Old Friends

There is a quality amongst old friends.  We know them,  They know us. They know our weaknesses, our mistakes and shortcomings. They love us anyway. We know what they are thinking and can often finish one another’s sentences.  This sort of friendship doesn’t come in a day.  It grows from lengthy conversations and emerges and builds out of long relationship. thNTOF3TQD It is a relationship built on love,  mutual interests, possibly family or marital commitments, there have probably been times of separation or bumps in that relationship that took some doing to get over, but it is always there.thMY4UHPGJ

That’s OK. That’s what relationship is all about.  Trusting someone is a process.  It is a precious commodity that can be treasured or squandered, set aside for a time or held close at all times.

Trusting God is a little different.  It takes an effort on my part or yours to really discover and explore that relationship. Some folks have the idea that all they have to do is walk down an aisle and accept Jesus as their Saviour- and it’s all a done deal.

Jesus 5

That may be an acknowledgement of faith, an important step, but it is not yet a relationship.  Real relationship comes with closeness, with intimacy, with the funny stories of what you did together yesterday, what you are planning for tomorrow.  Real relationship is honest, and close.  Trusting whether you totally understand the whole deal or not.

Trust in a close friendship is based on what you know about that person.  You can base your trust in their past performance, your knowledge of their family, current behavior, their words and statements, the relationships they have with others like you, the goals and plans that they have expressed to you.  It may have taken you years or decades to establish that relationship and you can’t imagine life without that bond.

Fire and Rain 11

With Jesus we must develop those roots.  He isn’t a figure on a cross in church or an historical character that shows up in Easter movies.  He came and laid down his life for me so that I could have that restored relationship with him that was lost in the Garden.

hand of God 5 He already loves me and proved it with his lifeblood. It is a process for me to get to know Him.  Really know him.  Understand what he expects from my side of this intimate friendship.  And to trust him with my heart, my future,with my issues past and present, with my family.

I have to come to a place in that relationship, in our intimacy where I really believe that He has the answers and the power to follow through for me.  Not some fine day in heaven but today. Right NOW.  Jesus said time and again that  The Kingdom of  Heaven – of which He is the King ,the Messiah is right here, at hand, accessible.  Seek and you will find, Ask and it Will be given.  Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven and then all this other stuff will fall into line. Matthew 6:33, 7:7

Jesus 1

This has been a rough month…or decade… for my family.  Maybe it has been for yours too. It is blissfully easy to rejoice and praise Him in the easy times, the good times, the coasting times.  But can you Praise Him when life gets ugly and hard and harder?  Can you Worship his Lordship and trust completely when you are exhausted and you don’t see any light at the end of your personal tunnel?  Will you fold up like a lawn chair in a stiff wind, toss your friendship aside and believe the lie that He isn’t real, or fair, or powerful or relevant enough in this day and age to deal or care about your personal problems?22720196

We must remember who we are in Jesus.  When we accepted the relationship with him.  Yes we were bought with a price but it purchased a deep and powerful, intimate relationship with Him as well.  A friend to turn to in time of trouble. Proverbs 17:17, Psalm 46:1,

Alarm clocks 3

My timing expectations may not be jiving with His. I don’t have the same point of view that my Friend does. Sometimes we have to wait and continue to pray and fast and pray some more for wisdom or understanding before we receive our miracle or  our answer. I am gift-wrapping my worry, and my concerns and hourly shoving them before the throne. I trust and stand on the Testimony, the proven word of God that Jesus is who he said he was and he CAN do what he claimed he could do even when I don’t feel it.

He’s my friend and we have a little history under our belts by now. He loves and knows my family history better than I.  Regardless of my partial understanding of current Hand of god 6circumstances I know He will come thru. Nothing is impossible in His Kingdom! He has my family- and yours- in the palm of His hand. Can you trust your old friend?

This is a small portion of what he told me for times like these! 2 Corinthians 4:8, Hebrews 12:2, Deut.31:6, Hebrews 3:1, Proverbs 3:-6, Phil 4:6-7, James 5:16, Proverbs 4:25, James 1:2-4, Psalm 27:1, 2 Chronicles 16:9




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  1. I love your messages. I look up your listed verses and are Blessed. Thank You Marcia Miller

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