Keys, Cockleburrs, and Hand Grenades- Part 1

A close friend and I were recently discussing the societal tsunami of Autism which has swept into both our lives with separate but equal devastation. th75TEWDNY I summarized our chat by stating my belief that the enemy was making a calculated effort to highjack an entire generation of our boys.

( 1 in 50 children is the current estimate diagnosed somewhere on the broad ” autism spectrum”.

Devil 3 Boys being 4 times more likely than girls to be affected.)

This disease, as with others, takes not only the health and mind of the afflicted, but throws a well-aimed hand grenade of stress, disillusionment and dysfunction on the entire family. Thus derailing the entire group from their appointed purpose and throwing everyone involved into survival mode forever.

My friend, in the honesty and despair only a mother can feel, asked me why I thought “ God would sit by and allow that   the stealing of a generation) to happen.”     Well, who among us at some point in life has not cried out either in anger or heartache , “Why is God letting this happen to me?

You may fill in the blank with your own applicable grenade or mayhem, be it terrible disease, suicide or unexpected death, financial upheaval, spouses who cheat or run away,  holocaust or natural disaster.  Sooner or later, life and trouble come to all of us.


Sadly, many people, while posing this hard( but common) question and receiving no reasonable answer from friends or clergy, deduce that God must be like the tooth fairy or Santa,  merely a happy story with no truth or substance.  Or worse,  they decide that any God who allows these dreadful indiscretions is someone that they  don’t want to know and serve and, a Deity that they are much better off without.  Score one for the dark side!

On various rainy days when we were kids, my brother, John, six years my senior, attempted to teach me to play chess, Stratego, and five- card stud.  Arguments that he was an imperfect teacher aside, I was definitely over my head and a very poor loser!

Extremely frustrated, I predictably tossed the game pieces to the floor in a big-baby snit and stomped off mad- vowing to never play with him again!  In addition to being something of a drama queen, I was too immature ( and probably am still!) to play those games, I had absolutely no understanding of the rules of play.  This was not Candy Land and I was in deep water.

If one has no understanding of the rules of the game, then one is never going to play successfully.  So, back we go to the Bible, the Official Rulebook, to ferret out the rules by which we play this game of life.

1) We see that God, creates Adam and Eve, and puts them in the Garden of Eden. He gives them the rulebook.  Have a flock of kids, name everything in the garden, SUBDUE the earth. thVXLPIO9G  God drops in every evening for a visit to build their friendship.  Oh, and don’t eat anything on that particular tree!  So we see that they have dominion ( I always picture Keys or a big deed all scrolled up) over their new place.

The implication, if I may, is that as Adam and Eve would subdue and walk in obedience with their loving God- that they and their children will keep subduing and expanding the borders of Eden until it encompasses the entire earth.  God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the World!

For some strange reason, God has chosen to use us, His creation, who are made in His own image.  We are the small, powerful carriers ( with a free will) of His Light, whom He has determined to use to get that job here on earth done.

2) The Serpent comes into the Garden.  He has no power, by the way, other than his big mouth.

He deceives the happy couple, they believe his lie, and in an act of rebellion eat the forbidden fruit.  And in doing so, abdicate their position of dominion. *Rebellion and disobedience carry heavy consequences that often ripple through the generations!  That’s a good one to jot down.

Please note that in Luke 4:6-7 Satan is trying to tempt Jesus.  He offers Jesus all this ” authority if Jesus will worship him.  ” For all this has been delivered unto me.”  Adam delivered that authority to him in the Garden.  Ephesians 2:2 lets us know that it is the enemy who has power over the earth and the atmosphere.  He has free reign to do what he will with in these confines.

His objective is, as it has ever been, to steal, kill, destroy and get people to take their eyes off of the One True King.

We will continue with this important topic in the next post.  Thanks so much for your patience!




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One Response to Keys, Cockleburrs, and Hand Grenades- Part 1

  1. juliette Balabanian says:

    You know who your power source is, Molly Brown! And, He’s using you to help the rest of us open our eyes. Most people out there, church goers or not, never had their eye on the One True King in the first place. That’s part of the deception. And, it’s hard to wake our free will up to even look that way, much less keep focused on Him. From my own blind human experience, I think this is how God uses evil for good. When our arms get twisted, our hearts break and we can’t do it on our own (duh…..), we boldly or sheepishly turn to the power source wanting Him to be on our team. He allows enough arm twisting for us to see that it’s US that need to be on HIS team. Wow…this can take a life time and involve a lot of growth. YOUCH! For sure, it will take major forgiveness. God can forgive the most heinous of criminals if they bow to His grace. So, what’s up with the guy that cut us off in traffic? Again, all distractions. You’re right, Miss Sally. We have to learn how the game is played if we are to experience winning, a.k.a. grace. We’ve got to keep our eye on that ball. The rules are His and not ours to bend. Speaking for myself, I’m sure reaping blessings from this blog. I’m focusing less and less on darkness. I can’t wait to grow up and fully bask in His light.

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