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Prophecy Watch:

This is a regular posting where I gather up newsy bits for you, which I feel have Biblical End-Times significance, from various sources.  It is by no means an exhaustive list but hopefully will help to spark your interest and keep you informed!

Russian Plague of Big Fat Locusts!


Plagues of locusts are swarming large areas of southern Russia, threatening thousands of acres of crops and in some places darkening the skies.

th (149)A video shot by a local man in Achikulak, a village in the Stavropol region, shows thousands of the bugs swarming towards a church. Other videos, screened by local TV channels, showed clouds of locusts flying overhead.”It was very frightening,” Lubov Timus, a local woman who lives in Achikulak, told ABC News. “Some were as big as your finger! They came like a clouds.”The waves of locusts began around July 20, according to Stavropol’s regional agricultural ministry. Vasilii Yegorov, a deputy agricultural minister, told ABC News that locusts appear in the region every year but normally they are able to exterminate them before they hatch.

This year though, Yegorov said, locusts had migrated from neighboring Russian regions, meaning authorities were unable to halt them easily, threatening what is one of Russia’s major farming areas.

th (150)Swarms have been reported across many other southern regions, stretching from Chechnya to the Astrakhan province on the Caspian Sea. Because of the locusts, a state of emergency has been declared in three regions near Stavropol, according to local media. In Stavropol alone, efforts to kill the insects have stretched across more than 350 miles, according to officials.Yegorov said Stavropol authorities currently had the infestation under control and were spraying pesticide every day.


Mark of the Beast technology march- Revelations 13:16:

Biometrics will be main banking identity authorization method by 2020 says report

By Justin Lee

June 2, 2015 –

Goode Intelligence published its “Analyst Report, Biometrics for Banking; Market and Technology Analysis, Adoption Strategies and Forecasts 2015-2020,” which forecasts that there will be over one billion users accessing banking services through biometric systems by 2017.

In the report, Goode Intelligence predicts that by 2020, bank customers will use biometrics as the predominant identity authorization method to access bank services.

By the end of 2015, there will be approximately 450 million bank customers using biometrics in various bank scenarios including withdrawing cash from ATMs, proving identity when telephone banking, and authenticating into their mobile bank app using fingerprint.

“There is a growing desire from the banking industry to adopt convenient methods to verify the identity of their customers and this is creating the conditions to drive the adoption of biometrics in banking even higher,” said Alan Goode, author of the report and founder of Goode Intelligence. “The adoption for banking purposes is a major contributor to this growth and we are forecasting that by 2020 it will contribute US$5.5 billion in revenue for companies involved in delivering biometric systems to the banking industry.”

The report also highlights major trends shaping the industry, including the rise of mobile and multi-modal mobile-based biometric authentication, tighter integration with fraud detection and fraud management solutions including adoption of behavioral biometrics/analytics, and different speeds of adoption and regional differences.

Additionally, the report finds that mobile will drive the market in the EU, North America and China, banks seeking to use a mature national ID (NID) system that supports biometrics for identification, industry regulation beginning to specifically reference biometrics as part of its guidance on two and multifactor authentication, and biometric cards being used to provide mobile banking services in developed world scenarios and linked to National ID (NID) schemes where supported.

Additionally, the adoption of biometrics for ATM access will increase in regions where it has already been deployed.

It will also be deployed in other regions where the PIN remains the main authentication method, including using biometric capability of a smartphone to provide out-of-band biometric authentication (OOBBA) when accessing ATMs.

Finally, the report offers guidance to banks in choosing the most appropriate biometric system to meet their requirements and includes Goode Intelligence’s unique Banking Biometric System Assessment (BBSA) tool.

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About Justin Lee
Justin Lee has been a contributor with Biometric Update since 2014.

Informative RFID videos:


The first time I ever heard the Acronym RFID was over 15 years ago as I listened to the  Irvin Baxter Endtimes Ministries Radio Program.  Since that time, Irvin has moved his headquarters from Indiana or up that way somewhere to the Dallas area and hosts a TV program of the same name. So, he is a bit better known these days. I credit Rev. Baxter with sparking my interest and convincing me to more closely examine-with the word of God- and re-evaluate the tenets of traditional Southern Baptist doctrine that teaches that the gifts and ministry and power of the Holy Spirit are no longer necessary.   While we may not agree on every aspect of End Times Ministries interpretations and happenings, I have been heavily influenced by his insights and enjoy his teaching. Should you care to read more on this interesting topic,  Here are some links to articles he has written regarding the RFID technology:

That’s all for this time!  Keep looking up…Luke 21:28

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