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Matthew 24 Earthquakes and Volcanoes in different places: And lots of them!!

6/20/2015 — Japan Volcano Warning — Mount Shindake could erupt again in another large blast

Three weeks ago, at the end of May (2015), a large unexpected volcanic blast occurred at Mount Shindake in Japan.

The volcano sent off a massive eruption of ash, forcing locals to suddenly evacuate.

6/17/2015 — Large M7.0 earthquake strikes South-central Mid-Atlantic ridge

A rare, and very large M7.0 earthquake has struck the South Central Mid-Atlantic ridge.

7.0m earthquake mid atlantic june 17 2015


Video report here:


This earthquake started out as a magnitude 6.2, which was then removed from the USGS feeds, and replaced entirely by this M7.0 event.

The European EMSC agency is reporting one single M6.8 event.  Thus this is certainly a USGS upgrade, as opposed to a 2nd earthquake.

This large earthquake activity on the Mid-Atlantic was expected to occur.  A forecast for the Central Mid-Atlantic was issued 7 days ago.

Watch the forecast calling for larger Mid-Atlantic ridge movement here:

6/17/2015 — Ecuadors Cotopaxi Volcano could soon erupt — Last eruption in 1904 .. 111 years ago

Officials in Ecuador are worried that Cotopaxi volcano, which has been silent since 1904, could soon erupt.


Reports now surfacing that officials in Ecuador are worried of a possible eruption coming soon with over 100 different earthquakes near the volcano, and emissions of sulfur dioxide gas in the area surrounding the volcano.

The last major eruption is confirmed to be 1904, or 111 years ago, however there are “unconfirmed” reports of another eruption in 1942.

quote the Oregon State volcanology program:

“Cotopaxi is a stratovolcano that has erupted 50 times since 1738. The 1877 eruption melted snow and ice on the summit, which produced mudflows that traveled 60 miles (100 km) from the volcano. The most recent eruption of Cotopaxi ended in 1904. Reports of an eruption in 1942 have not been confirmed. The most recent activity was an increase in steam emissions, melting snow, and small earthquakes from 1975-1976. “


Worthy to remember, 3 weeks ago another volcano suddenly erupted in the Galapagos Islands, due West of Ecuador.

wolf volcano cotopaxi volcano

Wolf Volcano sent off a sudden impressive blast, along with an eruption of flowing lava.

In addition to this large earthquake activity, a series of Volcanoes has erupted in the West Pacific over the past day.   These volcanic blasts were also expected to occur, and talked about in the above forecast video.

Mount Bulusan in the Philippines, Mount Sinabung in Indonesia, and Mount Asama in Japan — all three sent off volcanic blasts in the past 24 hours (up to June 17 2015).

Mount Bulusan / Philippines:


Mount Asama in central Japan:


Mount Sinabung in Indonesia:


The Sky is Falling!

untitled (35)

6/20/2015 — SOFTBALL sized hail in South Dakota — Major supercell storm produces tornadoes + large hail


Wars and Rumors of Wars…at home:

It has been a while since I have referenced the Military Exercises Jade Helm15 which are slated to begin mid July but have purportedly already begun in some of the states.  This is a video that someone took of equipment being shipped and the “crates” that they saw on board the flat beds.  While Government entities are pooh-poohing all the conspiracy theories and rampant speculation about Jade Helm 15 the enormous scope along with the occasional high ranking military leaks on this are very worrisome.  This video is less than 10 minutes and I encourage everyone to take the time to watch.  This is not the first gun confiscation rumor that I have heard with regard to this:

 Is It getting hot in Here or is it just me?



Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis on Thursday urged the world to act quickly to prevent “extraordinary” climate change from destroying the planet, saying rich countries must bear responsibility for creating the problem, and finance a solution.

In a near 200-page document, the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics blames human greed and consumerism but also business and political figures for the situation “Our Sister, mother Earth” now finds itself in.

“This sister now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her,” he writes in the long-anticipated encyclical.

Arguing that environmental damage is intimately linked to inequality, he says doomsday predictions can no longer be dismissed. “The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.”

US President Barack Obama praised the pope’s call for action and said the United States should lead global efforts to cut carbon pollution and bolster clean energy sources.


“I welcome His Holiness Pope Francis’s encyclical and deeply admire the pope’s decision to make the case — clearly, powerfully and with the full moral authority of his position — for action on global climate change,” Obama said in a statement.

Activists also hailed the charismatic Argentinian pontiff’s intervention as a potential game-changer in the debate over what causes global warming and how to reverse it.

 Climate gate & Fakegate:  The Forgotten Scandal of Global Warming Fraud

While I understand Obama’s desire to rally his base I think it is time for a history lesson.  Lest we and the Pope, and the President forget, in the constant barrage of left-leaning environmental propaganda, I recommend that readers refresh their memories by googling FAKEGATE.  March 1, 2012 Forbes Magazine in an opinion piece by Peter Ferrara reported THE OBNOXIOUS FABRICATION OF GLOBAL WARMING:  A portion of that important article follows:

“…In 2008, The Heartland Institute, headquartered in Chicago, began organizing international conferences of scientists from across the globe who want to raise and discuss intellectually troubling questions and doubts regarding the theory that human activity is causing ultimately catastrophic global warming. Six conferences have taken place to date, attracting more than 3,000 scientists, journalists, and interested citizens from all over the world.

(Full disclosure: As indicated by my nearby bio, I am a Heartland Senior Fellow, one of several affiliations I have with free-market think tanks and advocacy groups.)

In 2009, Heartland published Climate Change Reconsidered: The Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC). That 860-page careful, dispassionate, thoroughly scientific volume, produced in conjunction with the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, explored the full range of alternative views to the UN’s IPCC. Two years later, Heartland published the 418 page Climate Change Reconsidered: The 2011 Interim Report of the NIPCC, which updated the research regarding global warming and “climate change” since the 2009 volume.

Through these activities and more like them, Heartland has become the international headquarters of the scientific alternative to the UN’s IPCC, now providing full scale rebuttals to the UN’s own massive reports. Any speaker, any authority, any journalist or bureaucrat asserting the catastrophic danger of supposed man-caused global warming needs to be asked for their response to Climate Change Reconsidered. If they have none, then they are not qualified to address the subject.

This is the essential background to understanding “Fakegate,” the strange and still being written story of the decline and fall of political activist Peter Gleick, who had successfully engineered a long career posing as an objective climate scientist. Gleick, who has announced he is taking a “temporary, short-term leave of absence” as president of the Pacific Institute, also served until recently as chairman of the science integrity task force of the American Geophysical Union.

Their expectation apparently was that the documents would be as embarrassing and damaging to the global warming skeptics as were the emails revealed in the “Climategate” scandal to the alarmist side. The Climategate revelations showed scientific leaders of the UN’s IPCC and global warming alarmist movement plotting to falsify climate data and exclude those raising doubts about their theories from scientific publications, while coordinating their message with supposedly objective mainstream journalists.

As the Wall Street Journal observed on Feb. 21, while Heartland’s budget for the NIPCC this year totals $388,000, that compares to $6.5 million for the UN’s IPCC, and $2.5 billion that President Obama’s budget commits for research into “the global changes that have resulted primarily from global over-dependence on fossil fuels.” That demonstrates how an ounce of truth can overcome a tidal wave of falsehood.”



One begins to get the idea rather quickly that critical information was faked, and more than one professional had to” lie like a rug” to achieve their desired goals.  Shameful but soon forgotten.  By simply googling Global Warming fraudulent data one can pull up a veritable wheelbarrow full of much more recent news articles outlining continued breach of scientific faith and massive fabrication of  data that is still widely circulated to perpetuate the UN’s myth of climate change.  While this was pretty widely reported in 2012 when the scandal broke, little current info surfaces now and news sources seem to have forgotten the scandal and have resorted to quoting and relying on the same sources which were so recently unrepentantly disreputable in their science. has recently written posts on Climate change. (see Ka-Boom post of last week)  Historical facts and verifiable evidence reveals that massive climate change and societal upheaval can be linked to volcanic eruption, solar activity and other natural phenomenon.  The little Ice Age in the Middle Ages is a good example.  The climate then saw significant European temperature changes which dramatically impacted lives, agriculture and trade. However, this  certainly cannot be linked to  overpopulation, pollution, greed, big business or the European carbon footprint.  The population was much too small. th7FVTJGLF Noah and his family saw unprecedented Climate Change but that was in response to wholesale sin and unrepentance.  A cautionary tale indeed!

I do believe that as Believers and citizens of the planet that we should be good stewards of our planet.  I do not, however, want to use Climate Change as a seemingly noble excuse for Global redistribution of wealth and resources nor an excuse to have our civil liberties mucked about with.  I recommend that the Pope stick to matters of faith and a study of scripture.  If he is so concerned about the poor and needy, I feel sure that there are lots of funds at the Vatican which could be freed up for such a noble purpose!

The following story is just published today in the Washington Post which further thCSXZCF3Xillustrates the agenda driven propaganda campaign and the ostracizing powers of Vatican, UN and governmental voices toward anyone who dares defy them with actual facts.

Skeptical Scientist barred from  April Vatican Global Warming summit

Pope Francis was about to take a major step backing the science behind ­human-driven global warming, and Philippe de Larminat was determined to change his mind.


A French doubter who authored a book arguing that solar activity — not greenhouse gases — was driving global warming, de Larminat sought a spot at a climate summit in April sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Nobel laureates would be there. So would U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs and others calling for dramatic steps to curb carbon emissions.

After securing a high-level meeting at the Vatican, he was told that, space permitting, he could join. He bought a plane ticket from Paris to Rome. But five days before the April 28 summit, de Larminat said, he received an e-mail saying there was no space left. It came after other scientists — as well as the powerful Vatican bureaucrat in charge of the academy — insisted he had no business being there.

th (72)

“They did not want to hear an off note,” de Larminat said.

The incident highlights how climate-change doubters tried and failed to alter the landmark papal document unveiled last week — one that saw the leader of 1 billion Catholics fuse faith and reason and come to the conclusion that “denial” is wrong.

It marked the latest blow for those seeking to stop the reform-minded train that has become Francis’s papacy. It is one that has reinvigorated liberal Catholics even as it has sowed the seeds of resentment and dissent inside and outside the Vatican’s ancient walls.

Yet the battle lost over climate change also suggests how hard it may be for critics to blunt the power of a man who has become something of a juggernaut in an institution where change tends to unfold over decades, even centuries. More than anything, to those who doubt the human impact of global warming, the position staked out by Francis in his papal document, known as an encyclical, means a major defeat.

“This was their Waterloo,” said Kert Davies, executive director of the Climate Investigations Center, who has been tracking ­climate-change deniers for years. “They wanted the encyclical not to happen. And it happened.”

Papal advisers say Francis signaled his intent to draft a major document on the environment soon after assuming the throne of St. Peter in March 2013. His interest in the topic dates to his days as a bishop in Buenos Aires, where Francis, officials say, was struck by the effects of floods and unsanitary conditions on Argentine shantytowns known as “misery villages.”

In January, Francis officially announced his goal of drafting the encyclical — saying after an official visit to the Philippines that he wanted to make a “contribution” to the debate ahead of a major U.N. summit on climate change in Paris in December.

But several efforts by those skeptical of the scientific consensus on climate change to influence the document appear to have come considerably later — in April — and, maybe, too late.

In late April, the Chicago-based Heartland Institute, a free-market group that serves as a hub of skepticism regarding the science of human-caused global warming, sent a delegation to the Vatican. As a Heartland news release put it, they hoped “to inform Pope Francis of the truth about climate science: There is no global warming crisis!”

It was meant to coincide with the same April meeting that de Larminat was trying to attend. Heartland’s activists were not part of the invited contingent, either, Heartland communications director Jim Lakely said. “It was a side event,” he said. “We were outside the walls of the Vatican. We were at a hotel — literally, I could throw a football into St. Peter’s Square.”

Seven scientists and other experts gave speeches at the Heartland event, raising doubts about various aspects of the scientific consensus on climate change, even as several also urged the pope not to take sides in the debate. It’s impossible to know how that influenced those in the Vatican working on the pope’s document — which one Vatican official said was at “an advanced stage.” But Lakely said his group did not see much of its argument reflected in the final document.

“We all want the poor to live better lives, but we just don’t think the solution to that is to restrict the use of fossil fuels, because we don’t think CO2 is causing a climate crisis,” Lakely said. “So if that’s our message in a sentence, that message was not reflected in the encyclical, so there you go.”

One member of the Heartland delegation was E. Calvin Beisner, a theologian and founder of an evangelical group called the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. In April, the group launched an “open letter” to the pope, signed by more than 100 scholars and theologians, arguing that climate-change models “provide no rational basis to forecast dangerous human-induced global warming, and therefore no rational basis for efforts to reduce warming by restricting the use of fossil fuels or any other means.”

Beisner said he thinks that “between a quarter and a third” of the signers were Catholic. He said he is not totally unhappy with the pope’s encyclical — he appreciates the sections on the need to help the poor and “the sanctity of human life.” But as for the climate section, he said, Francis is “writing in an area that is not his own background, and it looks to me as if he was poorly served by his adviser.

Based on the people he recently appointed to his council for science, Francis was also seen to have made up his mind on the question of global warming. Some prominent conservatives — particularly economic and environmental conservatives — were consulted by the Vatican during the process, but “many were sort of shocked that none of their contributions made it in there,” Raymond Arroyo, news director at the Catholic mega-channel EWTN, said Friday.

Instead, the pope sought to build on the progressive environmental platforms established by his immediate predecessors, Benedict XVI and John Paul II. For advice, he turned to a number of scientific advisers who support the consensus that human activity is warming the Earth. They included Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany.

A professed atheist, Schellnhuber nevertheless saw a chance for a massive coup in the climate debate if a sitting pope issued an ode to Earth and the ills of carbon emissions. But not everyone, he said, seemed to want the encyclical to take sides.

He said he was stunned to hear that de Larminat, the French doubter, almost made it to the key Vatican climate summit in April. To him, it showed that “even within the Vatican, there were some people who would like to see something that presented both sides.”

De Larminat had a cordial meeting in March with Cardinal Peter Turkson, a senior member of the clergy and a key supporter of the pope’s encyclical. At the meeting, both men said, Turkson promised to try to secure a space for the Frenchmen at the April summit.

However, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences — a body of luminaries, religious and not, dating back decades but with roots in the 17th Century — effectively vetoed de Larminat’s presence. Asked why, Sánchez Sorondo responded in an e-mail, “because he’s not an academic authority in this field, neither a religious authority nor a U.N. authority.”

Turkson, however, said that he was told only that the summit was “well overbooked.”

During Francis’s 27 months as pope, something of a conservative resistance has formed to his more progressive tone. It particularly showed itself during fierce theological debates in October that saw conservatives successfully scrap language in a church document that would have recognized “the gifts and qualities” of gay people.

Some conservatives, including U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, have publicly denied a rift with the pope while also openly warning of a liberal strain coursing through the church. And a number of leaks in the Italian news media — including of the encyclical itself — have sparked a flurry of intrigue over possible conspiracies inside the Vatican.

Mooney reported from Washington. Michelle Boorstein in Washington, Virgile Demoustier in Paris and Stefano Pitrelli in Rome contributed to this report.


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