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This is Part Two of Texas Zephyr so make sure that you have read the previous post or you won’t know what’s going on!thUC5XVLFJ

In our continuation of the Lessons learned on the Train Dream we will pick it with lesson #3:

Lesson two is linked to observation number three:  While staying put onthSL3K7RCA the Gospel Train it is very important to be looking around the car and also out the windows.  Pay attention. Be a watchman! The revelation received- or the” light” that comes through the large train windows show me many things along The Way.  As long as I am in the center of God’s will, and riding thH95F1R3Oalong in obedience then I am untouchable.  If I am not really attentive and watching ( and listening) then I won’t be spiritually aware enough to even hear the Engineer or realize potential dangers ahead.  (Psalms 127:1, 130:6, Isaiah 21:6, John 10:3, Luke 21:28)

thRVDQPOYD In the dream I tried to tell these other passengers what they should not do. Some listened to my warnings and some didn’t listen at all. Please notice that I did not hang onto their coat-tails, throw myself in front of the exit or guard the doorway with flaming swords! I did not run out and try to drag them back aboard the train. Not my job. That was not what I was told to do. I have received similar lessons and this repetition means that it is an important one that requires underscoring!thX8Y7J25B

thMM0OQ3NULesson four then follows as the realization that while I/ and you may often be called upon teach things or to relay Words of Knowledge or nudged to write some controversial truth/opinion piece, or take a Godly stand.  We are NOT responsible for how those people respond or for the action or lack thereof that others take.( Ezekiel 3:10-11, book of Jonah) Sometimes it can break your heart but the calling is to stay on Track and be Obedient to the Engineer!

Bears (and other dangerous wild animals) in dreams are generally considered to be demonic attacks (size of attack would depend on size, ferocity or number of  critters) that come bounding out or pounce unexpectedly.thUPNRVIVS These predators may just observe you ominously from the brush, or they may be growling and circling your dream campfire before they move along. They may, however, attack you or maul others viciously in your dreams.   Dreams today just as they did in scripture can serve many purposes: An immediate warning for ourselves or others, delivery of prophetic information or insight, as well as to impart or teach us Biblical truths.

Trains have enormous power to move many cars of freight or supplies.  They can also transport or reposition lots of people. thTNRF1C2J Your train may be a milk-run that stops at every Podunk farm town or stalls out, forgotten, on a weedy side track. It can be an express, like the Texas Zephyr,  that powers through the night covering lots of miles with 100’s of passengers. Both are trains but with very divergent ETA’s.  If you don’t like the idea that you are a dream rowboat floating in a stagnant mud puddle then you need to be deeply in the Word and praying intently for wisdom and favor for a seagoing Ocean liner influence!

This particular train of my dream was made up of observation cars.  Windows represent revelation.thNXI88RJN  Lots of windows equate lots of revelation-something to reveal!  An observation car is a car full of windows on the sides and the top.  God has a message- something to say!  Stay on the Gospel Train. Don’t get off the tracks or allow yourself to be derailed.  Don’t try to handle the problems or the bears in your life in your own power or wisdom.  They look terrifying and may charge violently at your train–It is all bluster.thI4533IWB They do not like where you are traveling but, they are powerless unless you put yourself on their turf or you give them the power of Fear over you.  This train is  “allowing me to see” that Jesus is my Train. I am the Conductor of His Authority. He has not given us a spirit of fear but a Spirit of Power, and Love and of a Sound Mind! 2 Timothy 1:7

He is not only my Engineer but the Power Engine as well. th3KBPVUXA He is the keeper of the tracks and he creates the Schedule, as well. He carries the passengers, and propels the cars.  He is the force that moves me on down the tracks to wherever he wants me to be. The cars hold the people or souls that I am to influence as I go. thWVJP8KSB He is the Train.  As such, positionally, I am untouchable when I am riding and abiding “in Him”.

It was a good dream.  It was filled with profound observations.  How is your train running these days? Are you on board yet? Have you personally met the Engineer?thDF8KH8L3 Are your bags packed and are you willing to travel down whatever track He takes you?  What have you been dreaming?( Joel 2:28)  I would love to hear what has been going on in your observation car!


I would like to add, in closing, a final important take-away for your consideration: I never had a Biblical dream from the Lord until after I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Water Baptism is not the same as Filling or Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Prior to that very specific prayer-action I rarely , if ever, could remember anything I dreamed at all. Nor could I name a single spiritual gift that I might possess after more than 4 decades of  honest-to-goodness Bible Study and Salvation.( 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Ephesians4, 1 Peter 4)  While many folks and denominations hold to the idea that you receive all of the Holy Spirit power that is available to you at the time of your accepting of Jesus, I respectfully disagree.


I believe that The Holy Spirit  supernaturally activates those marvelous ways and means and those Spiritual gifts when we follow Him in obedience.thPHYETICI It was then and only then, in my personal experience that all the pieces fell into place and the good stuff-the power stuff- really started happening! Receiving that step of Filling of the Holy Spirit is stepping out in Obedience.  By doing so you are saying that Yes, I believe that Jesus is the Messiah and now that I am “Saved” I am going to obey Him and get myself, bag and thVOO6LTVSbaggage on that Gospel Train and run with it. If you haven’t read the permanent pages on this site of Holy Spirit 101 and 102  I encourage you to do so.  It is important for your Train Ride to have the correct Bags and everything you need for a powerful, successful trip on board with you! (Acts 4:29-31, Acts 8:12-16, Acts 9:17,18, Acts 10:44 are just a few verses that show specifics.)

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  1. Don Korb says:

    Dear “Miss Sally” – What a good common sense spiritual read! Baptism of the Holy Spirit – don’t leave home without it! Acts 1:8 It is ours for the asking – then there’s the oops – What will my friends think? So what! Read and heed Proverbs 29:25. Case closed! Love your encouragement and truth Sally!

    • says:

      Thanks so much Don. Hope you and Peggy are having a wonderful day in Florida. We are expecting our first snow flurries tonight with the Wednesday night Bible Study!

  2. Don Korb says:

    Yes, I know and declare:: The Holy Spirit is NOT an it.. So, I rephrase my statement: Baptism of the Holy Spirit – don’t leave home without HIM! Acts 1:8. No human caught me on my error, the gentle reminder came from Him (The Holy Spirit!)

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