Happy Anniversary!

It occurred to me the other day that this is a big anniversary for me,almost to the day. Seven years ago I traveled to a Bill Johnson-Randy Clark School of Healing Conference in Loveland, CO.

Allow me to tell you a wonderful, true story:

Though I had been a Christian for as long as I could recall, I was quite new in my knowledge of the Holy Spirit. One Sunday morning, at the First Baptist Church of Lake City I was privileged to hear a personal testimony of a gentleman who spoke of a Randy Clark sponsored meeting where he had received healing for stage 4 prostate cancer. This led him to a true relationship with Jesus, and then cascaded into a mini revival of his entire family coming to know the Lord. I was completely intrigued! I had never heard an actual testimony of  actual healing offered in a Southern Baptist Church before!

I wasn’t suffering from any similar, dread disease, however, our Sunday School class had been reading through Bill Johnson’s incredible book, When Heaven Invades Earth which really revolutionized my thinking and I wanted to go and hear him speak. His teaching and expectation was so unlike what I had known my entire church-filled life. I wasn’t going to miss whatever it was!

I went with no agenda, other than to hear this pastor who authored this good book and observe the goings on! I was looking forward to this seminar, but had no expectations other than to take some good notes on my fact finding mission.

I was to meet two other ladies from my church. They were staying in a nearby hotel and I was staying with my daughter who lived just down the highway in Erie, CO. That morning, I erroneously parked on the wrong side of the large church complex where the meeting was to be and was really hustling to get to the other side, get myself registered and find them in the crush of people.

The quick march in from the far parking lot left me breathless. I have had asthma my entire life. The tell-tale crackle beginning in my lungs did not bode well, I knew. I was armed with an albuterol inhaler, as I never left home without one in my purse, but hoped if I sat quietly my lungs would simmer down and I would not need to use it. If not, I feared the ensuing, goose-like, honking cough that would follow for the next hour.

With no sign of my friends, or yet the speaker I had come to hear, the program commenced.

Gorgeous worship music began and I sat apart from the mob of people where I could keep an eye out for my friends. Soon, I forgot to look for them. Interspersed with the music, occasionally someone would take to the podium with a Word of Knowledge specifically identifying a particular ailment these folks had “heard” the Holy Spirit was waiting/ and wanting to heal. This was new territory and very strange to me, but I watched. No one accosted them or touched them at all. Nothing spooky or out of control was going on, that I could see from my vantage point. It seemed, if a person rose in response to this “Word”… apparently, they were healed!

The real program had not even begun. A few more songs were sung and someone else took the microphone and told the audience, most of whom were still entering to find a seat, that if you had Asthma or any sort of lung problems, to stand—that the Lord wanted to heal that, too! I had nothing to lose- before I could talk myself out of it, I stood up. Half a mile away, at the podium, the speaker prayed and “released” healing for asthma and IMMEDIATELY the crackling in my lungs stopped. My breathing relaxed and became easier and fuller. IMMEDIATELY. GONE. DONE. That was seven years ago in an unfamiliar church, without anyone laying a hand on me. From the podium, a stranger stood and faithfully reported a Word that the Lord wanted to heal asthmatic lungs. I grabbed hold of that word, took it for me and never looked back.

In seven years I have never had another asthma attack. I think Satan likes to try to fake us out and make us think that our healing wasn’t’ real and once or twice afterwards I began to get a little wheezy. I stopped right away and rebuked the heck out of that wheeziness and proclaimed that In Jesus’ Name and by HIS STRIPES I had been healed. It never came back, and I haven’t missed it!

That’s not all! In addition to being healed from life-long asthma, In that moment, as a free bonus prize I also lost all my migraines, allergies and recurrent lung infections. I feel, seven years later that a significant portion of my life was restored to wholeness. I am still amazed! amazed, awed, grateful!

That’s not all! Later that evening, someone else proclaimed a Word about broken bones. Many years prior, I had fallen from a very tall ladder. I was so bruised and banged up at the time that I didn’t realize I had broken some fine little bone in my right foot. It eventually healed, but if I ever wore inappropriate shoes, or walked too fast or too far, I could feel it give way. That morning, as I walked quickly in from the far parking lot…in my inappropriate foot ware, pop went that little bone and my foot was aching. When that Word came up, I stood up in receipt of that one, too. Why not? Immediately, the pain was gone and in seven years I have not had that little bone in my right foot give me any trouble!

I’m sure that Bill Johnson spoke eloquently at that conference, and I recall vaguely that Randy Clark taught a lot of amazing things throughout the weekend, and many people received incredible miracles.

But, Seven years later. I remember with clarity, only what happened to me! God is so good. He loves to heal people, and show how good he is and how much He loves us! Seven years ago, he showed a wheezy, little Baptist girl that He still does the big stuff! Regardless of what you have heard, The BIG STUFF is for us today! He still heals, His gifts-every one of them is still in operation and very necessary.  Now, this awesome story is just one of many wonderful testimonies of His goodness which I keep in my back pocket to share!

Why did he heal my  wheezy ol’ lungs and my bum foot? I couldn’t say. However, I have often considered that for me, it was a symbolic thing. The free, deep breath of God– that Holy Spirit from his heart that propels and anoints us to go and spread the gospel. In Romans 10:15 Paul writes    ”How beautiful are the feet of those that preach the gospel of peace…” With these incredible gifts I received exactly seven years ago this week, I now have the breath, the beautiful foot-power and the joy of the Holy Spirit to do just that!


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  1. Nancy says:

    Wow, Sally! That IS a wonderful testimony!

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      I didn’t do anything but grab hold of it and refuse to let go! Thanks so much for following along!

  2. Patti says:

    Very encouraging

  3. pam says:

    I love your testimony, Sally…..I never knew that! Pam

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