel 3:10-11 printed on the back of my business cards.

I don’t feel the need to understand every single facet of why God feels one way orthR5WD86DP other about homosexual activities.  Marriage between a man and a woman is one of God’s beautiful picture teachings.  It portrays how Jesus the Bridegroom feels about the Bride, The Church.  This is one reason why he despises Divorce.  But, unlike a lot of jibber-jabber that has been coming out since the ruling about other Old Testament stuff that has fallen by the wayside,                 1  Corinthians 6 , good portions of the book of Romans and Genesis are pretty clear.  Remember, this is the self-same chapter in 1 Corinthians that reminds us that our bodies are now the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  It is a call to holiness and righteousness. In the actual Tabernacle or Temple anyone who entered into the Holy of thC0GX4F3SHolies and came before the presence of God without the proper cleansing regimen or unconfessed sin would be struck dead.  Now, we hold the Holy Spirit in our own personal Temple.  Paul lists a whole slew of things that should not be tolerated even in the outer court. It is not my feelings or interpretation or about the sensitivities of any particular voting group.  It is all about the Holiness of God!

Many in our Nation have little or no Biblical training and no desire to receive any!  It is, therefore, no surprise that they do not recognize any link between un-Godly untitled (6)political/Judicial decisions with happenings in our country. Today, many liberal churches, pastors and priests join the segment of society that sees no problem with any thing that The Lord finds heinous.  With no Biblical standard it is easy to keep folks happy. This societal shift, however,does not in anyway alter God’s outlook.  He doesn’t change. While He dearly loves the people, he despises all sin. He cannot tolerate sin in his presence Jesus 2and this is the very reason for Jesus to come and die in our stead. (John 3:16)  I will certainly add this issue to the list of things to ask God about in more detail when I get there. In the meantime, I have a close enough relationship with the King that I am willing to trust my guide book. The Bible is pretty clear.  God sees all sin as something that needs to be confessed and repented of and avoided.  I’m  deeply, sincerely sorry if people don’t like what they are doing, feeling and participating in- to be pointed out as sin. No one ever does.  Not my call.

However, this  post isn’t about how I think of one group or the other.  This is,thD35BOXIY instead, an editorial on how this nation has come to think of The Lord.  Since this is generally a prophetic End times blog let me just share this verse. and you can mull it over as we proceed: Job 9:24 states that,” when a land falls into the hands of the wicked that He (God) blindfolds it’s Judges…”  This is dangerous territory when we are led not by the Omnipotent God of the Universe but by blind Judges.thY5TAUO0A

I DO have condemnation for redefining what God has defined and ordained. It is usually undertaken by folks who do not know their history and it is never a good idea. Americans have blithely skipped down a primrose path. It is a choice.  We saw where our roots and Godly heritage were, what the original intent of the forefather’s was as they formed our Constitution, and we became fat and sassy in the midst of our blessings.  Gradually, inch by inch, we stepped away. In each decision we publically stated that God is not th0NU46O8Pthe boss of me.  Babies are inconvenient and expensive, therefore, no one can tell me what to do with my body. 60 million dead babies later…  Prayer and the Ten Commandments makes me feel funny or guilty or bad, therefore, we won’t do that in school or other public forums anymore. Shock: Test scores, graduation rates are down and suicide, teen pregnancy and drug use are up, riots and murder rates skyrocket in Chicago and Baltimore.  God can’t tell me what to do!  And, so it went. The further we thKR4UD222traipse from God’s Word the more rebellious we become.  One step and then another and then another. The further we get from The Light the harder it is to notice the looming Matthew 24 cliff of lawlessness, persecution and the great Falling away.

I’m not going to stay on this soap box for long, so bear with me.  We are running down a dangerous Godless, light- deprived path.  Occupants of the Oval office prevaricate and blur moral lines. Congress lies and has no integrity or moral backbone. Every single th (117)governmental agency  in every party and office I can think of has had repeated, shocking scandals-political, financial, sexual or criminal and no one is ever held accountable. The IRS leadership as well as our former Secretary of State, overlooks national security rules, self- righteously erases emails, destroys tapes, defies court th (114)orders and tampers with evidence. Media doesn’t seem to ask real questions anymore and Nobody does anything. We have a President who routinely snubs Israel yet salaciously woos Iranian deals and throws a Ramadan dinner party in my White house on the 15th for the kick off to the Islamic Fast. Obama has no problem singing Amazing Grace at the funeral of a murdered Christian pastor and then politically lights up the White House like a rainbow!

The Church, by and large, has sat silently on the corner, for years they watched the thBZ0DJTEFmud wrestling and seemed oblivious to the consequences of habitual National Apostasy. Inch by inch the Bride of Christ, The Church, has tossed out the Power of the Holy Spirit along with passages that talked about any of that funny stuff.  They gradually picked around the meat of the Word,  slicing away the need for righteousness and repentance, much less transforming your mind or crucifying the flesh!  They watered down their sermons before hopping on the bandwagon with the very same world to which they were to be The Light and Salt.  Divorce rates, extra marital affairs, child abuse and pornography addictions, Home Alone!homosexuality and everything else under the sun are found in the pews with equal frequency as they are in the world. We forgot that we had a Cross to carry and had a job to do. Instead we sit silently and powerless , Fat and Sassy, on our ever-loving blessings!

We in our own  Non- offensive wisdom, have turned The Lord into a jolly Santa Claus that passes out forgiveness like candy canes that come with the free ride to Heaven tickets. Hell’s certaintythVHJ02BNW and Satan’s reality, rarely mentioned, have been relegated to a boogie-man story, made up by grandmother’s to make the children behave. I can’t tell you how many people that I know to be Believers in Christ, who changed their FB profile picture to a Rainbow self-portrait, posting ‘Love Wins’!  My heart actually hurts. They don’t even seem to know or care that while they give this sympathetic th3YXPKGQO High-Five to their friends they are simultaneously shaking their fist at God. As did ancient Israel: Our nation has turned into a defiant, spoiled, foot-stamping, four-year- old and our Father is going to have to spank us soon for our own good.

So, here we are past the mid-way point in a Shemittah year. A few days beyond a brilliant, monumental convergence of Jupiter and Venus (Tuesday, June 30th) in the constellation of Leo just as the Wise men saw it prior to the Birth of Jesus and it launched them from the East to th4F5LGFK1seek the New King of the Jews.  Just 90-ish days until the 4th Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacles.  Just prior to a Jubilee year, we have so many Biblical prophecies happening that I can hardly keep up with them all. And, I have that little slip of a dream:  That voice in my head- in the night- that lingered and worried me like a pebble in my shoe. What, Lord?

After some prayerful consideration: I believe that my 27th Dream was letting me know that the 27th marked a new era. With no fanfare or hoop-la;  A new page has quietly been turned.  Some time ago, I published a post called THE HOLIDAY IS OVER . thDF3F2RWSIn it I shared a dream, a very specific dream, that I had several years ago.  This dream woke me from a sound sleep, in a cold sweat with an overwhelming feeling of urgency. The horror and thU2324BY3despair have not ever left me.  I hope that you will read this cautionary tale. 

  I believe, now, Nationally, that we have defiantly slammed a door and locked it behind us. We  entered a new phase on the 27th.  Sadly, the new day has dawned and I am waiting for the dominoes to begin to fall.                                                          (2 Chron. 7:14 ) “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”thIE4Y2MK9

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3 Responses to Foot-Stamping Tantrums

  1. Don Korb says:

    Speaking the TRUTH in LOVE (Romans 20:14) Sally, I greatly admire you for your boldness. Tickling ears is not your gig. Popularity contests are not in your thoughts or possibilities. Yet you are a champion in God’s eyes, and those of us redeemed by the Blood of The Lamb. It’s wonderful to be a sojourner in this world and greatly blessed to view a Rainbow and know what it really stands for!

  2. Laverne says:

    To succumb to fear of the world is death, but Fear of the Lord is Life.

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