Nobody likes change.  Nor does anyone like to be fearful of their future.  But, we live in a crazy world where anything can and does happen.th23NSOQM6  Combine that with 24/7 news coverage bombarding us with intense stories over and over, financial uncertainties and internet information accessible on any subject, it is easy to understand why some seek informational avoidance even Biblical end times blindness, at any cost.   Some, I’m sure, consider my recent posts reporting on precursors or fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy to be negative fear mongering.  We are told repeatedly in scripture that we are children of the Light and to stay therein. 1 John 1:5-7  thNQEX0UPW Informational blinders or escapism into silly, mundane pastimes or non-acknowledgement of current circumstances smacks of Darkness to me.  I don’t want people to be afraid when they see these things happening I want them to get FIRED UP!

Jesus explicitly tells us that when we see these things happening to LOOK UP!  It is time for him to return!  If that doesn’t get you excited then, respectfully, you need to th82LWMA5Fdo a heart check and see what you are really idolizing. I have an Cajun friend, Blake Melancon,  with whom I used to work and now pastors The Rock Church in Gonzales, LA.  He would always cringe when someone would say that the “Lord was about to do a work in his life!”  He was jokingly  but acknowledging that God-driven change can often rock us from our lazy comfort zones.  Change and growth can be both productive and painful at the same time! ( I addressed this change-agent topic at some length in my recent post, Cocoon.) 

I am so excited to see these things happening more quickly.  I hope that my focus th (20)on these newsy items is a website equivalent of a shofar blow to my readers and causing them to sit up, rub the sleep from their eyes and get crackin’!  The Bible is true!  Jesus predicted this stuff would start happening and it is!  This should be HUGE, faith building stuff that makes us jump up and down and start sharing with everybody we know!! It’s time!  Are you ready?  Don’t you remember?  Rev. 19:10 The Testimony of JESUS IS the Spirit of Prophecy!!  I’m pretty sure that you can’t successfully have one without the other!

I became interested in Bible Prophecy back in the 1960’s.  I remember vivid, exciting discussions in my home by my Christian, prophecy-loving parents and thRS6SDMLYgrandparents during the Yom Kippur War when Jerusalem came again to Israeli hands.  I  distinctly remember reading personal interviews of Israeli and Arab soldiers who saw amazing angelic beings on the battlefield during that conflict. Wow!  I had never heard of such a thing except in 2 Kings 6:17 story where Elijah asked the Lord to open the eyes of his scaredy-cat servant.

This is an important point, especially for my readers with small kids or grandchildren, that I don’t want to allow to just slip by cloaked as’ Miss Sally’s personal testimony time’!11160662_10152730269107653_3005160659894630581_n It was my parents  common, ongoing discussion in our home of, and hunger for Biblical Prophecy, and other scriptural things that had a distinct result in my life and those of my brothers and sister:  a) It made discussing Jesus and/or the Bible all the time seem rational, normal and usual. b) It dropped in me a real burn to study the Bible so that I wouldn’t look clueless in these family discussions and to make sure that they were correct in their assessment. c) It certainly built my faith and established a sure foundation in my life for shaky times which inevitably come. d) This Christ centered attitude created a certainty that the Lord was powerful and His word viable and relevant to our lives today. e)  They birthed a lifelong, unshakeable love for Israel in my heart.  They may not have really comprehended it at the time but they left a powerful legacy that still ripples out to this day.

thMUYP5S9HBy contrast, allowing Jesus to be relegated to the same ridiculous category as Santa and the Tooth Fairy has equally huge consequences. Casual eliminations of these Scripturally focused discussions at our dinner tables is sad enough.  Unfortunately, this never happens in a vacuum.  This inevitable Spiritual black hole will be filled with something be it stupid cartoons,  violent video games, mindless internet garbage or unchallenged secular education. At the very least, we risk squandering a rapidly closing aperture of time and influence in our children’s lives.  Parents, in these serious times  you need to step it up! Never forget that even when you are not directly talking to the children they are listening, soaking it up, absorbing the fact that you believe it and it is a PRIORITY!  Definitely a topic to think more seriously about.( Joshua 1:8, Psalms 1:2)

Watching prophetic fulfillment today still gets me fired up!  Jesus is coming soon!  That’s why I watch. Alarm clocks 2 I am piecing together news reports, political scandal, scanning websites and tracking earthquakes and volcanos, or looking for timely important ideas for this blog.   It isn’t a morbid, nutty, hobby for me.  I am tapping my foot waiting, watching out the window for My Daddy to come home!

Naysayers always respond with the old, ” We have had bad earthquakes, volcanoes, climate change and horrid tornadoes, hurricanes or ‘ whatever’ since time began!” routine.  Yes, we have.  No doubt about it.  The Matthew 24 context, if you recall, which Jesus stated that these would all be forerunners of His Coming was a woman in labor.th7ULAJJMR  Things start out slowly, no big deal. Nothing to get excited about.  As labor progresses, those eventful contractions start to intensify, and build on each other and come closer and harder together.  You had better call the Great Physician:  A new era is about to be born!

Several times in the past, I have mentioned the recently deceased, prophetic voice, John Paul Jackson and his very interesting “Headline Prophecies” which he began releasing a number of years ago. I have included his video below for your convenience as I think it is pertinent to the latest news out of Japan.

Yesterday, on the very heels of publishing the Watcher from the Wall post, I saw that Mt. Hakone in Japan has begun to vent steam. thZEXKTU8P This is a volcano about 40 miles from Tokyo and 23 miles east of Mt. Fuji. While Hakone has not had a major eruption since the Middle Ages it blew a big doozy 2900 years ago.  In my reading on this topic it was stated that scientists believe that Hakone and nearby Fuji, which began to rumble again after the 9.0 earthquake of 2011, have large overlapping caldera pools.thHG3RN08S

I include this JPJ video because one those headlines specifically deals with a volcano near Tokyo and I feel it is well worth your time( as well as other prophetic headlines that are happening recently).  John Paul Jackson was a prolific author with a powerfully accurate Prophetic Gift.   His Streams Ministries website offers a lot of important educational opportunities to develop spiritual gifts if you have an interest in that area.  His teaching and wisdom will be sorely missed in this 11th hour.

Additional news this week includes reports of a total of 3 earthquakes in this week of 7.0 and higher with corresponding Tsunami warnings in Papua New Guinea. thVOT278YM I don’t know if there is damage there  or a population base large enough to care, because the media is not reporting on it.  Closer to home there has also been a new eruption in Costa Rica of the Turrialba Volcano which sent another huge ash plume into the air.thVYDQLPWL

I am having some technical glitches this morning that I ascribe to the large solar flare storm that began to hit earth last night and this morning.  My phone has been flashing and clicking and my Kindle is whonky too.   Had to wait awhile before WordPress decided that I could continue adding photos to this post!th (17)

***Just prior to publishing this blog I saw on www.duchinse.com that Papua New Guinea has had ANOTHER 7.3 earthquake the Tsunami watch is on! 

Mid East News:  The Jerusalem Post reported yesterday that the Israeli Army is investigating Hamas Tunnel concerns.  Sounds of  underground diggingthSR4ZQ1G0

have been received from Kibbutz Nirim near the Gaza border.  Kibbutz members have expressed doubt that they will learn the truth because the Government doesn’t want folks moving away from the area.

Multiple sources have been reporting that US Warships have stopped escorting American and British th1ENHNXKF commercial ships through the critical bottleneck of the Strait of Hormuz.  The short-lived action began last week when Iran captured  the Marshall Islands flagged ship, Tigris.  Iranian officials have claimed thBLCSMREO that the ship will be released when a “fine” has been paid.  This is Piracy on the High Seas and Iran has flexed her extortion power-moves in the region. This is clearly not the action of a nation that plans to deal honorably in any current or future nuclear negotiations.   US Navy plans to keep ships in the region and I would add that this should be the final straw for the Obama Administration to stand down on talks.

Haaretz, the Israeli News Agency, reported on a study released by the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Center( They really need to come up with a  better name!)on Wednesday.  They report that 38 million people have been displaced in their countries worldwide.  11 million newly displaced last year- mostly due to conflicts in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo accounting for 60% of new displacement. thJF9YVTF2 Syria has highest number of internally displaced folks with 7.6 million dislodged because of the 5 years of conflict there.  That is 35% of the population.  These staggering numbers, in my opinion, further indicate the coming tipping point of the entire region, the danger of rising Islamic terrorism and the moves toward the Psalm 83 prophetic conflicts not to mention the larger concerns prophetically laid out in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Anti-Semitic events have skyrocketed in the Czech Republic in 2014.  Haaretz has reported that 46 incidents were registered last year compared to 13 in 2013.  The main factor fueling this rise in that Palestinian-Israeli conflict in last summer’s Gaza War in July And August.  These, I may add, were only  “officially reported” incidents. thDWWSVWZB

This mirrors the similar rise  in other European countries which have seen dangerous elements threatening  Jewish synagogues, lives and businesses.  On the positive side this is giving rise to a large influx of new Jews returning to Israel which is an exciting Prophetic fulfillment reported last week.

* While we are on the subject of European Anti-Semitism: I would like to pause and highly recommend thVL2H5TCQ to you the movie called Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren. It is an artful, excellent story dealing poignantly with this anti-Semitism, past and present, through one woman’s efforts to repatriate art stolen from her family by the Nazis. It is a must see! 





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