Mazel Tov Part 1

Our handy Websters Dictionary defines the verb “Beseige” as follows: to surround a city, building etc with soldiers and try to take control of it.  To gather around in a way that is aggressive, annoying, etc , or to cause worry or distress.

Soldiers with CannonDuring Civil War days, Vicksburg was besieged for weeks by Union forces in order to force her surrender with minimal loss of life to the Federal troops.

Drawing of Battle of VicksburgRather than meet honorably on the battlefield, it was decided to cut off all supply lines and encircle not only the confederate forces but to surround the entire civilian populace then bombard them until they gave up or starved.  Our Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865: a mere 4 years of warfare that left the country bitter and wounded.

By contrast, the little nation of Israel, has been besieged on every side for nearly all of it’s 66 years . Israel 24At various times and intensities, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians have tried to oust the Israeli’s from their land.  In what I consider to be rooted in demonic interests other Muslim countries such as Libya and Iran that have piled on with over the top hatred, regular threats and alarming rhetoric.

israel 9Over these past 7 decades America has been Israel’s staunchest and only ally.  As a direct result, I believe we have been blessed beyond measure here in the States.  However, the past 20 years or so, have seen this stalwart support begin to wobble. and in the midst of increasing international disgruntlement, we have been bringing to bear more and more political pressure on our friend to trade land for peace and to negotiate with the Palestinian Hamas leadership.

Israel 21During this current Gaza Strip war, I have detected a growing trend in the media that favors the Palestinian “plight” and cry foul at any Israeli attempts to repel unprovoked attacks on her citizenry or to protect her borders.

Israel 2Whatever the motivation,  in addition to being tied to that old Satanic struggle to thwart God’s plan, and whether it is soft-hearted ignorance, a weariness with the struggle or outright antisemitism this anti- Israel stance is  doomed to ultimate failure.

Israel 6 I am certainly no political pundit nor do I relish seeing anyone of any nationality in the line of fire.  However, in light of this slippery antisemitism I feel it imperative to lay out, from a Godly, Biblical perspective, what is said about the Nation of Israel and, to clarify why we as 21st century Americans should care and care deeply as never before for Israel.

First, let me state that God loves us.  he loves Americans, He loves Palestinians, He loves Iranians, He loves Israeli’s.  He even loves the French.( john 3:16)  It is not His intent or desire that any individuals or nations perish- He wants us all to come to Him and acknowledge Him as the Messiah and King of Kings. ( 2 Peter 3:8-10 Matt 18:14)  And while it is true that God loves us all and desires us to accept Him as our Savior- it is equally true that The Lord holds a very special place in his heart for the Land of Israel.  He considers it His land.  he forbids any of that land to be sold or given away.  And whether we, in our arrogance and pride, approve or not, He has chosen to sublet it to the Israeli people until His return ( Leviticus 25:23).

In my last post about Covenant relationships and True Love. I noted that God made a pact with Abraham regarding the land in the book of Genesis. Scroll 3

Also emphasized was the fact that God’s promises, Word, character are all unchanging.  Genesis 12:1-3 originally God called Abram out of Ur to a land that I will show you. And in verse 3  the all important kicker stating that I will Bless those that bless you and curse him that curses you and in YOU ( Abraham) will all the families of the Earth will be blessed.   That is a pretty simple, forthright statement.  No wiggle room, gray areas or confusion here.  I’m backing Israel all the way!  And if the Iranians and the Palestinians would do so as well, then God promises to bless the socks off of them too!

Israel 23Gen 15:18  The Lord made a Covenant with Abraham saying ” unto your seed have I given this land- from the Nile ( River of Egypt) to the great river Euphrates.Israeli Flag

Please note that these are not the current Israeli boundaries.  You may expect then that Israel will be expanding exponentially rather than shrinking one of these days.Israel map

Lest you think that only Genesis discusses these land deals see Zecharaiah 2:8 ” …he has sent me to the nations which spoiled you:  for he that touches you touches the apple of his eye.  This is important.  There will be consequences on a nation that messes with Israel. We do not want to touch or be aligned with any nation or confederation of nations who ” touch” the apple of God’s eye.

Israel 22We will continue this discussion in the next post:  Mazel Tov!




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  1. I did not fully grasp the importance of Israel until a friend of mine, Cindy Harris, introduced me to the author/pastor, John Hagee of San Antonio, Tx. His book, “Four Blood Moons” is amazing and hits this subject right on. As I researched the Bible, I was blessed to have “the ears to hear and eyes to see” that there is a difference between the state of Israel/Jewish people and those of us who follow Jesus. I believe we are both “the apple of God’s eye”. Thanks Sally – nice job!

    • says:

      Thanks Beth, Yes, I will be talking about our (gentile)improved, adoptive, grafted in status in part 2.
      For additional info on Hebraic roots I recommend, highly, Messianic Rabbi Mark Biltz who has a wonderful DVD set called: Studies in our Hebraic Roots vol.1and 2
      Available at
      If you recall, this is the guy that Hagee cites as his source on the 4 blood moons. He is an incredible teacher on the importance of the 7 feasts too.
      Thanks again for following along!

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