Mazel Tov Part 2

dance 2Thanks for your patience as I took a week off to be married to the sweet and handsome Mr. Moore…hence the Mazel Tov!   ( Good Luck!)!  Now where were we?

Ah, yes, in Part 1 we were discussing why it is so important as a nation to wholeheartedly support Israel.  This is not to say that Israel is not capable of making mistakes only that she has a right to exist, defend her people and keep her land at all costs.

Critics will say that Israel was out of their country for so long that they abdicated their ownership status. Moses with TorahIt is quite true that from time to time in her long history God has allowed His people to leave or to be taken out of the land when they wandered away from Him and hardened their hearts and fell into idolatry.

When they repented and called to Him again, God would make a way for them to come back to that Promised land.  I believe that it is important to acknowledge that never at any time in history has God released His claim of ownership or provided a quit claim deed for the nation of Israel.  Remember, last week we established that God claims that it is His land and he is merely subletting it to the apple of his eye.

th3U4BOSU1We may deem this outlook as patently       “unfair”, imprudent, politically incorrect and out-dated, mythological foll-de-rol and side with other factions  or johnny- come-lately’s who claim “squatter’s rights” while Israel was out of her boundaries.

Whatever we think is totally irrelevant!! The land is God’s.  He has a divine plan for it.  Further, He states that He will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse her. This is not just a colorful turn of phrase.  It is a Biblical Principle.  israel 9 Our arrogant leaders, by pressuring her to make concessions, return prisoners, or give back land are in direct violation of the Word of God.  In turn, due to their ignorance or defiance of all things Biblical, their flawed decisions imperil the American people by putting us under that aforementioned Genesis 12:3 curse.   ( Never a good place to be!).

While we are talking about Blessings and Curses let us not forget that the Lord states emphatically that ALL the families of the earth will be blessed thru this Abrahamic Covenant promise.  Romans 11:24 explains how Miss Sally, an extremely pasty, white Anglo-Saxon woman, can share in this wonderful Promise that God made to the swarthy Semitic Father Abraham. Paul explains that we,  the non-Jewish gentiles who grabbed hold of the belief that Jesus is the Messiah, are the wild branch that has been grafted into that original Israeli olive tree.  Israel 20The Promise- that Covenant relationship( we talked about in a previous post, True Love) was expanded by the blood of Jesus to include me! Mazel Tov, indeed!

In his book Eye to Eye, author and former White House correspondent, William Koenig presents Israel 30an extremely troubling parallel between devastating natural disasters in the U.S. each time we lean on Israel to divide her land.


This highly recommended and important book lays out the shocking case of what has already happened to us, here at home, when we have sided against or encourage compromise of the God given land.  We can assume that National disobedience will carry consequences of increasing severity if we don’t stop right away.  Secretary of State John Kerry is in Israel at this writing and has reportedly been disrespectful and rude to Israeli leadership who are reluctant to come to the peace table while Hamas continues to lob missiles across her borders.

Remember the Covenant language in Genesis 28:13.  The Lord stood above the Land and said:  I AM the Lord God…and I will give it to you ( Abraham) and to your descendents.

Purists will say- oh well- aren’t the Arabs and the Muslims descendents of Abraham too?  And aren’t most Israeli’s atheists these days and not really practicing Jews and as such probably not really participants in the covenant promises any more.  These are all good questions.  Israel 22Although it is above my pay grade to judge the nation of Israel’s spiritual temperature…or anyone else’s for that matter!  I will say that God was extremely clear that His land and His Covenant would be fulfilled through Abraham and Sarah’s son, Isaac. It is His job to deal with Israel’s faith or lack thereof, not mine.

His blessing to Ishmael in Gen 17:20, was that he would also become a great nation–but did not include the deed to the family farm with the previously specified borders.

Truthfully, the Muslim faith came into being much much later in early years of 600 AD.  What began as worship of the  pagan Moon God. ( note the crescent moon on their flag and minarets) This worship morphed via, what this author considers a demonic visitation disguised as the Angel Gabriel, to Mohammed, where upon he was ” given” the founding principles for the worship of Allah.

thVRRLGL90 Although President George W. Bush and others have called this a religion of peace, they clearly have not read the Koran nor the Sunnah.  While there  really are some peaceful verses written early on; the principle of abrogation states that whenever Mohammed wrote something that contradicts an old writing, then the newer revelation supersedes the old.  Therefore, the abundance of  violent, jihadist later writing clearly over-rides any peaceful verses.  Accordingly then, Islam proper, not just violent factions or crazies are focused on violent expansionism with the goal of taking over: lock, stock and barrel. Once in the majority, just those faithful, Koran reading Muslims, and defenders of their faith are, exactly as we see in Iraq today with ISIS.  They are being obedient to their beliefs when forcing anyone in their path to convert, die or pay the dhimmitude “tax”.

All these countries now strategically surround the nation of Israel.  Logic would dictate that Israel cannot win and will eventually bow to the persistent pressure.  Probabilities, lopsided population bases, and man’s logic are foolishness to God ( 1 Corinthians 1:19-27)  I have read the end of this story. One does not need to be a rocket scientist nor a person of great faith to figure out that if there are at least 2500 clearly stated  prophecies in the Old and New Testament and over 2000 have already been fulfilled to the letter, already. then odds are that this one will too! Prophecy tells us that when the story ends Israel still stands, victorious as a nation.  Israel, with a Godly, worshiping remnant that acknowledges and has finally recognized Jesus, not only as the suffering, sacrificial Lamb of God when He came the first time, but also as the long awaited Messiah, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the King of Kings who has come back! (Matt 25:31-46)

Jesus 5We know from reading Revelation that the Millennial Kingdom is centered in the huge, New Jerusalem  ( Rev. 21:21)where every nation will come there to worship Yeshua each year at the Feast of Tabernacles. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord! ( Romans 14:11, Philippians 2:9-11)

It is therefore, imperative, in these end times, that we as Americans,  as Christians and wise, faithful Allies, notify our elected leadership that we believe it  Priority One to vocally, politically and financially support our democratic ally, Israel.

Israel 10We need to allow them to defend their borders and boldly go after their terrorist attackers without fear of International Censure.  Not standing firm with Israel removes us from the protected place of blessing where God intends us to stay and places at risk in a supernatural chess game that is playing out in a age with an ever shortening time clock.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: they will prosper that love you!  ( Psalms 122:6)th4F5LGFK1

** For additional reading on this topic beyond what is cited in the post, I highly recommend: Religion of Peace? Islam’s war against the World by Gregory M. Davis as well as From Time Immemorial :the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine by Joan Peters which is a good non-biased history.  Additionally, I recommend, The Harbinger: the ancient mystery that holds the secret to America’s Future by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  I think that everyone should have Studies in our Hebrew Roots Vol 1 & 2, a DVD set, by  Messianic Rabbi Mark Biltz and available thru  He also has a must see DVD on the Blood Moons.  This is the gentleman that John Hagee cites as his source in his recently released Coming Blood Moons book.

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  1. Juliette says:

    OMG, do I feel completely ignorant. Not only have I always been behind on this subject, I’m so hyper focused on my current situation that I can’t keep up w what’s been going on.

  2. Sue says:

    May I also recommend “The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent” by Erwin W. Lutzer. It was a very informative book.

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