More Popcorn, Please!

For those of you  poor unfortunates who don’t have the privilege of living in Lake City,Charlie Chaplin I’d like to tell you about our treasure, the little Mountaineer Theater.  The  Phil and Carolyn Virden are bringing all the summer  must-see blockbusters this year ,as well as starting a mid-week Classics in July such as Casablanca.  How fun to see Bogart back on the big screen!movie reels

Renovations are now complete with comfortable new seating, digital technology and latest upgrade of new ventilation system.  True progress.  Miss Sally no longer has need of her church fan when attending the picture show! Admit One ticket

Mountaineer popcorn refills are typically free and movie tickets must never be misplaced before the prize drawings prior to show time!

Alas, last night, I didn’t win any of the coveted prizes but, I did enjoy the featured movie ” Heaven is for Real“.

Greg Kinnear

The film is based on a true story about a preacher’s kid that claims to have met Jesus, saw heaven and causes an uproar in his rural Nebraska town.  Really good movie that should spark a lot of interesting conversations afterwards.Heaven is for Real 4

By the way, in this humble reporter’s opinion, heaven IS for real and Jesus loves you and wants to see you there some day!  Awesome experiences such as the one described in this film are becoming more and more common.

New Godzilla posterLooking forward to the upcoming Godzilla.  Really glad that it isn’t ” Godzilla is for Real!” or this would be a very different post!

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    Thanks for your message-broke now next month.

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