Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

It’s been a pretty full week here on the mean streets of Lake City… and probably has been for you as well.  Summer here thCD6RK1WCgets crazy- hectic almost overnight! It is a great time of year when all the summer friends flock back to our mountain town like hummingbirds!

In the midst of everything else, I had an interesting back and forth this week with a Christian gentleman who reads my blog in Texas.thPVWT5JEQ  He is mad.  Not at me, at least I don’t think so.  Generally, though, he is mad at life.  He is mad at his struggle. Financial and otherwise. He is mad at our Government (join the club!) the IRS (join the really big club!) He is mad that we have allowed things in this country to slide this far. thZQKRGYPI

He is mad at people who don’t think, believe and vote the way he does.  He is very mad and bitter about the direction that this country has taken and he is mad that he feels powerless to change it.  This conversation took place before all the recent Supreme Court rulings.  No doubt, Tex is really fit to be tied by now!

Our conversation, via email, began when Tex forwarded me an article on the passage of the secretive Trans Pacific Trade Treaty: he thought I may be interested in for the blog. I wantangry 2 to share this important discussion (anonymously) as I think that there are a lot of people can relate to this sort of anger and frustration…or you know others who are stuck in a similar mindset.  I cautioned him and you, that this position is a rather precarious place to dwell.

SALLY: th (87) Thanks for the article Tex, I have already placed it in the Prophecy Watch for 6-26-15 coming out later today,  I appreciate your thinking of me and for following along. We are certainly living in very exciting times, Biblically speaking!



TEX:   Yes, the globalist powers will eventually expand their control through this treaty, to effectively eliminate the Bill of Rights, move us to a cashless system, and enslave/kill those who do not acquiesce.  They will have to haul me out “feet first” before I will capitulate.thMVF3IMFH  Of course, with criminal cowards in charge in the White House, He will probably just dispatch a “predator drone” to bomb freedom-loving Americans.  That will be the typical and normal method of dealing with Americans who still have any brains and guts left, for a *#*% #  coward, as this country’s “leader” is.  Be sure and get plenty of dehydrated food stuffs and heirloom seeds before they criminalize the sale of those too.

th (87)

SALLY:  Yes, as you have no doubt read from time to time in this blog I am a big proponent of food and other 2  Tex, Please, don’t forget to rejoice in all this political upheaval…because it means that we are getting close to Jesus’s return.  One can become SO wrapped up in anger and despair that one forgets that we are called to redeem the time.(Ephesians 5:16)  I agree, that we need to be aware of what’s going on in the world. HOWEVER, as “pilgrims passing through” this is not our home and we cannot allow focus to shift from our mission statement and latch onto the wrong thing. th0TS5OFZZ Satan wants nothing more than for us to agree that we are in this alone.  We must never come into agreement with his world view! That is what Adam and Eve fell for, rather than vociferously claiming the worldview and authority God had given them.

My mission, and yours, as a Believer is to take our remaining time here on earth-regardless of Presidential shenanigans, Constitutional conditions, or Congressional Common sense- to win as many people to Christ Jesus as I can.  These ideas are not mutually exclusive.  I do not disagree, overmuch, with your political ideology.  I, too, am amazed at how quickly our country is changing.  I am voting, talking to people, writing my congressmen, publishing a blog to warn and wake folks AND stopping the “train” as needed to preach the good news, do demonic deliverance and heal people.  That is every Christian’s calling.  To be IN the world but not OF the world.  Please note though:We are commanded to rejoice in ALL things. It is not optional. Phil 4:4-7, Ephesians 5:20, 2 Cor.12:9-10, Romans 5:3-6  It is a sign and a signal of your allegiance.  You must either believe and embrace the idea that YOUR Messiah is the Sovereign Lord of ALL or come to grips that you have don’t think he is quite big enough for the job.  If you don’t “get” the bigness of  the Great I AM then you don’t “get” who YOU are in Christ and what all that adoption entails. 


thPVWT5JEQTEX:  I don’t think His will is being effected in the world, as things are now.  Nor, will it be until he decides to return physically and FORCE HIS WILL upon the earth and it’s remaining inhabitants.  So, in that manner, He is currently allowing Man’s will to be realized.  Therefore,thFAI2D79J our battle here and now, is against this evil will and intent of man Satanically, inspired.  To the degree we can subvert and thwart the collective will of evil man, we can remain more free to live and pursue our spiritual beliefs until the end of this age.  I believe he is allowing these events to play out based on our action or lack thereof.  He already KNOWS exactly WHAT will occur…but He is not CAUSING the evil we see manifested, to facilitate the fulfillment of the prophecies.  At least, that is the only way it all make sense to me. thN86YOLH3 This is why Jefferson stated, ” I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility, to every form of tyranny over the mind of man”.  Only as FREE men, can we have the realistic opportunity to achieve our highest calling…


th (87)SALLY:  Interesting, I just had a similar discussion with someone earlier today. Scripture tells us that only the Truth shall make us free.  And Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We in the U.S. have willingly and purposefully walked away from Godly Truth.  We have been given in return, the leadership we deserve based on years of ungodly legislation. etc… The Biblical clock is ticking along, prophecy is being fulfilled everyday before our eyes and GOD is ALWAYS GOD!!

 Knowing how the story ends does not negate my mission of obedience as a member of the Christian remnant in a sinful world!  We can turn this coming national judgment back just as the story of Jonah and the wicked city of Nineveh indicates.  Jonah learned that abdication of your spiritual calling just because you disagree or things are really evil, is not a defensible thYQTFB7NOposition.  Re-read Genesis 6.  What if Noah had not believed God in the midst of wholesale wickedness in his day? What if he had not been obedient to his Godly calling?

Further, Tex you are attempting to fight a Spiritual battle without the shield of Faith, without the empowering of the Holy Spirit,Armor of God 3 and without your feet being shod in Peace. Without the Holy Spirit you are operating without gifts and certainly doesn’t sound like there is much Fruit of the Spirit being produced in your garden.  Galatians 5  compares and contrasts the Fruit of the Spirit with that of the Flesh. Spirit 5 We can tell we are in the right spot, spiritually, by the fruit we produce.  Hostility, Unforgiveness, Anger, Hatred,Frustration, Bitterness and Anxiety are not found on the good list, by the way! They do have a spiritual root, I’m afraid it is not the kind anyone wants to grow from!

While Thomas Jefferson was a patriot and a deep thinker…I can only hope that at some point he repented of his habitual sin and got squared away with the Lord to be able to have and maintain vital spiritual thN86YOLH3discernment. That is not to say I disagree with his writings but, it does temper how much credibility I bestow him.  Similarly, David, when he got tangled up with Bathsheba, lied and then murdered to cover it up. He was quick to Repent, though. David had seen firsthand the rebellion & prideful sin in King Saul and saw the slide that man took when he willingly refused to be obedient.  David, was bright enough to see it, recognize it and throw himself before the throne. thDYPV41HT Holy Spirit, my friend, don’t leave home without him! ( you may want to check out my 2 permanent pages on this website HOLY SPRIT 101 and 102) Without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you are not only in Disobedience but you are a sitting duck with no power and limited discernment!  It is a big, big, big important deal! Did I mention that it was BIG?

thPVWT5JEQTEX:  I am fighting to remain FREE.  As long as Jesus decides to leave us here.  I can’t do anything to effect WHEN he takes the Church out.thI4NURC4R All I can do is to take steps to TRY to wake up enough people, that it will slow down the globalist push to enslave us and allow us to remain free here, until the end.  That is all I can do at this point.  That, and prepare for the worst case scenario.


***Authors note:  We will stop here for now and pick this interesting conversation up next time.  Feel free to chime in!


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