Keep your eye on the ball

Many years ago, my sister, Amy and I took tennis lessons along with our good friends and neighbors, Sue and Nancy Tilley, at a nearby recreation center.  Dressed in our little white outfits, we learned the rules, practiced our volleys and backhand while endeavoring not to melt in the Dallas heat and  While none of us were particularly athletic, these are fun memories. The only thing I recall with any clarity, these many years later, was the instructor repeatedly shouting, “Keep your eye on the ball!”

Falling sway to passing distractions makes it all too easy to lose sight of the ball, miss the advantage and, in nothing flat, lose the game.  “Keep your eye on the Ball” is a simple rule to stand you in good stead whether playing ping-pong or raising children.  It’s a valuable maxim if one is struggling to remain married or voting for a presidential candidate.  Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t lose sight of the real deal, the true issue on the clay courts of life!tennis-lesson-6

Thirty days out from the most pivotal presidential election in American history and a few days prior the second debate between the leading Presidential hopefuls, a video clip is released of Donald Trump, many years ago, having a private, vulgar conversation about women.

Defending indefensible behavior is a waste of energy.  He has apologized several times.  Does The Donald need his mouth washed out with soap?  Yes, indeed. This has been a big and hopefully educational,”shame on you!” moment from long ago.  I will suggest a remedial course in charm school  be wedged into his busy schedule!


However, let us analyze a bit, before moving on. Since he has been running for this office for over a year, I find it extremely curious, and hope that you do as well, that only NOW are we beginning to see the resurrection of assorted damning clips or emails.  In a tight race, this video has conveniently and completely overshadowed the expected WikiLeaks email dump by the elusive Mr. Julian Assange; emails revealing Hillary Clinton’s true political leanings and extremely situational ethics.  The old girl just aced the serve, slamming that ball so fast and tight across the net Donald didn’t  even see it coming and it, ironically, hit him right in the family jewels!

I have seen lots of chatter this week from outraged Facebook folks or media pundits ranting about “objectification of women” and prevalent “rape culture.” thUQND4YMJ  If you have perchance, been in a coma or preoccupied with the weather channel all week, Mr. Trump, unaware he was being recorded, some 11 years ago, said women ( beautiful and often married, allowed him do whatever he liked ( this is the sanitized version) because he was a “star” and presumably filthy rich.  This is a grown man saying that he likes women and they like him. Tacky? Absolutely. Juvenile and crude?  Sadly, yes. Coincidental release….hardly.

We are seeing the reluctant Republican elite, at the publication of this story scream like little girls seeing their first mouse!  So horrified to hear cocky locker room talk, they are running from a nominee they never liked or understood, like rats from a burning ship.  In fact, it makes me wonder if they may be responsible or in cahoots?  We will likely never know. Yet, are they willing to throw a national election just because they are shocked or offended? Are you?

The Jeb Bushes and John Kasich’s are still stinging from the knowledge the john-kasichAmerican people didn’t want them, didn’t like them and did not want more of the same do-nothing politics. jeb-bush The Grand Ol’ Party despised Trump because he wouldn’t play by their intra-party rules, and his rhetoric threatens to rock the USS Status Quo.  Some of these Senators and Congressmen ( Democrats and Republicans) have been in Washington for over 50 years, enriching themselves, changing nothing, while America sinks lower into a morass of debt and decay. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between the parties.  People are frustrated, broke and mad. Trump gets that.  For whatever reason, he sees it, addressed it, and promised to fix it.  Trump has proposed change and finds himself in the unique position whereby he does not need to pimp himself out to big-dog puppet masters. Running, thus far, on his own money which he earned himself- he is not beholden to big donors and it scares the folks who are!

Did you miss the information recently released where Hillary Clinton accepted large sums of money as donations to her Clinton Foundation before seeing foreign supplicants when she served as Secretary of State?  This is much more serious than stupid, guy talk but nobody bats an eyelash. Washington politics are intrinsically toxic and corrupt and so deeply entrenched- nobody even cares.  If this doesn’t alarm you, it should.

Here is the ball. Don’t Blink: tennis-lesson-4 I hope you will take the message to heart because time is critical.  We have weeks to return the focus to real issues, where it needs to be.  You and  I are not shopping for a husband. I am not looking for someone to date my daughters, nor am I on a pastoral search committee.  This may come as a shock to my readers, but women have been throwing themselves at powerful, wealthy men since the dawn of time and that is unlikely to ever change.  Grown men, both rich and poor, anonymous or famous, Christian or Atheists will undoubtedly continue to behave badly and say stupid stuff regardless of political party, upbringing or objections on my part.  Only repentance and a continuing relationship with Jesus has the power to change peoples hearts and character.

Just a refresher in case you took your eye off the ball:  There is no argument. Mr. Trump is not a perfect man nor a perfect candidate. He is also not a perfectly scripted, professionally rehearsed politician.donald-trump-2  That’s not what America needs right now.  If I were looking for a potential soulmate from the dating pool, I would undoubtedly have a different set of traits on my “must have” list.   However, we are shopping for an effective President of the United States. We need someone who is confident no job is too big, or too hard to be tackled. We need someone unafraid to get in someone’s grill and tell them what needs to happen. We need someone who can bring in a job on time and under budget for a change. We need a negotiator with a big, Teddy Roosevelt-style stick.  This candidate will NOT be maintaining or complacent with Washington steam-rolling Politics, as usual. He has terrified the movers and shakers and they are after him now, with a vengeance.

Will he be a perfect president?  I’m not sure America has ever had a perfect president, so I’m not certain what that will look like until we get to the Millennium Kingdom.  Trump’s not perfect, but I’m praying for effective and frugal.   Trump is just learning to play this game and he seems to play best when everyone thinks he’s done.  We are down to the end of the match. It’s 40- Love.  It doesn’t matter what what he said over a decade ago in a stupid private conversation. That makes him human.  The critical BALL to watch is this and only this- he has identified essential priorities for our foundering country:

This is a battle for Supreme Court judges.  Trump HAS incredibly released his list of conservative folks that he would consider for the Supreme Court.  People who actually honor the Constitution. This is huge and completely unprecedented.  A BIG BALL for Christians and conservatives to focus on and keep lobbing it over the net to inform dumb people.

He launched his campaign with a promise of expeditiously securing our borders and doing something to control ILLEGAL immigration and eject criminals and gang members who have entered this country.  Why is this shocking to people that he wants to follow the laws that are already on our books?   Why is it bad or heartless to want to know exactly who is coming across our borders?  I keep my doors locked on my home–if you want to come in, you knock on the front door, tell me who you are and ask if you can visit.  This isn’t bigotry its common sense safety.

He has come out against partial birth abortion.  Can he get established legislation on abortion changed?  I don’t know, but nobody else has shown the spine to even try and perhaps he can keep abortion from being federally funded with my tax dollars.  Maybe it’s time for people to consider if we had not aborted over 60 million innocent, inconvenient lives since the mid 1970’s we would have that many more people paying taxes and funding Social Security in the 21st century. Ironic but true.

He backs Israel publically and isn’t afraid to say so. Well that’s refreshing! Aced it!

Trump wants to renegotiate trade deals that will bring GOOD jobs back to the US.  His recurrent theme is  turning the tide on $20 TRILLION DOLLAR national debt.   People must begin to grasp the serious consequences of rampant debt. Being a debtor nation has already eroded our international influence and ability to improve circumstances in this country.  Left unmended and unaddressed this debt will change life and prospects in America- not only for ourselves but for following precious generations.   There is no such thing as free college,  free healthcare or a free lunch.  Some day, some one, somewhere pays for every decision we make or don’t make in the voting booth.

Let us not forget, in the latest barrage of media smack-talk about Trump, that Hillary Clinton has said and done plenty of questionable stuff.  She has said shocking things herself that received little media coverage.  In an ABC News Interview in August 2014 Ronald Kessler author of First Family Detail  clinton-book-2-first-family-detailwrote of interviews with various Secret Service details guarding the first families over the decades.  He stated, by far, the worst detail agents identified was the ongoing duty attached to former first lady Hillary Clinton. “It shines a light on her character Kessler said.  ” She claims to be a champion of the little people and she’s going to help the middle class.  And in fact, she treats these people around her , who would lay down their lives for her, like sub-humans and I think voters need to consider that.”

More recently former Secret Service Agent, Gary J. Byrne who spent years on clinton-bookPresidential family duty during the Clinton years recently wrote in his 2016 released book, Crisis of Character, “Hillary Clinton is now poised to become the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States. However, she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office.  From the bottom of my soul, I know this to be true- So I must speak out.”  Obviously, I don’t know the author, but his narrative rings true as he outlines horrible personal stories of the first lady’s treatment of her security detail that should curl your hair and make you wonder why on earth this woman is so angry.  I encourage you to read the excerpts available online or buy the whole thing.  You can’t make this kind of stuff up!

Over the years  everyone has seen Clinton lie about her lies and then lied to Congressional committees and the FBI while deleting emails and taking hammers to her lost electronic devices. If I had said and done a thimbleful of the things she has done, I’d be writing this blog from behind bars for a long, long time. American’s don’ t like double standards and I hope they see that she doesn’t have to play by the same rules as they do.

Keep your eye on the ball:  This election has two- and only two- viable candidates. Neither is up for the Goody-Two-Shoes, Good Behavior Award.  It isn’t pretty, but this is the ball  in play.  We have a Democratic candidate that proposes to maintain and enhance the programs, policies and expenditures of President Obama and another, who proposes to shake things up.trump-vs-clinton

If you decide to stay home because Trump has a potty mouth and years ago blurted something despicable– then by default, you will be voting for more of Obama’s globalist ideology and voting for bigger and bigger government with a side order of shrinking civil liberties.  You will own it.  Do not be deceived. Not voting in November is a vote FOR Hillary Clinton.  Voting for Gary Johnson or whatshername Stein or Bozo the Clown is a vote FOR Hillary Clinton. You may think you are standing on principal, retaining your delicate Christian sensibilities- but you will have helped to give us all Ms. Hillary R. Clinton, as well.

I have heard recently that Trump has become a Christian, making a heartfelt profession of faith.  I hope its true, but really, none of us know whether that is sincere or just rumors to assuage a jittery wing of the party. For pities sake, I have people in my own family who’s faith and eternal destination I am unsure of!   All I really know,  via publically stated stump speeches is at least he doesn’t despise Christians!!!!  Right now, that’s good enough for me- and sadly, a much better position than Believer’s have held for the past 8 years!


Don’t let the repeated, sexy distractions the Clinton camp or the bloodsucking media gleefully lobbed over the net fool you.  Please don’t be that gullible.  He may be have a big mouth with a bigger ego, successful men often do.  We’ve had those fellows in the White House a few times and they’ve been surprisingly effective.

We have two choices before us and only two. This may be our last opportunity to stem the tide of sliding progressive socialism and preserve hard won liberties and opportunities for the next generations.   I’m looking for somebody who can FIX  real financial and temporal problems and get Congress off their collective fannies to get something accomplished and choose solid Supreme Court Justices. Justices whose influence will far outlast the fleshly, flawed big-mouthed but penitent Mr. Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office.




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  1. You are right on target. I am appalled to the bottom of my soul by the options before us. However, come January 20, 2017, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be sworn in as president. Nobody else on the ballot will likely even have a place to sit at the inauguration.
    Some people claim they can send a message to the political establishment by not voting. They are wrong. The establishment is not listening. They don’t care about non-voters. Refusing to vote is to vote for the Democrat or Republican who wins on November 8.
    Some people plan to vote for a third-party candidate. They even think such a vote will tell the establishment what sort of person the voters want. WRONG! The establishment is utterly uninterested in the third-party candidates. The establishment believes they are insolent upstarts, and they think the same of voters who support them. If you vote for a third-party candidate, you are voting for the Democrat or Republican candidate who wins on November 8.
    The votes that count will be cast for either the Republican or Democrats candidate. The one who wins gets all the votes of those who did not vote for the opposition. Some day we may have a multi-party system and a multi-party reality. The reality we do have elects either a Republican or a Democrat.
    Vote. Vote either for Hillary Clinton or for Donald Trump, because nothing else counts in this election. I will be voting for Donald Trump for one reason: I want Hillary Clinton defeated. I want her to lose. I want her to lose so thoroughly that she never rears her head in public life again. However, I will settle for simply defeating her. Hillary Clinton is a Communist without a membership card. She has no character and no leadership qualities. She will be the tool of evil people around the world who play to her ego. They know how to do it, and she loves it.
    Vote. I will vote for Donald Trump in order to assure that Hillary Clinton does not become our president. You be sure to put your vote where it will count for something.

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