Heart Throb

I live in a tiny little mountain town and, regretfully, our movie theater is seasonal.  Last week it opened again with a showing of Disney’s Cinderella.  The one with real people and not the animated classic.  It was a beautiful telling of the timeless tale and we enjoyed it very much.  It reminded me of how much weth7AOHIXQB all relate to and yearn a for satisfying love story- In our own lives and the stories that we see around us!  We like the resolution of justice where the evil characters always receive thZZ2P26K3their due comeuppance! We love the idea that a Royal prince  can look down from the castle tower and choose his bride- the love of his heart and they all live happily, joyfully ever after. th2QESE6WI

Wrap that all up with some Bibbidy-bobbity-boo and you have a story that makes all of our hearts beat a little faster, no matter how often we see this story retold.  It doesn’t have to just be the stuff of fairy tales!

I have been teaching lately on the Counting of the Omer and the imminent Feast of Pentecost.( This series includes Countdown, The Big Picture, The Ad Man and now Heart Throb) I want to make clear that this study and the honoring of the Seven Feasts of the Lord is not a call to return to any legalistic aspects of the Old Testament.  Only a call that were specifically designated as God’s Feasts and that they should be remembered forever.  Jesus fulfilled all the sacrificial aspects of  Torah so there is no need to go in search of sheep or meal offerings!th5PSKH3PY Lest we get lost in the rich details of the symbolism or the myriad sacrificial elements involved in these Feasts, I wanted to really highlight that the emotion of Pentecost ought to be embraced as the feeling of that heart-throbbing, freefall of first Love.  Think back, remember how wonderful it was to fall in love, to wonder when that special someone would call you, how you walked on air and hung on their every word, counting those days til you would see them again? That is the anticipatory feeling we need to recapture for the Feast of Shavuot!th9FEZA3TK

Today is Rosh Chodesh Sivan which means that the Counting of the Omer which we discussed in a recent post, Countdown, is nearly complete.  The great Torah sage, Maimonides, reinforces my view point of Pentecost when he penned, “The counting from Passover to Shavuot is carried out as one who waits for the coming of the person he loves best, counting the days and hours.”

A website I recommend from time to time, Hebrew4Christians.com, eloquently stated this week that:              “If the Passover redemption is incomplete without the giving of the Torah at Sinai-how much more is the redemption given by the Messiah, the true Lamb of God, incomplete without the arrival of the Spirit?  The cross leads to revelation of “deeper Torah” imbued by the inward power of the Holy Spirit that quickens our hearts to long for the coming of our Beloved Savior and the establishment of his Kingdom over all the earth. Just as the giving of Torah happened at one time “in every generation,” the same may be said regarding the ruach, the Spirit: every day we must open our hearts to the Divine Presence…”I need thee every hour” ! The study of Torah never ends, since we are never without need for the Teacher, the Holy Spirit!”lion breathingFire and Rain 8

Our heart throb, then, is the Ruach, the Holy Spirit who fuels the fire within me.  He fuels that hunger for Him for more and more of Him. He fuels that part of my spirit that wants to please and to create a fever season of anticipation until I can see my Messiah again!

th3OKBF36T When will he call me?  When is he going to be here? Where will he pick me up? The Kinsman Redeemer is coming soon… I can’t believe that he loves me so!                                                                   John 3:16, Ruth, Revelations 19:6-9, Matt. 22:1-14, John 3:29, Matt.25:1-13





Prophecy Watch thSWO26CP6

Earthquakes and volcanos in different places: South America has seen some more beautiful from afar, eye-popping eruptions such as the continuing activity at Villarrica in Central Chile!28DC96B100000578-0-image-a-73_1432048658572

All the network news stations have been reporting yesterday’s pipeline rupture near Santa Barbara, CA. That has dumped 21,000 gallons of crude oil into the Pacific Ocean.  There is no official word as to what caused this devastating pipeline rupture along CA Hwy 101 and extending along the Refugio State Beach natural reserve. However, Dutchsinse.com reports a 4.0 surface earthquake in Central California along the coast, the swarm of earthquakes due East of Santa Barbara at the fracking operation in LA and the flurry of earthquakes in the dormant volcanoes up the west coast all seem like possible culprits for this pipeline rupture.untitled (25)

 In other worrisome seismic observations close to home: Yellowstone the USGS reported that two small volcanic earthquakes have struck in Idaho and Wyoming within 12 hours.  Both are related to the volcanic chambers below the famous Yellowstone Super-Volcano and indicate signs of Western US pressure. Both seismic events registered in the 3.0 plus range and both occurred directly along the line of the Yellowstone magma chamber.untitled (26) One of these Earthquakes struck directly inside of Yellowstone National Park.  In addition to this Yellowstone quake activity we have also seen dormant volcanoes show activity over the past week all along the West Coast. ** There has been an announcement that Glacier Peak Volcano in Washington State is now being monitored for eruptive activity.

Fort Stockton, Texas over in the Big Bend area is seeing some whacky things this week.  Dutchsinse.com summarizes that 4 days ago they had a 4.0 earthquake at a dormant volcanic sight.  3 days ago they had a tornado, 2 days ago a tornado.  Today another tornado!!** Miss Sally recommends that citizens there keep their radios on and their heads on a swivel!


Follow the Money:th3NN1WZZW

The  disturbing case of an aspiring Michigan businessman has reignited the debate over limits to the federal government’s ability to seize property of those it suspects of being involved in criminal activity.

Joseph Rivers of Dearborn was on his way to California to start a career as a music video producer when he was stopped by DEA agents in New Mexico, who seized $16,000 in cash Rivers had in a bank envelope, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

Rivers’ story is one of many from U.S. citizens who say the government unfairly seized their assets under the Justice Department’s Asset Forfeiture Program. The program empowers a number of federal agencies working with the DOJ to seize property and assets that are used in or derived from a criminal enterprise.

When assets are seized in connection with a prosecution, it’s known as a criminal asset forfeiture. In civil asset forfeitures, a “preponderance of the evidence” is needed by law enforcement to seize goods, according to the FBI.

Assets seized can be anything from airplanes to headphones and clothing. But the vast majority is cash. In 2014, government agencies seized $4.6 billion in more than 10,000 forfeitures, 91 percent of the year’s total.

Critics say civil asset forfeiture is at best overused and targets innocent people and at worst is a cash cow for local law enforcement agencies. In 2014, the federal government distributed the equivalent of $4.8 million to municipalities around the country.

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday: A senior Israeli official took a swipe at Washington on Tuesday over Iran’s purchase of second-hand civilian aircraft, saying that the acquisition violated US sanctions and that the US went ahead despite a tip-off from Israel. Iranian Transport Minister Abbas Akhoondi was quoted May 11 as saying Tehran had bought 15 used commercial planes in the past 3 months.  He did not say who sold them or how they had been acquired. thV85SLYQD  A long standing ban on export of aircraft spare parts was eased during an interim nuclear deal between Tehran and international markets in late 2013.  However, there is still supposed to be a US sanction to restrict the sale of any aircraft to the regime.  Israel learned of this breach through intelligence sources and warned the US administration in advance of the sale.  Unfortunately, the sale went forth despite this Israeli bird-dogging effort.  putin-pen-Reuters-640x480 This raises further concerns as we have reported here recently Russia, as well, has taken advantage of this nebulous period during the talks to sell missile systems and munitions. One wonders what else the US is turning a blind eye to as they try to press for any sort of foreign relations “coup” they can patch together with the Iranians.

ISIS Watch:  ISIS terrorist army has taken Ramadi in the Akbar Province of Iraq sending local citizenry running for their lives.  Iraqi forces once again ran from ISIS forces leaving behind valuable assets provided by US taxpayers for the terrorist’s to use.

Today in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu publically pledged his support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel 10 In his first clear policy statement on the issue since his new government was formed this month he said,” I don’t support a One state solution.  I don’t believe that is a solution at all!”  Netanyahu said in Jerusalem before meeting with the EU foreign policy chief Frederica Mongherini, who is in the Mid East for a 2-day trip. ” I support the vision of two states for two peoples-a demilitarized Palestinian State that recognizes the Jewish state, and I look forward to discussing with you how we can advance that vision forward in a practical, secure, responsible way,” Netanyahu said. Prior to her arrival in the region Mongherini said that the EU wanted to play a major role in re-launching the peace process, which has been frozen since April 2014 when US led negotiations fell apart.th3U4BOSU1 *** Miss Sally encourages the PM to remain strong in the face of international pressure to divide the land and to trade land for peace. Leviticus 25:23 The Lord states unequivocally that the Land is HIS and that the Israelites are tenants there with him.  Israel cannot  sell or trade what it does not own.



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