Gorgeous Day

It is a gorgeous day!  I am at the Lake City town park watching as my granddaughter, Katie-aged 9-Cute-punkins-150x150 introduces herself to every kid in town and plays with abandon with these new friends as though she has known them for years.

At long, long last the sun has returned to the mountains of Southwestern Colorado.  Blue skies and summertime OPs are the order of the day here in Lake City. thWOV981QM The aspens are leafing out in their peculiar new neon green and tourists are rolling back into town like returning flocks of geese.

It seems a perplexing dichotomy as I watch this carefree “life as usual” going on before me on the freshly mown, new green grass thMY4UHPGJwhile simultaneously scanning multiple news sources, gleaning stories to show readers that our time is short, and that the world events are aligning Biblically- and that life will, at some point, change drastically. Call it what you will- it is a strange world that we as Believers face.  However, isn’t this exactly how Jesus told us in Luke 17:26 and Matthew 24:37 that events would play out?  He said, ‘As it was in the days of Noah- so will it be at the coming of the Son of man.  For in the days before the flood  people were going out to eat, drinking , planning their thV2Z1S1J7weddings. ‘  But at the exact same time Noah and his family were building the ark.  They were working and building, planting and storing the grain that would sustain all those critters and themselves through the hard times that God told them were coming.th3UUXKDQ4

Now, as you look through Genesis 6 and 7 you can see that there were others things happening as well that precipitated God’s choice to send the flood.  It is a fascinating study and one that we will no doubt revisit at some point.  The crux of the matter is that Satan had set about to mess about with the human bloodlines.  We, as humans were created in God’s own image.  Satan is a counterfeiter and want’s to be God. So his plan was to highjack the human bloodlines that the Lord intended to use to send the Messiah and redeem the world.  We see from Genesis that the fallen angels had taken up with the easy earth girls and the following  “Nephilim” offspring were very whacky and easy to spot.  That perfect God-created, human genome had been mucked with, and the resultant hybrids and freak show can be studied throughout not only scripture with a long trail of Giants. thCEOZT2Y9 But also in the mythology of early Greeks, Romans and Norse legends.  Demi Gods that were super strong or lived a long time and so on and so forth.  Interesting stuff.   God looked at this and decided that something had to be done.  Scripture makes it clear that Noah’s family were the only folks that were perfect in their generations.  That doesn’t mean that they had a noble family heritage or somesuch.  It meant that they were, literally, the only ones left that had a non-nephilim tainted genetic code.  Noah’s bloodline had not been tainted or altered and this not only made him something freakish and out of step in his neighborhood but it also meant that only he and his family -those 8 folks- were eligible for a boarding pass on the Ark.thYQTFB7NO

All the others had over a 100 years to hear Noah’s message to repent- to return their hearts back to God the Creator.  But, they were content to ignore ol’ Noah and keep on living life on their terms and with the priorities that they saw fit.thV2OHWZE4

So, as I sit at the park watching my granddaughter toss a Frizbee with her new friends, and I swap relationship advice via text message with my brother , or make th1D0QTCY1literary plans for my future it doesn’t seem wrong to go on making those plans even though I see the Prophecy Clock ticking down.  But is it?  How should we as Believers live our lives?  How do we proceed? What is the proper way to navigate these tricky end-times waters?

Many years ago in High School, a spirit-filled friend of mine shared with her friends a prophetic word that someone  had given in her church service:  “The Lord is coming again, soon!”  She was excited.th0UQHJH5F  She was elated.  That was in 1973.  While I do not doubt the veracity of the Word of Knowledge that she shared.  I will say that Words of Knowledge must be taken in the entirety of His Revelation.  I will further say that what the Lord considers soon and what I consider soon are operating on two entirely different schedules!

Our challenge then to be a success in our Christian lives is to synchronize– via the Holy thDVEM26MGSpirit- our time piece to that the Lord uses!  I can hear you saying “Easier said than done, Miss Sally!” If I believe the Bible to be accurate then I am fully aware that we are all living on a sinking ship- a dying planet.  The question is ” How long, Lord?”   As we absorb this gem of knowledge- that we are supernatural beings that are pausing here, spending a mere 30-50 or 90 year human experience as a human being on an earth- we realize that our lives and this world have th1JDZD6H5a specific timeframe designed for a specific purpose.  With that knowledge at the forefront we must proceed with our spiritual antenna fully engaged.  We go to work. We pay our bills, we raise our children but we had better be paying attention!  We need to be fully aware in our day to day hum-drum lives of what the Word says, what we are hearing through the Holy Spirit and take action accordingly.  What are we, and other’s, seeing from The Crow’s Nest as discussed in the previous post?

Priority One: as long as I am here my job is to share my faith with the folks I encounter. While that is ongoing; Priority 2 engages with the Spiritual giftsth18ND1WUV and leading of the Holy Spirit my additional priorities are to teach and disciple others to grow in their Christian lives. Priority 3: Feverseason.com as I have stated before is an end times ministry of sorts.  In the old South in the days before bug spray and vaccinations Fever Season was know as the time of year when the temperatures warmed and the mosquitoes swarmed. th19VN46OL Everyone knew that it was a dire season where life was liable to get very serious as deadly fevers of all sorts began to run rampant.  It was important to get everything done before Fever Season.

As I live my life, make my plans, watch my grandchildren flourish I know that time is short and Fever Season is just around the corner.  Lest we forget, the entire time that Noah was building the Ark the weather was sunny and blue. thU9UZYQ6N He went to work everyday- hammering together that ark to the specifications God had personally given him.  Whether people laughed and mocked or told him with absolute confidence and authority that God no longer talked to people personally anymore.  He just smiled and told them that God had told him that a storm was coming. I’m sure he paused in his work to tell them that they needed to repent and get right with the Lord.  He would have shared with them one more time as they stopped to poke fun, that they needed to be prepared NOW before the clouds began to gather on the horizon. thCP7WKV7MUltimately- only his immediate family, a small remnant were sealed into the Ark with the animals.  And, we have that colorful rainbow to know the veracity of this story and the promise that the earth will never be destroyed with water again.

I, for one, am sticking to the plan.  Whether people laugh, roll their eyes, give others the job or choose to just leave- I’m going to work His plan.  Admittedly, some days are easier than others. thYFX97IA0I will keep hammering.  I will employ every Gift He has deposited in me and continue to ask Him for more!  I will listen and share additional revelation that I receive. As I live and love, build relationships, and bumble through my life; all the while I will keep sharing and letting folks in on The Plan.  That is my calling and whether you acknowledge it or not, it is yours, as well!

I have this verse on the back of my business cards.  The Lord told Ezekiel in Ezekiel 3:10-11 ( and I will paraphrase using the Revised Miss Sally version)  “You need to receive all the words I tell you first into your own heart.  Then you go and tell the people of the captivity my plan.  Whether they listen and change or whether they don’t listen is not your concern.  It is your job to go to them and deliver my message.”

Who are the people of the captivity?  Once, they were the dispersed nation of Israel.  Nowadays and in this context Anyone who hasn’t received Jesus as their Savior is still in bondage. thSHZ4ZZTO They are in captivity to something that will keep them off the Ark.  It is the Amazing cleansing power of the Lamb of God that purifies every bloodline.  People, the sun is still shining but, there is a storm coming!


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  1. Patti. J says:

    Thanks Sally, I especially needed the Ezekial 3:10-11 scripture today! The timing was perfect.

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