It has been a while since I posted on . I want to thank folks for their prayers.  It has been a full summer with more than the usual amount of family drama.  I believe things have simmered down enough that I now feel comfortable getting back to work. I have missed the writing and appreciate so many readers have contacted me to see when I was going to start again– Thanks for waiting!

After so long an absence, I have been giving serious consideration to my re-launch topic.  While there is much going on in the world crying out for commentary the Lord continues to lay on something on my heart which I believe to be a pivot point with meaningful impact on many of the topics on my list for future posts; so, it is there I will begin:thuhgwj81i

Recall brassy Lois Lane and freckle-faced Jimmy Olsen of the fictitious Daily Planet in Superman Comic Book lore. They honestly believe they know everything about co-worker- the dull, bespectacled and nerdy Clark Kent.  Ever on a quest for a late-breaking news these hard-working journalists never connect those coincidental dots or listen to Kent’s voice, and recognize his true identity. Likewise, I believe the modern day church has incrementally photo-shopped their perception of Jesus/God/Holy Spirit and Scripture to make their faith explainable in the tangible natural realm, conforming to a box that matches their own limited experience. Not only have many mainline Christians grown skeptical and selective of what they teach, for the most part they have discounted any current necessity or dependence on the supernatural– then wonder why no one thinks Church is relevant or very interesting.


Some denominations take a liberal slant intimating the Biblical record is flowery speech, rich in poetic imagery used by an ancient people to try to formulate their origins or victorious historic accounts. The other extreme, more Evangelical in outlook, will adamantly defend the entire canon of Scripture as inspired, accurate and true- then vociferously maintain God no long works in that way. The miraculous certainly happened back then, but there is no need now for confirming experiences nor powerful glory which may disrupt the Sunday Morning program. Of course, there are variations falling within these two but the unifying thread seems to be draining any supernatural expectation from the Christian faith.

Both ideas are perilous and exhibit a shocking lack of knowledge as well as avoidance of the Prophetic.  The first example is all too common, maintaining Jesus was a prophet whose teachings are useful for moral society or maintaining stable family life. The latter grants a historic nod to the powerful character of God but hinges, doctrinally, on the supposition that God has a changeable nature. Convincing themselves this must be true because WE the people change all the time,  they transfer that inconstant nature onto the God we supposedly worship. This has God being made over into our image rather than transforming our minds to be more like Jesus. Very dangerous territory.

It is not my job to determine who is really a Christian and who is not. It is my obligation however, to point out that if you claim to be a Christian you must follow the real Jesus. There must be actual relationship developed that changes your life or we are left to wonder if it was a true salvation experience. superman-5Like Lois Lane, the American Church, by in large, seems too comfortably sophisticated or hard-nosed to recognize what she needs to SEE to achieve the powerful, earth shattering, bad-guy busting, Pulitzer prize winning, life changing, scoop of the Ages! Amazing, powerful relationship and true love is sitting right there, unrequited, just for the asking.

Belief that Jesus is the Messiah with the power to cover our sins and assure eternal life is supernatural, is it not? To think Jesus only a prophet, or nice guy relegates him equal status with Buddha or Mohammed, yet complicates matters by simultaneously making him a bold-faced liar. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah. He claimed to be GOD and because of a supernatural, incomprehensible LOVE for us allowed himself to be sacrificed and raised from the dead by the supernatural, resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. He also claimed he was coming back. Are you ready?superman-6

Belief in Jesus also comes with a supernatural identity crisis. To fully walk into that new identity I MUST scrape off the old sinful nature and begin to understand, grow into and embrace his righteousness and those supernatural gifts and life altering traits. We are supposed to look and act and do what our Superman told us to do!

Additional dangers of these oppositional stances quickly cascade like falling dominoes. Without reliance on the viability of Scripture the Body of Christ is rudderless.  More than kind words of a loving Savior, it is imperative to grasp, factually, the Bible is a supernatural book that was divinely inspired and holds keys to knowing our supernatural God. It is powerful, prophetic and important and grows more so every day! If we as a denomination, pastor or Christian pick parts we are comfortable believing from those we find harsh or unnecessary, not only are we idolatrously placing ourselves above God- we need to clearly understand we do so at our peril.

If  Believers grow comfortable defining Jesus outside of the supernatural realm, denying the need for complete submission to the Holy Spirit, then they likely downplay the reality of the enemy and the veracity of yet to be fulfilled prophetic activity, as well. Rather than always equipping ourselves with the full armor of God, instead we question the existence of a spiritual battlefield as well as the one that opposes us waiting to destroy us.superman-11

The repercussions are many and the stakes can be eternal. My fear is this wholesale denominational aversion to fully accepting God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and the Word as essential, supernatural truth to be followed and obeyed will become the Kryptonite which renders the professing American Church untrained, useless and totally without discernment-spiritual or otherwise.  Such willing blindness is a position of disobedience and comes at a critical, deceptive time in history. It can, however, be turned around.  Wake up! WAKE UP! Is there oil in your Lamp?   THE KING IS COMING!!!



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  1. Faye Askew says:

    Sally, it’s good to have you back with your blogs. And what a great place to start!

    • says:

      Thanks Faye. It’s good to be back at it! Appreciate the kind words and continual prayer you pour on me and mine!

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