Forgotten Knowledge

The Lord has been dealing with me lately concerning ” Forgotten Knowledge”.  It breaks his heart and he calls me again and again to teach old school. I mean Hebrew roots, Old Testament and first church, old school!  This series concerning the Nephilim, the offspring of the Fallen Angels and demonology may freak us out, but we need to know!  Ignorance is not bliss-it is just  stupid and willful ignorance. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we live and operate on a battlefield. It is a fight to the death. It is a fight for our minds, our spirits and our bodies and those of our loved ones.  The church has allowed the forgotten knowledge file to overflow with topics which were intended to click together spiritually to give us the complete picture of who Christ is, who the enemy is, and who we are and what we are capable of doing thru his power.

Hearkening back to the old adage that those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it, I must concur. Those who don’t quickly grasp that scripture is not only true but a cautionary history, a life manual for newly adopted royalty, as well as an essential military manual and prophetic end- times guidebook will inevitably be required to take the final exam whether they bothered to open the book to study for the big test or not. Those who never bother to glean the forgotten knowledge topics for themselves may be saved and  heaven-bound but I fear, inadequately armored, and will go down on the battlefield never understanding what happened!. The 7 Feasts of the Lord, the Gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, the meaning of the Tabernacle, the testimonial voice of the blood, End Times prophecy as a reality- are just a few of the items that the church has largely set aside. As the body of Christ has normalized sin, they have by equal measure abandoned any real discussion of repentance, and the yawning possibility of hell and the power of the Messiah’s blood in exchange for happier, more entertaining, less offensive topics.

The origins of this important Nephilim study begin immediately out of the gate in Genesis chapter one. Without a full working understanding of these original chapters one will not fully understand what Adam and Eve lost and the enormity of what Jesus was bound to reclaim for us at the cross.

 The danger here is The Church or the Body of Christ- conveniently, as a generic whole, does not believe, teach or think much about the supernatural, good or bad.  This leaves the demonic to largely operate at will and completely under the radar! Other than Christmas or Easter, Equal Opportunity deficit preaching has also stepped away from teaching on the supernatural aspects of Christianity. Eschewing the need for the Holy Spirit, His precious gifts, power and fruit of the Spirit are incredibly considered fringe studies by many and heresy by others!

 Jesus’ final encouragement to his team, was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, to heal the sick, and cast out demons and raise the dead. The Gospel of the Kingdom is the good news that the Power of heaven is available to us right now. Supernatural power is needed to defeat a supernatural enemy. It is essential, basic Christianity to be Saved by the Blood of Jesus and to then ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This gives you the ready access to the supernatural realm you inherited as a child of the King.

References for the Nephilim Study:

Chuck Missler, has an excellent Genesis study as well as one called the Return of the Nephilim.

L.A. Marzulli author of The Cosmic Chess Match. Has many books, DVD’s which pertain Nephilim and end time prophecy.  He has documentation and DNA evidence of non-human Nephilim remains from around the globe. He has lots of eyepopping youtube videos available for free. I can also recommend his book . On the Trail of the Nephilim .  

Everyone needs to order the new DVD just out in theaters across America called: Is Genesis History? Google the title and it will take you to the site, you can watch the trailer and order several- it’s that important. It does not talk about Giants but is a wonderful science- based source for proof of the Biblical flood.

Steve Quayle has a fascinating website to peruse and many good books. He also has youtube video’s you can access for free.

Authors Tom Horn and the late Chris Putnam discuss this Nephilim issue at length and outline the Vatican’s involvement- and actual Vatican interviews regarding Alien research. Exo-Vaticana-It is just one of their excellent, well cited resources. Frequent guests on prophecy shows,  talk radio and Christian TV, they have many books available and should be found all over Youtube for free research and additional information.

Though conjecture, many of these authors see modern day Nephilim activity exhibited via Alien/UFO sightings and abduction stories and have all sorts of interesting data to back their claims.  Of course this is speculation but Hollywood seems to be grooming the public through a massive media blitz which makes one wonder. These Christian authors and media personalities posit that the “coming great deception” of Matthew 24 could be Fallen Angel-demonic-Nephilim technology masquerading as aliens could someday show up, “saving the world.”    Nephilim/Aliens offering answers, world peace or “alien technology” to solve all the world’s woes at an opportune, post disaster, moment. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that such a glitzy deception- especially after decades of TV, movies, gaming and comic book preparatory prequels would be enthusiastically received by deluded earthlings. This exchange of a mark, or chip would be offered in exchange of some oath of allegiance to the new friends.

 Such technology could conceivably offer some sort of genetic mutation that would guarantee  disease-free, perfect health or several hundred years of fantastic , trouble free longevity.  It is easy to see people lining up swapping allegiance for such a perk, never understanding once that DNA upgrade occurs, they are no longer in the image of God but in the ante-diluvian, “cannot-be-redeemed class.” Could this be the mark of the beast? I don’t know but it’s worth considering.

Additional speculation amongst these listed authors are viable concerns of a resurgence of the giants, such as the Giant of Kandahar out of Afghanistan and other curious tales coming both from the Northwest Territories in the Arctic and Antarctica.  I will let those interested, do their own research into this growing category of concern.

 Taken directly from the scripts of recent Iron Man movies I am reading headlines right now- of R&D in military technology to upgrade soldiers with trans-human tech- creating super soldiers. Developers of this technology who harbor qualms admit other countries are working toward the same development and not to follow suit seems foolhardy. Sounds like the exact plot points torn from Terminator series scripts!  There is military trans-human and robot technology afoot actually designed to feed on the flesh of enemy soldiers! ( archives 3-20-17 episode discussing the rise and normalcy of Cannibalism)

For those who think Giants are, if anything, a long-gone, historic worry. I encourage you to google THE GIANTS OF KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN and watch the incredible Youtube account told there.  For those pressed for time I will summarize: A few years ago, ( they give the actual date in the account)  an Army unit went missing and another was sent to the remote area where the original team was last heard from. Near this place, bones were found outside of a large cave, They could smell the horrid stink before they actually saw the giant emerge from his cave.  Big battle ensues before they finally succeed in killing the giant. Details are given of his height, weight, and characteristics of red hair, double rows of teeth, six fingers on each hand, six toes on each gigantic foot. The whole affair was, hushed up, sworn to secrecy, the body of the giant put in a huge cargo net and helicoptered away. This is a story which was commonly known in Army circles and has now been released on video—well worth the time to listen to it.

This account seemed credible to me and I am keeping it on my back burner as I watch for other hints of the Nephilim in the news.   The Catholic Church has a huge telescope atop Mt. Graham which the Apache nation considers a portal for the gods- searching for alien life with the expectation that they are coming. There are scientists at this moment in Switzerland operating CERN hunting down the “God Particle”, and opening a doorway or supernatural portal for something to come thru. Their “scientific” work is surrounded by pagan symbols and ceremonies. You can’t make this stuff up. The Book of Enoch tells us that Nimrod was erecting the tower of Babel, ascending in that supernatural knowledge to become like the fallen ones. The same lie that banished Adam and Eve from the garden was that of “being like God”. It was deceptive in the Garden and it is deceptive today at the end of the age. Satan is consistent, at least!

I am not trying to praise the devil or give the demonic undue attention. I hate them, and am pointing out the danger because most people have forgotten what they look like!

 You may be thinking Lordy, Miss Sally this is so OUT there I don’t even want to think about it!  Me either! However, to ignore specific and critical knowledge of the enemy is extremely foolish. It was put there for our enlightenment, and for the express purpose that we, the Church, would not fall into false doctrine, doctrine of demons or to be deceived. If we weren’t to encounter, cast out and be running into such beings then WHY are we told to always wear armor and why would we have the Spiritual Gift of Discerning of Spirits available to us? I’m serious, WHY?

I don’t claim to know all the answers here, but I hope I have spurred your curiosity to look back to the rebellious beginnings and know that fallen angels and the demonic are real; and what Jesus may have indicated when he compared those days to ours. Along with Satan, the demonic clearly understand they are eternally doomed and have an agenda to take as many folks as they can with them: They steal, kill and destroy.

All the disciples who followed after Jesus wrote of the demonic, the enemy and the spirits of antichrist, infirmity, death or unrighteousness, religious and many more. These aren’t just dramatic or poetic words.  They are actual spirits that will deceive you, blind you, keep you from your destiny, steal your children or your spouse and keep you sick as a dog. That’s what they do and they have had lots of time to get good at it.

I believe when Paul spoke of powers and principalities, he was writing to people who were familiar with the topic.  He was talking to a group who understood the reality of demonic forces. Notice if you will, as Jesus, who is to be our example offered deliverance to individuals all the time. Occasionally people did not believe he was Messiah and considered him blasphemous. However, other than temple or synagogue leadership, NEVER ONCE  was he met with a crowd of people who objected, or tried to tell him that there was no such thing, or that nice Jewish people couldn’t be affected by the demonic.  NEVER ONCE- EVER.  We are collosally arrogant in the 21st century to think we are too sophisticated to believe in such things!

Where have the Nephilim gone? Does it really matter? We are called to be armored up and to be ever watchful. Recall Joshua and Caleb after viewing giants in the Promised land during their spy mission and didn’t care. Those two soldiers stood on the promises of God, that the land was theirs to occupy that the Angel of the Lord would go before them.  We, like they, are called to occupy the land- whether it is full of everyday problems or actual demonic, scary giants. 

I only know that Jesus says repeatedly that these will be deceptive times and even posits that the Elect (that’s us) could fall for this coming deception.  It behooves us to consider it all; to study and show ourselves approved; and be able to recognize our enemy in whatever form they take. It is then we will be capable to occupy, to stand,  as overcomers, when this battle is done!




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