More Fire and More Rain

* Authors Note: This is the last of a three part post.  You will want to read Fire and Rain and Rain on Me first!  Thanks, Sally

This special word about Fire and Rain is happening at this critical time in World History.   We saw in the previous posts that God’s very Heart is called the Stones of Fire.th4F5LGFK1 Now, we put that burning urgency with this torrential monsoon-like refreshing, for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like we have never seen before,  coming at an unprecedented time of the Fall Feasts and prophetic Blood Moons: I believe that we are entering a time where we as Christians are going to be moving in a boldness and power not seen since New Testament times.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Maybe you are sitting at home saying,” Whoa, Nelly!  I have never heard of this kind of thing at my church!  Jewish Feasts??   I have never seen or heard anything about this kind of  powerful Revival , EVER! Home Alone! For Pete’s Sake, why should I be listening to some crazy lady, talking about vague little phrases that she claims are from God?”  Or maybe you are thinking,” I don’t like all this talk about blessing and curses and end-time prophecy! It is very scary!. I don’t know that I  really even believe in God or that he could be so mean!  Besides, everything always goes on as it always has!  People have been talking about Revelation, Rapture and the End times as long as I can remember and yet, here I sit!”  All good, fair and valid questions.  We are instructed to always test Spirits( 1 John 4:1-3) and to study and rightly divide the word of truth( 2 Tim 2:15)  I try to always support my posts with copious amounts of scripture so that you can dig in and study to your heart’s content. I hope that you will!

Words of Knowledge, Wisdom, and the like are Spiritual Gifts.(1 Cor. 12:1-31, 1 Peter 4:10-11, Romans 12:6-8, Ephesians 4:11-16, 2 Tim 1:6-7, Acts 1:8) thSP5C2JIM They are the gifts that come with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They, have nothing to do with your salvation, but are the functioning, power gifts that turned a bunch of terrified fishermen in the upper room into the boldest Salesmen in the World! But, Gifts are just that, Gifts.  You can unwrap them if you want to or leave them on the table.  Jesus told His team to wait  (Acts 1:4-5) and not make a move without this necessary and incredible blessing….but, you do what you think best.

Following God brings tons of blessings and ignoring Him or being in rebellion to Him carries consequences.  You may be an atheist or agnostic, you may not acknowledge Him or His statutes at all or ever.  Totally irrelevant. Biblical Principles are just that.  It matters not that you don’t believe in Him or those principles.  Like Gravity, it just exists. Now, you are quite free to jump thC9FALHP6 off a tree stump all day long because you think you can fly like the little chickadee outside my window.  But God created chickadee’s to flit and fly and He created me to walk (or drive).  If I choose not to believe in Gravity, that is my privilege, but I am still not going to take flight when I jump off my tree stump. I will fall down and probably sprain something important. You see, even though I can’t see them and I am blissful in my ignorance of them, I am bound by the laws and principles that God in His wisdom created.  Obedience goodRebellion and Idolatry bad. 

As to the argument that nothing ever changes and end-times prophecy is scary.  God loves us.  He loves us like crazy! He never brings judgment without warning, ever.  I’m sure that the wicked people who were watching Noah build that ark were scoffing and laughing at him every day for a 100 plus years as he warned them on their way to work every morning.thV89SCR67 I imagine that the morning that it started raining cats and dogs that their laughter stopped, don’t you? 2 Peter 3:3-11 comments that the delay in Christ’s return doesn’t mean that it isn’t true…only that it is His heart’s desire that more people come to him before that day happens. Alarm clocks 3In my opinion, the End-Time prophecy clock didn’t really start ticking until 1967 when  the Nation of Israel got Jerusalem back.  God is real. He is good. God loves you.  He loves you like crazy! He is coming back soon and wants you to be waiting for Him. John 3:16.

OK, so Words of Knowledge, Wisdom, Biblical Dreams, and Prophecy are  messages from God to speak into our lives for specific times and reasons.  They are extra-biblical but should never, contradict scripture.thNVGFW07H Therefore, if I have a pertinent Word, then I feel compelled to share it. We are ticking on the Biblical Clock here! The Body of Christ must wake up, rub the sleep from our eyes and get crackin.’  We are wasting time and burning daylight!  I agree that these words are a little vague. I delivered them unembellished in any way.  They are not my words. They also came with a strong sense of urgency that couldn’t be shelved. (if you missed archived post, The Holiday is Over, you may want to go back and read that one as it dove-tails nicely with this one)  I believe that I have outlined why they are so important for this particular season and have Biblically supported those views.th1G5CFN3LAdditionally, I am hearing from a variety of other respected prophetic voices, both large and small, similarly themed words,dreams and visions that speak of the coming Fire of the Lord in much more specificity than I have received myself.  Since none of this contradicts, but actually lines up with what is prophesied for the end-times season then that tells me that I am not some crazy lady in Colorado but am an Ambassador of Christ who has her ear tuned to listen to the Lord.  He whispered to me:  Fire and Rain!  Press into the Fire!

th0CMCLRQEIf you truly believe that you have never seen this sort of power in scripture, then I direct you to re-read most of the Gospels and the entire book of Acts.  During this “Former Rain”, outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Peter and John just had to walk down the street and if their shadow , just their shadow! crossed the path of a sick person, they would be healed!  This isn’t some sort of exaggerated hyperbole: it is Truth from the Word of God. It is just this sort of  amazing Fire and Rain “outpouring” that carried the First Church victoriously through unbelievable times of persecution, and turned our world upside down. The Latter Rain, the second great outpouring at the end of the Age, is prophesied in Joel 2:23 and James 5:7 to do the same thing.th9EI80JZCJust as in that First Church time in history, the fields are white to harvest and we shouldn’t be surprised that this enormous,unwieldy mission needs to be backed with this original brand of mighty power!  How could it not?

Revival, coming in Pentecost-like power since those days, has not been common …but not unheard of either.  thBTTYNLC8

Go back and read about the 18th Century Great Awakening! After that, I direct you to the life of  the traveling, holiness-teaching, Presbyterian minister, Charles Finney.  In the mid-19th Century, Finney carried such a weighty anointing of the Holy Spirit that he could merely walk into public places, like factories, and before he uttered a single word, everyone would fall out in the Spirit, crying for their sins to be forgiven and to be saved! No fooling! thHTOPKLI7 I encourage you , to also read about the Azuza Street Revival in California in the early days of the 20th century. Their pastor was so fearful of being prideful, that he preached holiness and repentance through Jesus Christ while sitting with a cardboard box on his head!  The Spirit of God fell in such power that the Los Angeles fire department would routinely arrive thinking that their roof was on fire only to discover that it was the fiery Glory of the Living God! Seriously!  The Welsh revival in the early part of the 1900’s, thXOD7H7V4The Pensacola Outpouring and the Toronto Airport Revival which began in the 1990’s are also good examples of a newer Fire-wave of that Acts 2, Glory- power!  Folks, these have all just been little drizzle’s, a brief glorious shower, a tantalizing micro-burst: The preliminary gust-front carrying a sweet promise, the scent of blessing from the predicted Rainstorm!th8SXH22RVMine, then, is just a small, echoing voice saying that Jesus is once again about to turn loose something new.  He is ready to unleash some crazy new/old  Fire and Rain on those who are ready.  To embrace both of these Spiritual elements, we as believers must be thoroughly cleansed, pure and waiting. We must learn to depend solely on the supernatural “fire-power” of the Holy Spirit.

gift of Holy Spirit 4Once released, like a lion from a too-small cage , He will race before us, convicting those in our path of sin and readying their hearts, preparing them to be led to redemption. He wants to SAVE people.  That is the Heart, the Core of God’s purpose!

To be fully prepared for my “farmer/soldier” mission I need to begin now.  To start becoming comfortable in this new skin, this new mantle.  I must begin to really press in to that Fire NOW so that I will be proficient  when I will have to daily walk in this sort of supernatural power!   I must be constantly seeking His face and pressing into His Heart-praying for this rainy season to begin in earnest! At this time of the Fall Feasts, the High Holy Days, we must remember this:  Because that heavy, dividing veil was shredded top to bottom on the day of His crucifixion at the moment of his death I can boldly approach Godth0S6N4SY1.  I can come directly before the Throne because Jesus was my  Spotless Lamb, the ultimate blood sacrifice to cover my sins.   Now, before His Throne, in the Holy of Holies, I stand with the Golden Lampstand, that Man of Fire, at my back. In His Fire, in that precious, never extinguished oil-fed fire, I am tempered, purified and reflective of my Maker: Ready, only then, to receive the coming Rain!th2MX9ZL2G


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