More Dreaming

The Last few posts have been dedicated to exploring Biblical Dreams, Words of Knowledge and visions Sleepers 2that God may use to speak with immediacy and specificity into our lives individually or as a message to the church.  A FeverSeason reader in DeBeque, Colorado ( Western Slope by Grand Junction) sent me this one:

It is coming ( her name)  A disaster bigger than the world has ever imagined.

Save everything,  as it will become impossible to get some things. Food shortages will abound.  Gas will disappear or be in short supply.

Life will be in turmoil.  life will be cheap.  Make good friends.  Learn to trust. But listen to Me.  I will provide all you need.

Sell the dead weight.  You will know it when you see it.

Communications will disappear.  Life will be precious.  To those who survive, who truly live- that live in Me.

Home Alone!* Authors note:  Words of Knowledge, dreams and visions are not intended  to generate or to be received in fear.  The Lord gives us information, out of His intense love for us, so that we can act upon it.  As with Joseph when he was told in the night to jump up and hit the road with Mary and Jesus for Egypt.   I hesitated for a moment to publish this on my blog but I believe that it is corroborated and in- line with scriptures such as Matthew 24:3-14. We know that things will be getting harder.  Please read some of the earlier blog posts such as Rising Wind for additional information.

I believe that it is prudent for everyone, whether Bible student or not, to make preparations. th1LPOEO4YIn my grandparents time it was common practice to have the summer’s bounty stored against the uncertainties of the coming harvest and long winter months.

food 1We are several generations off of the family farm and very accustomed to having all we can eat or drink available at a whim: but self sufficiency and precautionary supplies are always an excellent idea!

Keep those dreams, words and visions coming!  Seeing what the Holy Spirit is doing, saying and moving in others lives, builds faith in our own lives!  It then becomes part of our communal testimony.



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