I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

untitled (28)Those of us of a certain age will certainly remember, and can probably sing along to, the classic hit “I Feel the Earth Move” cut from Carole King’s Tapestry Album back in the 70’s.  It was the top 40 hit that made her a household name and propelled her to a long-lived, singer-songwriter career.
Unfortunately, this is not the musical “earth-moving” I am referencing today!  I wasn’t even planning on putting out another post today until I saw all the Earthquake activity happening all the sudden- but here I go!  And, since it is the weekend and I am feeling nostalgic I will toss in a more recent youtube video of this hit for your listening enjoyment!( watch for James Taylor playing in the background!)

As is often the case,  literally, five minutes after I posted my last blog, Heart Throb, the other day with the thVOT278YMaccompanying Prophecy Watch -there was  yet another sizable quake in Papua New Guinea. This 5.0+ quake was deep and directly below the island country.( I hope they keep happening there because I never get tired of posting this picture of PNG guy!) And, then before I could finish this post on 5/22/15 at 4 pm there has been a 6.9 magnitude quake!  Wow, these poor folks!

Seismic Sally-

I have begun to regularly report in this blog on seismic activity as a Matthew 24 calibration of our prophecy end times clock. Alarm clocks 2 There is, suddenly, a lot to watch and it is proving to be much more exciting than Geology 101 ever hoped to be back in the day!  And, although some of the quakes and shakes mentioned are small at 3 to 4.0 magnitude,they are indicative of the building pressure and release in other areas around the globe.  I am just an interested observer and I am in no way an expert in this science. I, therefore, encourage everyone to watch the latest Dutchsinse.com video below. It takes you around the world, seismically in about 30 minutes and really goes into a lot of explanation of how the tectonics of it all builds, shifts and ripples. Fascinating stuff.

If we believe the inerrancy of word of God then we should certainly expect an increase in intensity and regularity of earthquake activity as well as other things.  As we have seen recently in Nepal, this sort of thing can cause landslides, gas leaks, road thDO4I6WO5closures, disease outbreaks, and food shortages compounding all the building collapses and loss of life from the initial shaking.  If you live in a coastal region you need to have a plan in case there is a tsunami following the quake. If you live near volcanoes with a lot of snow on them (as they do in Washington State) and that starts to melt quickly with unexpected volcanic reawakening you seriously need to pre-plan how to avoid the lahar flow and be familiar with the exit routes.  You need to have a plan.  You need to expect that services will be disrupted indefinitely and you must have some basic, self-reliant preparations on hand: Food, water, heat, batteries, walking shoes. medical supplies.

In the hours following the release of the latest Dutchsinse.com weekly, 3-D seismic forecast shown above the website released all this :

West Coast-

Just since the publication of my last blog post which covered a lot of activity along the west coast as well as the oil pipeline spill- Dutchsinse.com stated that the whole of the West coast of the United States has moved in the past 48 hours on at least a 4.0 magnitude level or greater. Currently,  yet another mid-4.0 magnitude (4.2 M) earthquake has struck the West coast, off the shores of Oregon, near the Axial undersea volcano (which is currently erupting). untitled (27)

This is a huge development to see, please pay close attention to the regional seismic activity over the next week (currently May 22 2015).

What happens in Vegas….

A 5.4 earthquake rattled Las Vegas and nearby Southern Nevada late Friday morning and has been followed by a swarm of small earthquakes at the epicenter. Dutchsinse.com claims that the location in Nevada appears to be an ancient dormant volcanic butte..”  The coordinates at 37.296 degrees N 114.703 degrees West can be’ Google Earthed’ to see the old basalt flows, and the higher dome of the butte. The nearby dormant volcano is surely the culprit for this 5.4 M quake today.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that authorities had closed down a portion of the spaghetti bowl to check for possible quake damage and this had created a traffic jam of Biblical proportions!


Extremely volatile activity in Southern Japan is ongoing at the Sakurajima Volcano with strong extended explosions and ash plumes that rose to 17,000 ft. elevation. For more photos and information in addition, to the website above, I recommend http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/sakurajima/news.html468b35dcb3

In addition to the Sukurajima activity there has also been a 5.2 earthquake near Naze Japan and a 3.7 earthquake at  Fukushima. Recent reports of venting have us watching Mt. Hakone, as well as, the long dormant Fuji volcanoes.



What’s the big deal, Miss Sally?


As always the whole point of these blogs no matter what my topic du jour- is to get readers excited about the soon return of the Messiah!  We definitely shouldn’t be afraid or freaked out.  This is just one sign that Jesus gave us so that we would not be caught flat- footed and unawares. Plain and simple: It should get us excited and give us renewed energy to let people know that Jesus is coming again soon.  Not only should we have an earthquake or disaster plan for our family we should be reviewing the much more important Gospel Plan for our friends and family. This is the plan that has ETERNAL consequences.  Is everybody ready? Have you received Jesus as your Savior?  Are you prepared so that The Lord can use you not only now but when things get really tough?  You will need the specialized empowerment so have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit as Jesus instructed and his disciples clearly taught throughout the book of Acts?  As you see the fulfillment of all these prophetic events are you looking up? Luke 21:27-28


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  1. Don Korb says:

    Ready, and grateful for your words and THE WORD!

  2. Linnea says:

    This is fascinating! Eric mentioned that you were preparing for the Pentecost..but I had forgotten about earthquakes being a sigh. I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and can only hope that I will be prepared to be an active part of God’s Army.

    So glad things are going better in Tuscon!! You and your family are always in my prayers!!!

    Love you and love you,

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