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Passover is coming right up on Saturday April 23  Over the centuries much of Christianity has forgotten that our faith has Hebrew roots.  Jesus was Jewish and the disciples were Jewish and the followers that wrote the New Testament were Jewish.  If we, as 21st century, American Christians don’t understand the significance of what the Israeli Jewish Jesus was doing, saying and fulfilling then we are missing much of the proverbial boat!thO4FV40FU

Jesus was crucified on Passover.  This is the first and foundational Feast in a line of the 7 Feasts of the Lord.  Passover is first mentioned in Exodus 12:  The Hebrew people have been in bondage for over 400 years, Moses has been confronting Pharaoh to let the people go and we have seen terrible plagues come one on top of another as this process goes forward.  Now, in Ex.12 the Lord is giving the instructions, very explicit and clear instructions to Moses on how to proceed with this Passover thing because the ultimate judgment on Egypt is about to come.

A male lamb, perfect with no blemish, wound or deformity must be killed, the blood caught in a bowl and then “painted” in a certain manner on the door posts.  The Blood of the Lamb is the only thing that kept death from visiting the house on that first Passover night in Egypt.  Houses that obeyed and killed the lamb and placed the blood on the door posts had no deaths.  The homes of anyone, Egyptian or otherwise who did not have the covering of the blood had death of all the firstborn when they awoke the next day. Imagine the terror.

This is a deep, rich study I will boil down to it’s most important picture words.  Jesus is the Perfect Lamb.  It is His blood that was pictured on those doorposts in Egypt.  His blood covers the sin and breaks the bondage of slavery and gives true freedom.  Those that were not covered by the blood saw death.  Egypt, throughout scripture is a picture of the world, the flesh and bondage.


Let me point out Ex.12:11.  They were to eat this specific meal dressed in their traveling clothes , bags packed and running shoes on their feet.

First, you have to hear the Word, obey and come under that cleansing blood of the Lamb, Jesus. He’s the Messiah. Then, you are expected to move on from that doorway of Salvation, take actionable motion from that spot and go where the Lord leads you.

 Did all those people understand the why’s and wherefores of what was going on as they obeyed what Moses told them to do, according to what he had heard from the Lord?  No. And I will, in full disclosure say that some had enough faith to obey and put the blood on the doorpost to get out of Egypt but they didn’t have enough faith to follow the Presence of God all the way to the Promised Land.

thC0GX4F3S However, at this point, they had just seen amazing divine protection for their well-being through every plague.  There was light in Goshen, no frogs or lice in Goshen.  The water didn’t turn red and nasty in Goshen.  But they listened and obeyed, took a valuable perfect lamb and killed it slapped the blood on the doorposts and roasted it without any broken bones and fed on it and bitter herbs that fateful night, while breaking and eating the unleavened, matzah bread.

Afterwards, they were ready to roll-ready to move the minute Pharaoh said to get out.  This prophetic picture meal imparted more than remembrance of Hebrew history and Messianic symbolism.  As they went, scripture said that not one of them was ill!  Think of that! Millions of people of all ages.  Not a sniffle or a tummy ache, no heartburn or broken bones. None of their clothes wore out, none of their sandals broke a strap or wore holes in the bottom.  NO one was sick. No one needed anything. When they were thirsty- Moses hit the Rock (another picture of Jesus) and water poured out.  When they were hungry, Manna or quail dropped out of heaven for them every morning!


The blood of that Lamb and partaking of that meal bought them much, much more than they ever imagined.  It bought them supernatural health and provision just as every drop of blood Jesus shed along the way and on that cross on that Passover Feast-that divine appointment 2000 years ago bought for you.  Are you covered by the blood of the Lamb?  Are you partaking of the divine health and incredible provision that His Kingdom provides?

Paul tells us that many in church are sick, hurting  and even dying because they are not keeping the Lord’s Supper correctly. It is not only a deeply symbolic picture- it is powerful and profound resource we are to tap into and understand.   What we call Communion today is a part of that Passover Meal.  We are told that whenever we partake we should remember Him-Jesus-the Messiah.  This is his body-this is his blood.  He shed it for a purpose and salvation is just the beginning of those wonders.

Are you keeping Passover? Are you feasting on all the Lord has for you?


For more information and reference material on Passover and all 7 Feasts of the Lord:

Exodus 12, Lev. 23, Deuteronomy 15-16, Ex. 15:26, Psalm 105:37, Isaiah 53:4-5, Deut. 8:4, Deut. 29:5, 1 Corinthians 11:23-30, Matt.26:17-20, Mark 14:12-25, John 13, and Luke 22:7-20

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The Feasts of the Lord– Rabbi Mark Biltz: DVD and study notes available through

The Feasts of the Lord by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal

The Meal that Heals by Perry Stone





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