Let the Shofar Blow

thMNOFFPFGFeast of Trumpets begins tomorrow night!  This Feast,  today more commonly referenced as Rosh Hashanah (or the head of the year), is the first of the Fall Feasts of the Lord. th (217)(Numbers 29, Leviticus 23) It is, coincidentally, the only Feast of the Lord that begins on the first day of a Hebrew lunar month…a new moon. It was referred to as the Feast that “no one knew the day nor hour” that it would appear.  So, I believe, this was a common “Jewish idiom” back in Jesus’ day when he and Paul stated “No one knows the day nor the hour” of Jesus’ return …it was really code for Feast of Trumpets! I  wrote at great length about the customs, history, and prophetic  picture meaning last fall and direct anyone who missed that post, or who needs a quick refresher, to go into the thEEMFDWBXarchives for last September and October and brush up on these important Moeds. Fly Away Home is the first in a series that deal with the Fall Feasts of the Lord.

11160662_10152730269107653_3005160659894630581_nThe Shofar is only blown for three different occasions in Hebrew History. To call a Holy Convocation (Return to holiness or old time Revival Prayer meeting) A Battle Cry or Call to War and to Crown a New King. All reasons why many believe that the Feast of Trumpets will someday be the kick off to the Second Coming of Jesus or the Last Trump spoken of by Paul in Thessalonians. Remember, the Spring Feasts were all fulfilled on the actual day with Jesus’ birth, crucifixion and resurrection three days later. Similarly, the Feast of Pentecost was fulfilled with the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the actual feast day at the time of the morning sacrifice at the Temple.

The First time Jesus arrived and ministered as a Suffering Servant and a Sacrificial Lamb to cover the sins of the world (John 3:16)  The Second Arrival will be in Power and Glory as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!Jesus 1Ordinarily, we picture a traditionally garbed priest blowing a loud, dissonant shofar blast. However,th (20) I recently ran across this really cool video of Christian trumpeter and vocalist (and Baylor Alum), Phil Driscoll, playing his shofar like nothing I’ve ever heard before! I thought it would be an appropriate kick off to the Fall Feasts. I hope that you enjoy it. Below that, I have a short 8 minute video of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaking about the Mystery of the Shofar.

As I did last week in the Blood Moons post.  I prefer, when possible to defer to the source in these Feast Studies.  I again recommend Messianic Rabbi, Mark Biltz’s Hebrew Roots DVDs and Feasts of the Lord as well as his literature on Blood Moons. (available for sale at www.elshaddaiministries.us) Likewise, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is a prophetic voice in our time, warning our nation of the Harbingers of Judgment and calling for Repentance to save our nation.  His books and DVD’s such as the Isaiah 9:10 Judgment, The Harbinger series, The Mystery of the Shemitah are all excellent resources that I recommend to all Feverseason followers who are interested in diving deeper into of all these fascinating things.  This is all information, that the early First Church folks knew, honored and followed but has been lost over the millennia as the Church shed it’s connection to their Jewish Roots.

The Mystery of the Shofar:

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