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 Three Attacks in 90 minutes:


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A gunman opened fire on beachgoers at a hotel in Tunisia today, killing at least 39 people and injuring at least 39, officials said.

The attack took place at the Hotel Imperial Marhaba in Sousse, a popular resort town on the northeast coast of Africa.

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The gunman, who acted alone, was killed by police after the attack, the country’s Interior Ministry told the Associated Press. The gunman was not known to authorities, security official Rafik Chelli told Tunisia radio station Mosaique FM.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement circulated on social media today.

Beheading and Explosion at American owned French factory called Terrorist attack

A truck driver once under surveillance for radical Islamic ties crashed into an American-owned chemical warehouse in southeastern France on Friday and hung his employer’s severed head on a factory gate, along with banners with Arabic inscriptions.5457376f7ff9811c7a0f6a7067004816.jpg_14023865

The attack, which triggered an explosion that wounded two people, came on a day of violence that spanned three continents.

The suspect, who was apprehended soon after setting off the blast, is the latest French citizen implicated in extremist bloodshed in recent years after being flagged to authorities, then falling off the radar. Police were put on higher alert in the Lyon area after the assault, which revived fearful memories of attacks in January on a kosher market and satirical newspaper that left 20 dead.

“Islamist terrorism has again struck France,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said.

Prosecutor Francois Molins said Salhi was known to factory staff because he regularly made deliveries there, and they let him in the gate. Once beyond the sight of security cameras, Salhi plowed his truck into gas canisters in a factory warehouse, touching off an explosion, Molins said. thSX6KW0NZ

A knife and the decapitated body of Salhi’s employer were found at the site of the explosion, and the severed head was posted on a gate at the factory entrance with two flags bearing proclamations of Islamic faith, the prosecutor said.

Firefighters apprehended Salhi, and he was in custody Friday night along with his wife, sister and another person, while police sweeps of the vehicle and the suspect’s apartment were continuing, the prosecutor said.

Suicide Bomber in Kuwaiti mosque bombing is Saudi citizen: 27 Dead.

Kuwait: Thousands of people in Kuwait have taken part in a mass funeral procession for 27 people killed in a suicide bombing that targeted a Shi’ite mosque.

Kuwait has identified the suicide bomber who carried out the country’s worst terrorist attack as a Saudi citizen, Kuwait state media reported on Sunday. The interior ministry named the bomber as Fahd Suliman Abdul-Muhsen al-Qabaa and said he flew into Kuwait’s airport at dawn on Friday, only hours before he detonated explosives at the mosque.

Thousands of Sunnis and Shiites from across the country take part in a mass funeral procession on Saturday for the 27 people killed in a suicide bombing.Thousands of Sunnis and Shiites from across the country take part in a mass funeral procession on Saturday for the 27 people killed in a suicide bombing. Photo: AP


A different kind of War and Rumors of Wars:

U.S. Power Grid Being Hit With ‘Increasing’ Hacking Attacks, Government Warns

Potential to ‘take down’ U.S. power grids, water systems and other critical infrastructure



Major attacks on the U.S. power grid system are “increasing,” with hackers stepping up efforts to penetrate critical systems and to implant malicious software that could compromise the power grid and result in a nationwide crisis, according to a government report.

While experts have long signaled that the U.S. power grid and related systems are vulnerable to physical attacks by terrorists and other individuals, the U.S. government is now warning that sensitive computer systems that maintain the grid are increasingly being attacked, according to a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report that was not made public until the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) disclosed it this month.

The report warns that hackers potentially affiliated with terrorist groups or rogue nations have the ability to insert harmful malware into the internal systems governing the U.S. grid, which increasingly are being hooked into the Internet.

These types of computer viruses are able to comb internal systems for private information in a clandestine manner; they can also be used to wrest control of certain computers away from their owners.

“In recent years, new threats have materialized as new vulnerabilities have come to light, and a number of major concerns have emerged about the resilience and security of the nation’s electric power system,” the report says. “In particular, the cyber security of the electricity grid has been a focus of recent efforts to protect the integrity of the electric power system.”

The threat is compounded by the revelation that many power companies are only living up to the “minimum standards” set for cyber security by the U.S. government.

“Although malware intrusions may not have resulted in a significant disruption of grid operations so far, they still have been possible even with mandatory standards in place,” the report states.  Cyber attacks on the U.S. grid and power companies are becoming more prevalent.

“Incidents of reported cyber intrusions and attacks aimed at undermining the U.S. grid appear to be increasing,” according to the report. “While parts of the electric power subsector have mandatory and enforceable cyber and physical security standards, some have argued that minimum, consensus-based standards are not enough to secure the system.”

The report continues: “Further, the electric grid is not isolated from attacks on other critical infrastructure sectors on which it depends (i.e., the natural gas subsector, water, and transportation), and mandatory and enforceable cyber security standards apply to only a few of the critical infrastructure sectors,” the report states.

Experts and government authorities remain concerned about attacks on “critical infrastructure.” “The increasing frequency of cyber intrusions on industrial control systems of critical infrastructure is a trend of concern to the electric utility industry,” the report warns “The National Security Agency reported that it has seen intrusions into [industrial control] systems by entities with the apparent technical capability ‘to take down control systems that operate U.S. power grids, water systems and other critical infrastructure.’”

The report documents a number of recent attacks on U.S. power grid computer systems.

A virus named HAVEX has been used to open so-called “back doors” into computer systems. “The cyberattack leaves the company’s system in what appears to be a normal operating condition, but the attacker now has a backdoor to access and possibly control the company’s” control systems.

These threats, the report warns, are only growing more sophisticated as the industry struggles to combat such attacks. “The threats facing the grid are evolving, and with each new intrusion or cyber attack, priorities to protect the system can shift,” the report explains. “But that does not mean previous attacks can be considered past issues.”

While nation-states may use such attacks to gather data, experts believe they are less likely to launch an attack due to the prospect of likely retaliation by the United States.

However, terrorists have no such concern, the report says. “A terrorist or similar organization would likely be undeterred by such a consequence [of potential retaliation], and may use the worm for its own purposes,” according to the report. “Given the potential for damage to the nation’s economy from a major cyberattack on the grid, some might suggest a greater focus on recovery is needed and should become as much a part of a cybersecurity strategy as are efforts to secure the system.

Small initial eruption, but a volcano to keep our eye on:

6/30/2015 — After 800 years of silence , Mount Hakone Erupts in South Japan — 45 miles from Tokyo

After 800 years of silence, the long dormant Mount Hakone Volcano has finally awoken.

This volcano hasn’t erupted since the middle ages, 1170AD !

Video report here:


Over the past two months, warning signs have been showing around the ancient volcano, which is located just 45 miles Southwest of downtown Tokyo.

 Could LA’s Big One be even bigger than we thought? Now explosive helium is leaking from massive earthquake fault under Los Angeles  

They say the unexpected find sheds new light on the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin.

It reveals the fault is far deeper than previously thought, and a quake would be far more devastating.

It follows a report from the U.S. Geological Survey has warned the risk of ‘the big one’ hitting California has increased dramatically.

UC Santa Barbara geologist Jim Boles found evidence of helium leakage from the Earth’s mantle along a 30-mile stretch of the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin. He claims the results show that the Newport-Inglewood fault is deeper than scientists previously thought.

Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars:

We have undoubtedly all heard and read about the tetrad of four blood moons that have been falling in 2014 and 2015 on the Hebrews Feast Days. The last to occur this September 28 on the Feast of Tabernacles.  Today, June 30 is another interesting sign.  Christian th (104)Astronomers Ret. Navy Capt. Jim Dodge and  Dr. Dale Siles report on June 26 broadcast which is available for your listening enjoyment, In the same configuration of Jupiter and Venus in the constellation of Leo ( Lion of Judah) that was visible to the Wisemen of the East which tipped them off to the arrival of the Messiah and sent them scurrying off to Jerusalem. These astronomers asserted that by the time the Wise men arrived in Israel that Jupiter, Venus as well as Regulus had come into a Convergence for an even greater/brighter star than we will see tonight!  This double planetary configuation will be easily visible to us in the Western thL1S0XRABHemisphere tonight when these two planets (unlike in this photo!)are so close as to look like one big star.  I encourage everyone to go outside and look.  I believe that it is significant that this is happening at the half way point of the Shemittah year, just a few months out from the last Blood Moon. This stellar phenomenon will be bookended next year on August 27, 2016 during the coming Jubilee Year.

CDC cites The Next Scary Flu

Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus

Human infections with a new avian influenza A (H7N9) virus were first reported in China in March 2013. Most of these infections are believed to result from exposure to infected poultry or contaminated environments, as H7N9 viruses have also been found in poultry in China. While some mild illnesses in human H7N9 cases have been seen, most patients have had severe respiratory illness, with about one-third th (102)resulting in death. No evidence of sustained person-to-person spread of H7N9 has been found, though some evidence points to limited person-to-person spread in rare circumstances. The first case outside of China was in Malaysia and was reported on February 12, 2014. The case was detected in a traveler from an H7N9-affected area of China. The new H7N9 virus has not been detected in people or birds in the United States.

It’s likely that sporadic cases of H7N9 associated with poultry exposure will continue to occur in China. It’s also possible that H7N9 may spread to poultry in neighboring countries and that human cases associated with poultry exposure may be detected in those neighboring countries. It’s also possible that H7N9 cases may continue to be detected among travelers returning from H7N9-affected countries, even possibly in the United States at some point. However, as long as there is no evidence of ongoing, sustained th (103)person-to-person spread of H7N9, the public health risk assessment would not change substantially. Most concerning about this situation is the pandemic potential of this virus. Influenza viruses constantly change and it’s possible that this virus could gain the ability to spread easily and sustainably among people, triggering a global outbreak of disease (pandemic). The U.S. Government supports international surveillance for H7N9 and other influenza viruses with pandemic potential. CDC is following the H7N9 situation closely and coordinating with domestic and international partners. Most important, is CDC takes routine preparedness actions whenever a new virus with pandemic potential is identified, including developing a candidate vaccine virus to make a vaccine in case vaccine is needed.

Bird Flu- H5N2 : 50 Million chickens in US thus far:
DES MOINES, IOWA (AP) — Gov. Terry Branstad has extended a state of disaster emergency through July 31 in response to the bird flu outbreak in the state.

The declaration Monday was the second extension of the original disaster proclamation. It otherwise would have expired Wednesday.

The virus has infected more than 31.5 million birds in Iowa, mostly egg-laying chickens, making the state the hardest hit in the nation.


Branstad’s declaration activates disaster response programs, allows the use of state supplies and makes other efforts to speed response efforts. The governor has also sought a major disaster declaration from President Barack Obama for the four counties most impacted by the virus.

 Bird flu that’s devastated Midwestern farms likely spread by several means, including on machinery and workers, by rodents and possibly even by the wind.

That’s according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released Monday. The agency studied genetic properties of virus samples on more than 80 turkey and chicken farms.

USDA scientists say wild birds introduced the virus onto farms, but it appears the virus spread in other ways once there. The scientists found lapses in biosecurity on farms and environmental factors likely contributed to the spread of the disease.

More than 49 million birds died or were euthanized in 15 states this spring as the virus spread from the Pacific Northwest into Midwest farms. It’s the nation’s worst outbreak of bird flu.

MONEY MONEY MONEY: in a nutshell

Greece teeters: won’t take IMF repayment plan. Banks close ATMs empty. Deadline for deal tonight at midnight

Italy, Spain, Portugal watch from the wings:

China sitting on GOLD and IOUs rattles sabers in So. China Sea

Puerto Rico Bankrupt!

US Stocks tumble 350 points on Monday.

Buckle your seatbelt it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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