Lessons Left Unlearned

Today is the 14th anniversary of 9-11.  It is a day seared into our communal American conscience.  No doubt, today there are moments of silence being observed at ground zero.  There are  documentaries on the televisionth (216) to remind us of the horror. It was, without a doubt the worst most horrible, shocking day in our lifetime. We all watched this direct attack on our shores in real time on the morning news in living color and could not believe our eyes!  However, the real tragedy of this infamous anniversary is that there are huge lessons that America failed to learn:

America- and the American church- has never acknowledged the fact that we are involved not only in  a physical struggle but we are also entrenched in Supernatural Spiritual Battle.  A battle unrecognized cannot be fought.

America did not/ does not question that Islam is a religion of Peace

America didn’t bother to heed the warnings that the basic tenets of the Koran teach/ call for destruction of  infidels (us)

America did not/ does not really believe that those who Bless Israel will in turn be Blessed by the Lord (Genesis 12:3)

America did not recognize this horrific act as a  dire warning and turn back to The Lord and repent in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks

America did not learn to heavily monitor their Visa programs, or to severely restrict  or cut off legal immigration from Muslim countries.

America has not secured or closed her borders and refuses to acknowledge that nefarious characters are walking in along hidden amidst the poor Hispanic families looking for the American Dream

America, by and large, did not view 9-11 as a warning that our “hedge”of protective blessing was being removed and continues to pass and uphold and use tax dollars for unequivocally, ungodly legislation in our anything goes society

America has now engaged in a nuclear treaty with Iran which requires us to defend Iran from Israeli attack

America has the leadership that she deserves in light of these seminal, unlearned lessons and will no doubt reap the self-inflicted whirlwind  of  these unlearned, unheeded warnings as a result

On this anniversary of 9-11 we all sincerely salute the memory of the innocent victims lost in those planes and in the buildings in those attacks.  We honor the hero thAAFZFOMCfirefighters and policeman who ran into the buildings and into the clouds of toxic smoke to serve and save.  We honor the soldiers who gave their lives in  wars in th4LLHQG38faraway Iraq and Afghanistan as we attempted to destroy the Islamic terrorist roots before they could come again to our shores.  We will never forget you or your service to our country or the sacrifices made by your families.

All these years later, after all these lives lost and treasure spent nothing has really changed and these unlearned lessons have gone mostly unheeded.  We, as One Nation Under God need to respect that heritage and turn back to the Lord who loves us.  If we, on this critical date do not take a stand, draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE then it may be too late.  We have sat for 14 years in silent, deceived acquiescence while our freedom, our Judeo- Christian heritage, and the future of our children and grandchildren is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.  We need to untitledremember how to tell the difference between our enemies and our friends and quit funding the people and countries that despise us.

Right now, today, this minute we need to find the political will to stop this hemorrhage of  common sense, resources and our hard-won civil liberties and demand that our leaders support and defend the Constitution as they have sworn themselves to.  We need to tell our leadership, red, blue or purple that they MUST take care of business or we will find someone who will!


We as Believers as the Bride of Christ need to consider this the last wake-up call!  It is a return to holiness, to preach repentance- a turning away from evil and sinful ways and a return to Godly statutes,(2 Chronicles 7:14) and get very busy preaching the true love message of Christ Crucified.( John 3:16) Alarm clocks 2 The only way this Nation, our nation, can return to greatness is to honor the Lord who directed our ancestors to come to this amazing place of opportunity and blessing.  Jesus called us to be that light the city on a hill that is impossible to hide! We and by proxy, our country, are called to be an unmistakable, glowing example in a dark world showing what a nation looks like who have known the Goodness and Blessing of God Almighty!!

That is the REAL unlearned lesson of 9/11




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2 Responses to Lessons Left Unlearned

  1. Jan Magray says:

    After reading the book “It is About Islam” by Glenn Beck I can agree that many of the points that this blogger makes can be affirmed. Because we are a peaceful nation and as individuals have been raised to emulate a loving God, we are ill equipped to understand humans who pursue evil – under the guise of serving God ( a barbaric and angry God). According to Beck, Thomas Jefferson provided a cautionary tale of what happens when a faith insisted on combining religious and political power into one. Because our forefathers developed the American Constitution to include that all people of all faiths would have full citizenship as Americans, we are unprepared to understand a political/religious ideology that has a different goal – that of totally destroying the free world. We must do a better job of educating our public and we must also find a way to work together to protect our liberty and our nation. Beck also makes clear that there is a clear distinction between Islam and Islamism. “Islam is the faith of 1.5 billion people around the world. Islamism is the supremacist political ideology that insists on imposing sharia or Islamic holy law , on the world.” P.8. We need to study and understand this whole issue with much more clarity than we are getting on TV. Thanks, Jan Magray

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Thanks so much for dropping by Jan. Not only did we not learn the lessons of 9/11 we are preparing to double down on our stupidity and begin to take in the Muslim refugees pouring out of Syria. While it seems a harsh viewpoint to many soft hearted souls, Beck is correct, like Pat Buchanan before him that we are teetering on the brink of something that will fundamentally change not only our country but western civilization. Add that to the dark spirit of Islam and the supernatural spiritual implications and the issue in our backyard is compounded and intensified.

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