Go Tell it on the Mountain

I  often find myself extremely frustrated at this time of the year.  I want to have lots of time to make special gifts. th (33) I want to have all my shopping done and mailed out.  I want to decorate my tree beautifully-the way I want it done. I want the leisure to sip hot chocolate and watch those tree lights twinkle.

Alas, this rarely happens.  Either circumstances or finances prevent the shopping and mailing until the last possible moment. thX0QVRA2W It certainly couldn’t be that I procrastinated, could it?  I had a big box of Christmas cards that I intended to send out with a family photo or a newsy 2015 letter… Not going to happen.  I’ll save them for next year.  I had grandiose plans to spray paint some little, wooden bird houses for my Christmas tree this year.  They hang there, in a different town, in their natural state, unadorned, and unadmired. Totally unimportant, now.

In a moment our little world can skid off the rails, life happens, priorities are constantly realigning themselves-shifting as the next circumstantial quake shakes us. thW2HEWKGF Christmas is not always the big warm fuzzy Hallmark card we expect or would like it to be, is it? Sometimes all life’s problems are not tied up with a neat bow as they are in a 30-minute sit-com or, annually at the end of Its a Wonderful Life!

Christmas, regardless of media hype and peer pressure, is not a bustle of programs, holiday parties or must have gadget’s, gizmos and glittery gifts under the tree. (Don’t misunderstand me, I love the glittery gifts!)th (30) It is definitely not a neighborhood race to find who has the stamina to put up the most lights or the most ridiculous decorations. None of that matters.  It may be a tradition, but, is truly not important in the greater scheme of things.

Love is the only thing that matters. Katie, Tommy the Shepherd and Josh 2015 I sat at the Faith Baptist Church Christmas Program last night and listened as Katie and Josh delivered(perfectly) their portion of the Christmas play… a little poem of why we need to live for and with Jesus.  I listened as my grandson, Tommy, dressed as a little shepherd in Bethlehem quoted John 3:16…”For God so Loved the world that He sent his only begotten son. That whosoever believes on him shall not perish but have everlasting life!”Tommy the shepherd 4 Xmas 2015

That is the gift that truly matters.  The only gift.  It is excruciatingly simple.  This message has to be!  It is there for each of us to open, unwrap and explore the powerful possibilities that accompany His gift of Eternal Salvation.  It is His gift that still glitters after 2000 years!  It is his gift that we need to open for ourselves and, that gift which we need to pass on to everyone that we encounter in this hectic world we live in.  Jesus loves you,  He died in your place so that you could live!  He wants a relationship with you that rides along and empowers you day by day. Don’t let it slip past again.th (31)

This is my Christmas Card for you this year! Pay it forward.  Pass it on.  Go tell it on the Mountain!  This is Christmas Love that everyone must hear about!



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  1. John Rutledge says:

    Cool. Great Christmas card, Sally!

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