Keys, Cockleburrs and Hand Grenades Part 2

We are continuing the somewhat lengthy answer to that Universal question of “Why is God sitting by and letting A-B or C happen to me or my family?” thSG6PSH5K

I want to emphasize here at the get-go, that this is the stripped down, fast and dirty Clif notes on Biblical Authority and the Rules God gave us. There is a LOT that is being skimmed over and condensed down to the brass tacks. This is a big topic and I will be happy to discuss anything you may wish to ask, discuss, argue about or flesh- out further in the comments section.

In the previous post we saw that Adam had given over his God- given authority…or the key…or the deed, to Satan.  So here we pick up the story.  Remember, we are trying to assemble the playbook of rules for the game of Life!thT6Z1S0V4


3)  Great News! Sinless Jesus, Lamb of God, comes to fulfill the prophecy ” pictures” laid out thru the Old Testament. ( Luke 19:10)  Blood Sacrifice is the only cure for a sinful world. (John 3:16)  Jesus restored the dominion to us after his resurrection and ascension.  (Matt. 28:18)

4) Now that Jesus retrieved the keys for us and restored the dominion once and for all He chose to revert to that original plan!  ( see Part 1)  Because we are made in His Image and Co-Heirs  th44P16D26    ( Romans 8:17) with him.

He has given us use of that Diplomatic Kingdom credit card Authority.

He is not “ sitting by watching bad things happen to good people.”    He expects us to rule with His power and to subdue what needs to be subdued!  He expects us, as His ambassadors, to be beating back the darkness, crushing Satan, in the Name of Jesus ( Romans 16:20) Just do it! He expects us to be preaching the good news, casting out demons and healing the sick, expanding His earthly Kingdom until His return.

The pitiful thing about this is that somewhere along the line, Believers lost this message and began to perpetuate the myth that for some inexplicable reason, the rule book has changed: That the authority and power and commission that were good enough for Jesus and the Apostolic first followers needs to be re-written in light of Western philosophy and enlightened, modern thinking.

Folks, Satan knows the rules.  He was a liar then and he’s a liar now. ( John 8:44) And he knows that his time is short. Nothing pleases him more than to see believers thinking that they can’t do anything on this earth but at least they are saved and everything will be better some fine day. Nothing pleases him more than a generation that believes that Satan isn’t real and there isn’t really a place called Hell.  Despite what you may see in Hollywood movies.  he has No power, except that which we lazily, passively cede to him.

  It is past time for the body of Believers to stand up,operate in love, and start following the rule book given to us by our loving Dad.  If I run across someone who needs to hear the good news, I tell them my testimony and lead them to Jesus.  If they need actual financial or physical help, I help them.  If they are sick and want to be healed- I lay hands on them and pray for healing in Jesus’ name.  If they seem to be depressed or oppressed and want help then I bind and cast out demons just like Jesus showed me how to do.  Since I am fairly new at this, sometimes I have to call on like- minded, spirit-filled friends to join in with me to see results.  There is power when we come together in agreement.  If I don’t see results, I keep trying.  Sometimes people who need healing the most must close some      ” doors”, repent and forgive some folks in their lives before we see results.  Show them what to do and then start over.  It’s pretty simple and it’s free.

Another myth that I have heard bandied about is that Christians cannot be affected by demonic activity.  I disagree.  I don’t believe that a true Christian can be possessed but they can certainly be oppressed and demonized which is certainly serious enough. th7PQDAR39   As a kid growing up in Texas, I learned early on that if I ventured into the tall grass I was going to come home with stickers and cockle- burrs, and probably chiggers and ticks.

You have to pick those cockle- burrs out of your socks and shoelaces or they will be painful and annoying every step you take, making your walk miserable!  There are a lot of saved Christians who through ignorance of God’s word are sick and tortured and have no idea that they need deliverance and that healing and miracles are theirs for the asking.

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God isn’t sitting around watching his followers commit suicide, suffer from illness or whatever.  He showed us ( Matt 28:18-19) what to do and told us to go do it.  When we obey Him and DO it, people are suddenly free, cockle burrs removed,  God gets the Glory! And everyone standing around sees and knows that what you have been telling them about the King of Kings isn’t just some sort of Fairy story…It is TRUE!

This should not be shocking news!  It should be normal Christianity 101.

If you are in a church where this is not being taught, believed and practiced.  Then it may be time to ask your pastor why not?  Depending on what he says, then it may be time to follow that solid, Revelation 18:4 end-time advice to Come out of her, my people and start a new church where they actually believe His Word.  All of it.

* Before my readers begin to fret, let me say that I do go to doctors.  The Lord works thru the medical profession everyday.   I also believe in being a good steward of the body and health that I have.   I do not necessarily see Satan and his demonic minions as the source of every woe.  However, I can trace the lineage of every bad habit and  every bad or rebellious decision I have ever made right back to that Garden…. so it’s sort of a” kissing cousin” thing.


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9 Responses to Keys, Cockleburrs and Hand Grenades Part 2

  1. Juliette Balabanian says:

    Very deep. I have to read that one a few times.

  2. YOU are a breath of life, fresh air, succinct, rightly dividing the Word of God! So simple, I can understand! Love your blog and continue hearing this scripture…

    “So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:31-32

  3. Eric says:

    If we simplify it to the idea that if people abide by the 1st and 2nd Commandments, that will cover all others. There are people who are observant and faithful in their faith and belief who live a “righteous” life as explained by Jesus–and yet their lives can be as tragic as non-believers. If we are with the Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Satan, the Enemy, has no opening to corrupt us.

    How is it explained that those who live by God’s will and the words of Jesus in the Scriptures are equally susceptible to devastating illness and injury?

    • says:

      Ah, a deep question that may require more space than we have here.
      While Jesus did leave us Holy Spirit and His empowerment for living in a fallen world let me point out that Jesus made it quite clear that this was not going to be an easy road. John 16:33 says,” I have said these things to you that in me you may have peace, In the world you will have tribulation but take heart, I have overcome the world.
      I don’t want to bum you out, but nearly all the original Apostles. Nice Jewish boys, who were righteous and doing God’s work, were crucified, beheaded, lanced boiled in oil, stoned etc….for their faith as they hit the mission field spreading the Good News that Jesus was the Messiah.
      My last post, which you may want to re-read, deals with the topic of healing and miracles to show that God is who he said He was, and to show the love of God as a tool to bring people to a knowledge of Jesus’s Power. And I also addressed the fact that there are many Christians, those who have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their Saviour who are needlessly suffering. There are many of those folks who, while saved and going to heaven, are suffering right now due to un-confessed and/ or unrepentant sin, unforgiveness ( Matt 18:34), possible generational curses, failure to tithe ( Malachi 3:8) Meddling with the occult and familiar spirits which is in direct disobedience to God’s law ( Leviticus 19:31-33) All these activities and this is just a short list, actually give legal access to the demonic to move into your life and cause all sorts of physical, mental, financial mayhem. As I stated in my post, we have authority to do something about those things. I hope that this clears up some of the ambiguities and answers your questions. If not, please write back and I’ll take another stab at it. Thanks so much for following along!

  4. Bob Hines says:

    You -if you were an Episcopal I would say you missed your vocation you n
    eed to go into the priesthood. You are a very deep and smart lady.

  5. Don Korb says:

    “Miss” Sally
    Reading & digesting this truthful blog is totally believable for your comments are Bible based thru out. Because I use the scripture below, it charges my faith even more. I tested your blog with God’s WORD, and I declare my desire is to live it, with the Holy Spirit’s help.

    1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    A loving suggestion to all: Keep reading after verse 1

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