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Prophecy Watch

This is a regular feature of Feverseason whereby I collect all sorts of newsy or scientific bits for you that I believe we need to watching… or that have End times significance for everyone.

Luke 21:11  Signs of the Times…

Jesus said:  …there will be Great Earthquakes in different places.  Some folks believe that you cannot predict Earthquake Activity.  I have found Dutch Sinse to be crazy accurate and if you live in California. in the Pacific NW or Alaska you need to be monitoring this man’s  His forecasts run about 40 minutes.  If you are in a hurry you can zip through about 20 minutes and bypass what earthquakes that he already predicted…and the plate tectonic and volcanology lessons which I find very informative: and just hop right to the coming week’s forecast around the globe.  It is good to learn where you dwell in reference to the plates and to have a plan on what to do if a big earthquake strikes.  I don’t want to scare folks, but the earthquake sign in Matt. 24 and Luke 21 is the flashing neon sign of the times and big earthquakes are on the rise!  Be aware!

Perhaps, like me, you like all the old Indiana Jones movies th (161) with Harrison Ford.  Remember In Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones and his friend realize that the Nazi’s have been digging in the wrong place!  I think that is what has happened in Jerusalem at the Dome of The Rock!thA12YTO8A

Many of us who watch all things Prophetic have seen the traditional Temple Mount, where the Dome of the Rock  now sits, as a can of worms or a fly in the ointment of Biblical Prophecy.  We know that the Temple Institute has all the specific Temple implements red_heifer_banner made and ready to go. is a fascinating resource for study,by the way.   It is not a Messianic Jewish nor Christian site by any means but if you know your stuff, you can see that they are all set to make their move and get that Temple up ASAP when they get the official go ahead. It was reported that the Red Heifer with no blemish was identified recently which is needed for priestly purification practices. ( Numbers 19 and Ezk. 36:25-26) The only hitch in the get-a-long, so to speak, has been the adversarial Islamic stance on any sort of sharing of that thT1O2F7U1“temple mount” which is their third most holy site.  If archeologist Cornuke is correct in his assessment, then suddenly, there is no barrier for the Prophetic Temple to be rebuilt as outlined in Daniel 9:24-27, Daniel 12:11, Revelations 11:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17 just to name a few.  This is a huge, big deal!  The faithful, orthodox Jews have been wailing at the wrong wall !

Was the Temple Mount Not the Site of Solomon’s Temple?

20 Oct, 2014

As conflict rages in Gaza, and anti-Semitic riots erupt in European cities, something is happening deep within Jerusalem that could change the course of history. th (158) Israel’s holy city is dominated by the 36-acre Temple Mount, on which sits the Dome of the Rock, or Mosque of Omar, which has occupied the spot since around 692 A.D., following the Muslim conquest in 638 A.D. The building is atop a massive foundation built more than two thousand years ago. It has been believed since the Crusades about 1,000 years ago that the Temple Mount was the site of Solomon’s Temple, which the Babylonians destroyed in 586 B.C., some lesser temples and finally, Herod’s Temple, which the Roman General Titus destroyed in 70 A.D. Part of the Temple Mount structure constitutes the Western Wall, which Jews believe is the sole remaining section of Herod’s (157) The problem: The Bible itself in several places clearly says that both temples were erected in the City of David or Zion, which is a far smaller, 12-acre area now being excavated about 600 feet south of the Temple Mount in the City of David Jerusalem Walls National Park. The implications are enormous, as explained in a new book, Temple, by Robert Cornuke of the Bible Archeology Search and Exploration Institute based in Colorado Springs. Mr. Cornuke, who some describe as the “Christian Indiana Jones,” is an FBI-trained investigator and former SWAT team member who has spent years searching for prominent places in the Bible. In the book’s introduction, he credits Dr. Paul Feinberg for alerting him to “the revolutionary work of the late archeologist and author, Dr. Ernest L. Martin,” an originator of the theory that the Bible points away from the Temple Mount as the site of Israel’s great temples. th (160) A few years ago, following strictly biblical references, Mr. Cornuke also found striking evidence for an alternative Mount Sinai, such as an inexplicably burned up mountain top and 12 stone altars at the mountain’s base. That account is in his book The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai. His current offering has far greater potential to shake up prophetic Holy Land debates. Last summer, Mr. Cornuke accompanied Eli Shukron, director of excavations at the City of David, through recently discovered passages buried for centuries. Mr. Cornuke, who is also a novelist, draws a suspenseful, non-fiction narrative as he takes the reader down ancient pathways. ***Robert Cornuke has a new book just out called TEMPLE. Read the Full Article Here

If you are interested in seeing more video’s about Cornuke’s fascinating archaeological expeditions you can go to and type in his name and spend a happy afternoon listening to all his faith-building discoveries and thoughts.


12 Iraqi Christians Seeking Freedom now Face Deportation by US Government

by Hermoine Macura, Christian Post:  August 6,2015

Twelve of the 28 Iraqi Christians who fled Islamic State violence and were detained at the Mexican border while trying to enter the U.S., will face deportation after being held for months at a San Diego detention center. iraqi-christians Lauren Mack, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Public Affairs Officer, responded with an official statement to The Christian Post on Thursday confirming that there were currently 28 Iraqi nationals in custody at the Otay Detention Facility in San Diego. “One of those individuals was criminally charged last week in a federal court with providing false information on an immigration application. Twelve others in the group have now been ordered removed by an immigration judge.” But Mark Arabo, spokesman for the local Chaldean Christian community in San Diego and for the Minority Humanitarian Foundation, is upset by the U.S. government’s decision to refuse refuge for the Iraqi Christians escaping the Islamic State, and said in a recent press statement, “These Christians have escaped slavery and death from Islamic State only to be imprisoned. The symbol for America is the Statue of Liberty. It’s not a gated fence.” Arabo told CP that he is in touch with 20 of the 28 Iraqi Christian refugees currently being held at the detention center. “The families of the detained refugees say they did not come across illegally or evade law enforcement. Rather they came with the right paperwork and told immigration officers that they were fleeing persecution by Islamic State in Iraq and were seeking refuge in America.” He added that each case is different and due to privacy laws it was hard to get all the details. “Some have been in there for 4-6 months according to their families. We have no idea when they will get out or about their current welfare.”

image: image: Iraqi Christian refugee

Iraqi Christian refugees attend a service at a church in Hazmiyeh, near Beirut December 12, 2014. Iraqi Christians who sought refuge in Lebanon after Islamist militants tore through their homeland said they had no idea when they would be able to return as they gathered for prayers ahead of Christmas. Picture taken December 12, 2014.

The U.S. government’s decision to deport these Iraqi Christians seeking safe haven from IS violence is a sharp contrast to the fact that last year the country welcomed 300,000 immigrants from Muslim-dominant countries, as reported by CBN.Arabo and other activists are working with the American Civil Liberties Union and other human rights organizations to secure the release of the Iraqi refugees. “These are Christians who had no other choice. We need to embrace them, not imprison them. We’re not going to stop and we’re going to hold them accountable,” Arabo vowed. Minority Humanitarian Foundation case studies included the story of Iraqi Christian Aamer Moshi who served as an interpreter for the U.S. Army during the Iraq war. Now, he’s living in San Diego and prays that his 26-year-old cousin Ziad Matty will soon be able to join him. “Ziad will not be harmful to this country, will not be a danger to this country. Let him go live with his family. It’s not too much. He is young, he can work, he can pay taxes, he can be happy around his family, and his family will sponsor him,” Moshi told the MHF. The MHF says that Islamic jihadist groups have been forcing Christians to convert to Islam, leave, or die. “Around one million Christians have fled Iraq since the 2003 invasion. Only 400,000 remain in the country,” Arabo concluded. Read more at

thCSXZCF3X By Crazy Contrast: Please note that while trying to deport those Christians who are fleeing certain death if they return to their homeland: the US is doubling down on policy of Islamic immigration: 

Obama Administration Preparing to Substantially Increase the Rate of Muslim Immigration Into the United States

Muslim Immigration 4


by, Julia Hahn | Breitbart | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

According to U.S. Census Data, the United States admits roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally each year, representing the fastest growing block of immigration into the United States. Tennessee, in fact, is home to one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in the country, causing the President to give a recent speech there in favor of expansive immigration. The Mayor of Nashville has launched a New American Advisory Council to help facilitate the legally-sanctioned transition from the previous inhabitants of Nashville to the new ones.

Both of Tennessee’s Senators, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), helped pass the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill which would have tripled the number of green cards issued over the next ten years.

Unlike illegal immigrants, legal immigrants invited into the United States with green cards are granted automatic work permits, welfare access, and the ability to become voting citizens.

Obama ‘Flooding’ US With ‘Huge Surge’ Of Muslim Immigrants

Audio courtesy of: Newzvids

Pew Research has estimated that immigration will cause the population of U.S. Muslims to more than double over the next two decades—from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million in 2030. This demographic change is entirely the product of legal admissions–that is, it is a formal policy of the federal government adopted by Congress.

Another major source of Middle Eastern immigration into the United States is done through our nation’s refugee program. Every year the United Stated admits 70,000 asylees and refugees. Arabic is the most common language spoken by refugees, and 91.4 percent of refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps.

The importation of Middle Eastern immigrants through the nation’s refugee program has led to the development of pockets of radicalized communities throughout the United States.

Minnesota, for instance, which has the largest Somali population in the country, has struggled to stem terror recruiting. The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently reported that six men from Minnesota were arrested and charged attempting to fight alongside ISIS. During the last two years alone, more than 20 Somali-Americans from Minnesota have left the U.S. to fight alongside terrorists under the banner of ISIL.

Similarly, as National Review has reported, “Dearborn, Michigan is home to just under 100,000 people, about 40 percent of whom are Muslim. In 2013, a leaked government document revealed that more people from Dearborn were on the federal terrorist watch list than from any other city except New York.”

Recent Poll: More Than 50% of Muslims in the U.S. Want Sharia Law

Video courtesy of: AIFDtv

The head of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Union, Kenneth Palinkas, recently warned about this very issue: “It is also essential to warn the public about the threat that ISIS will exploit our loose and lax visa policies to gain entry to the United States. Indeed, as we know from the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, from the Boston Bombing, from the recent plot to bomb a school and courthouse in Connecticut, and many other lesser-known terror incidents, we are letting terrorists into the United States right through our front door.”

He listed a number of terror attacks in which the attackers were immigrants voluntarily imported into the United States, including the Boston Marathon Bombing. None of these attacks would have occurred but for immigration sanctioned by the federal government.

News reports show that this is similarly emerging as a problem in Florida. A recent piece in The Tampa Tribune reveals that Florida now leads the nation as the number one state resettling refugees.

As one Floridian community liaison manager with Refugee Services estimated for The Tampa Tribune, Florida settles 27,000 refugees, on average, per year.

According to the federal government, Florida resettled 43,184 refugees in 2013.

While most of these refugees settling in Florida arrive from Cuba, many arrive from Middle Eastern countries. According to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement, the next largest countries to resettle in Florida after Cuba are (in order) Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, and Palestine.

Is Sharia Law Coming to America?

Video courtesy of: Steve Laboe

The Tampa Tribune reports that many of these Muslim refugees are carving out their own Muslim communities within Florida (similar to what refugees have done in Dearborn and Minneapolis): “Many of the refugees finding homes in the Tampa Bay area are Muslim because the region has an established Muslim community.”

The Tampa Tribune also notes that most of these refugees, precisely because they are invited in legally by our government, will go on to seek citizenship. Tampa immigration lawyer B. John Ovink told The Tampa Tribune, “Citizenship is straightforward. Once they enter as refugees or are granted asylum, they apply for permanent residency, the proof of which is a green card. It’s pretty automatic unless something changes in their country of origin and they are forced to go back. But I haven’t seen that happen in the 22 years I’ve been practicing law.”

On the heels of these developments, two Republican Senators–Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Dan Coats (R-IN)–have announced plans to substantially increase immigration from countries with large Muslim populations as a condition of a new highway bill. They are proposing to attach “highly-skilled” immigration bills from last Congress, which would expand the number of STEM workers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)–large numbers of whom come from countries with large Muslim populations like Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia. The Tennessee killer was himself an engineering student.

Similarly, presidential contender Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has also introduced immigration legislation that would substantially increase opportunities for Muslim immigration by creating an uncapped green card program for foreign students specializing in STEM fields while tripling the number of H-1B visas. One of the fastest growing groups of foreign students are from Saudi Arabia, helping propel the foreign student population to an all-time high.

Senator Rubio’s statement on the terrorist attack in Tennessee did not mention anything about Islam.

That’s all for this time!  Keep looking up!  Luke 21:28


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