Indian Summer

Indian Summer should be defined as” a glorious reprieve”.  It sounds  much better than the accurate but dull, “period of unseasonably warm, dry weather occurring late in the fall”.  Nobody has to tell us that frigid conditions are waiting in the wings, summer is long gone and recent rains have stripped the remnants of the pretty Aspen and Cottonwood leaves.

Golden views
Golden views


Our Lake City streets  are literally paved with gold!  Here at the top of the world we are experiencing glorious sunny, fall weather with 60 or 70 degree days and nights in the 30’s.  It’s awesome but it’s temporary.   I can’t dial back the calendar. I can read the seasonal signs and change is on the way.

I can enjoy this marvelous balmy weather even while my awareness grows that soon winter storms are coming. Time is valuable, and fleeting, so here on the homefront I am doing my best to get crackin’ and make good use of this fabulous weather.  Outdoor chores are nearly done. I’m packing away the summer clothes and pulling out the sweaters and coats. Today I was sitting outside, soaking up the sun. truly grateful that I don’t need those heavy clothes yet. Indian Summer really is a sweet reprieve!

I approach  End Times Bible prophecy with the same attitude.  I can see the signs that change is coming.  I can watch the news and actually see Biblical prophecy being fulfilled and yet part of my brain wants  to deny the signs and symptoms and convince myself that everything in life will chug along as it always has.  Change is hard and disruptive and often painful! We universally struggle against it even when we know it is inevitable and for the greater good. We all love to cling to the comfort of what we know and are accustomed to, don’t we?  Lulled into a sense of complacency and inaction like a frog thrown into tepid water we don’t seem to notice that the poth (9)t has begun to grow hotter and is approaching a full boil.  If we don’t spring into action and hop out NOW, our little frog legs will become used for something totally different!

Many folks erroneously think that all Bible Prophecy is terrifying. They describe it all very dramatically as the “End of the World”

and Media loves to label any large disaster by slapping it with an Armageddon label.  The world isn’t ending.  It is more accurate to refer to it as “the End of the Age,” or to the End Times.  While this may seem like hair-splitting semantics, The Bible is definitive that the world will not end. th239RF202 Just as the death of Britain’s Queen Victoria didn’t bring England to it’s knee’s, it only ended the Victorian Era and everything that was associated with that particular classic period. It is, however, going to change dramatically when Jesus comes back in Power and establishes the New Jerusalem. While I will admit that some of End Times Bible prophecy is weird and frightening; I can read with relief that the bulk of the book of Revelations is full of praise and worship and the victory of the Messiah as he expeditiously sorts things out and sets up his Millennial Kingdom.

Do you remember in school when the Firemen would come annually and talk to all the classes about Fire Safety? I believe that we need to approach this important study as we would an Elementary School Fire Prevention training:untitled (10) Preparedness tells me to Stop, Drop and Roll!  Our objective now, just as back in the day, is to prevent folks from dying by fire!  Our focus needs to be on  practical basics and developing ourselves into the Strong and Victorious Bride that Jesus will be returning for. We must zoom in on knowing what to do, rather than avoiding or shunning the entire topic and close our eyes to the dangers described. We need to dive into the topic with fresh eyes and divine understanding as to exactly why the Lord has given us these Prophetic passages, what their intent for us truly is and what should these scriptures spur us to do?

First, according The Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy by J. Barton Payne, there are 1,239  specific prophecies in the Old Testament and 578 prophecies in the New Testament for a total of 1,817.  These prophecies are contained in 8,352 of the Bible’s verses.  Since there are 31,124 verses in the Bible, those 8,352 verses of prophecy constitute 26.8 % of the Bible’s volume.  So, we see that a huge portion of the Bible is based on all sorts of prophecies which the Lord gave to various regular folks, kings as well as designated prophets. Many of the prophecies have to do with Israel and the descendants of Abraham.  Some are specific to individual people or to avoid immediate troubles.  Most of them have already been fulfilled.  God has a 100% accuracy in the prophecies that he puts forth in scripture although the timeline may vary wildly. th2LHNGPJ2 Some, like Daniel’s prophecy to King Belshazzar came true the same night it was given.( Daniel 5:13-31)  Pay attention here, this is really important. Our God is Trustworthy. A rare commodity in this day and age.  Based on past performance I can see that the Bible is true, and accurate and, as such, reliable for me to depend on for the future reference.

For example, If God puts forth a prophecy multiple hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth that Messiah would be born of a virgin in Bethlehem, the city of David (Micah 5:2, Isaiah 7:14,) and spend some time in Egypt(Hosea 11:1) and then I see in the New Testament that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, of a virgin and spends some time as a toddler in Egypt then that definitely boosts my confidence. When I read these scriptures written hundreds of years before His arrival (Psalm 41:9, Zech. 11:12-13, Psalm 35:11, Isaiah 53:7,Psalm 22:16-18, Exodus 12:46, Psalm 34:20,Psalms 16:10,Isaiah 53:9)  that state that he will be betrayed by a friend, falsely accused and not say one word in his own defense, be hung on a tree and not one bone in his body will be broken and be resurrected 3 days later: And, then he is sentenced for a trumped up cause, does not defend himself,cross 1is crucified on a cross and amazingly has not one bone broken during his crucifixion just like the Passover Lamb, and is resurrected from the dead in exactly three days then I sit up and take note.  God is amazing and my faith level is increased yet again. Scriptures are full of hundreds of these prophecies which are designed  for the reasons listed above, but also as huge waving flags so that people would not miss his First Coming nor the Second Coming of the anointed King. It is important for us to know that the God who gave us all these fulfilled prophecies is in charge. In every instance, He is awesome, powerful, reliable and absolutely accurate.

As a kid, I became really fascinated by biblical prophecy, it established a deep appreciation for the character of God and a love for His Word that has lasted a lifetime.  People, including me, like to know what’s going on and what’s going to happen. Fulfilled prophecy is the one th44P16D26tangible, supernatural key left available to those denominations that no longer hold with the idea that signs, wonders, miracles are viable in our day.  Together with the vibrant symbolic pictures and witness of the Feasts of the Lord ( also prophetic) and the Gospel of the Stars ( also Prophetic) together with the life of Jesus( also Prophetic) we can be assured that our Bible is true, powerful and continually relevant.  Prophecy shows us by it’s study exactly how precise, loving and interested our God is in each of our lives. If he didn’t care about us why would he bother alerting and warning us in such specifics?   So, while some of the coming prophetic passages are frightening especially for those who do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah.  We know that fear is a Spirit and it is not from God.(2 Tim 1:7)  Fear paralyzes us. Armor of God 3  All scripture, however, is a blueprint.(2 Tim 3:16)  It is valuable information from God and it is designed to prepare us and activate us. Prophecy concerning the End of the Age should move us to immediate action and ready us for battle. It is designed to be a warning:  A flare gun, if you will, to the unsaved and clueless that they need to change because something important is headed their way. An equally important blazing flare of warning to those who already believe that we are down to the final laps of this race.  Use the time well.  Get busy and stay that way.

This is our spiritual Indian Summer.  A brief reprieve, a blessed respite of time to get things done.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ.  I believe that he is the Messiah and died to cover my sins once and for all. I am heaven bound.  Now, I have been adopted into his Royal family.  I am not a child of a king.  I am a child of THE King!    So what does this mean?  th3Q6P5LU2 Just like any Royal family member this inherited status comes with responsibilities and an important job description.  Unlike personal appearances before Parliament or showy weddings or ribbon cuttings, our Spiritual Royal Appointment comes with eternal consequences for others if we abdicate or become slack in our duties.  Our Adoptive place requires that loving boldness and Royal authority that are activated with the anointing baptism in the Holy Spirit, ( see page: Holy Spirit 101 for more info on the Holy Spirit)  It is my job to pass along this fantastically good news telling everyone exactly what Jesus has done for me and let them know that they have the same opportunity.  Jesus is real, He is alive and He is coming back. He wants us all to be ready for His arrival!  I and You have been chosen to be participants in this particular and critical era of time!  This is Indian Summer and we need to get the harvest in while the fine weather holds.  There will come a time when prophecy and circumstances converge and this window of opportunity is gone.

*We will pick up here next time for the conclusion of Indian Summer.

**Special thanks to photographer/ husband Tom Moore for the fall pictures.


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  1. Chuck says:

    Another great post Sally. I hope the Spiritual Indian Summer lasts since I have so many friends that just don’t get it yet.
    I hope the Indian summer outside my window lasts too. I’m just not wanting -0 temperatures and snow storms yet. It seems like they just got over with.

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