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Though they have fallen off the Mainstream media radar of late, today’s PW post is totally devoted to all the interesting ISIS  related newsy bits that I have been collecting for a while:

Obama and Erdogan agree to stop “foreign fighters’ crossing into Syria

Thousands of foreigner’s have crossed through Turkey, a NATO member, to join Islamic State over the past few yearsShowImageNADMVP72

** Isn’t it ironic that President Obama can’t do anything about our border with the Mexican President but is working it out with Turkish leader.

In the “We have Lost our Ever-Loving Minds” Category:

Empire State Building turns green for Eid

Iconic New York City skyscraper lit up in honor of Muslim holiday marking end of Ramadan000_Was8946738-635x357

July 18, 2015, 5:55 am

 Muslims kicked off Eid al-Fitr celebrations on Friday around the world and to mark the holiday one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks was lit  in green.

Eid al-Fitr marks the start of a three-day holiday, that comes after the holy month of Ramadan, as Muslims exchange gifts, visit family and friends and throw elaborate celebrations.

The skyscraper was illuminated with the green lights until 2:00 a.m. (EST) on Saturday morning when the building traditionally turns out its lights, AFP reported.

The skyscraper has carried out the tradition “for several years now, it is an annual lighting,” a building spokeswoman told AFP.

The Empire State Building shines different colors for a number of religious holidays and major events: pastel shades for Easter, blue and white for Hanukkah, and red and green for Christmas,red, white and blue for the US women’s World Cup victory, rainbow colors for gay Pride Week, and blue, white and purple for World Oceans Day, AFP reported.

According to the report the building receives hundreds of requests each year to be lit up in specific colors. It does not accept requests for political campaigns, religious figures and organizations, or personal events.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Continuing Christian Nigerian Persecution:  Muslims Invade Christian Village And Slaughter Ten Innocent People

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nigerian invaded a Christian village and slaughtered ten innocent people, according to one Nigerian report:

Suspected members of Boko Haram, on Friday evening, invaded Sabon Gari Manjakwa villages of Hawul Local Government Area of Borno State, killing no fewer than 10 residents and leaving several others with gunshot wounds.

The insurgents, according to reliable sources, stormed the village at about 9pm with AK47 rifles and petrol bombs which they used in setting many houses ablaze.

The insurgents also snatched one of the three patrol vehicles donated to the vigilante group by one public spirited individual from the area.

Hawul is a predominantly Christian community and about 230km drive from Maiduguri that has witnessed serial Boko Haram attacks. Residents claimed there was no single military deployment to the area despite pleas.

The terrorists according to Mallam Yakubu Isa Manjakwa came in large numbers and succeeded in sacking the farming communities.

“Another disaster has befallen us today as terrorists attacked our villages and killed many people on sight. They operated for more than four hours before they left”, Manjakwa said.


ISIS’s female Gestapo wreaking terror on their own sex: They bite and whip any woman who steps out of line and force girls to become sex slaves. Most shocking of all? SIXTY of them are British

The loud knock on the family’s farmhouse door was at midnight as they got ready for bed. Outside, five Islamic State fighters, Kalashnikovs hung on their shoulders and faces hidden by black scarves, were searching for girls to kidnap.

‘We opened the door and they saw my wife’s teenage sisters Sabiha and Sajida. The fighters told us they were going to steal them because they were beautiful,’ says Kafi Osman, anger still burning in his eyes at the memory.

‘We cried and the girls wept as they were led outside and driven away in an open truck. We have heard nothing of them since.’

The girls’ kidnap in the northern Iraqi town of Makhmur came as jihadis from Islamic State (also known as IS and Isis) took control of it street by street. They beheaded men, raped women and then captured their trophies of war — virgins to be sex slaves or jihadi brides.

One teacher told of her horrifying capture by the city’s ruthless all-women police unit, the Al-Khansa brigade (above), created to enforce IS rules. ‘They said my eyes were visible through my veil. I was tortured. They lashed me’

The Osman family now believe that Sabiha, 18, and Sajida, 16, are prostitutes in Raqqa, a seven-hour drive across the Iraqi border in Syria and the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed capital, awash with jihadi fighters.

It is a place of medieval barbarism, terror, torture, abuse and odious controls over the 100,000 women who live there. Some women are trapped in the city against their will.

They did not escape before IS marched in two years ago, building a Sharia court on the football pitch and imposing a regime where grisly public executions take place by stoning and crucifixion in the main square after mosque prayers on a Friday.

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 Jewish Holocaust survivor in UK is rescuing Christians in Iraq and Syria under threat from the Islamic State

By BI: Lord Weidenfeld, who escaped Nazi-occupied Austria as a child, is funding the rescue of some 2,000 Christians from Syria and Iraq as a way of showing his gratitude to the people who saved him from the Nazis.

Lord Weidenfeld

The JC  Lord Weidenfeld, a Jewish Peer in the UK, says he has “a debt to repay” to Christians fleeing the Islamic State (ISIS), because the Quakers and the Plymouth Brethren fed and clothed him and helped him to reach Britain in 1938. Weidenfeld’s Safe Havens Fund flew 150 Syrian Christians who were fleeing ISIS to Warsaw on Friday to seek refuge in Poland.

But the project has faced criticism over Lord Weidenfeld’s decision NOT to include any Muslims in the rescue effort.  The Obama Regime has refused to take part in the operation, claiming discrimination (against Muslims). The mission has the support of Bashar al-Assad of Syria.


The Christian populations of both countries have fallen precipitously in the past decade, however, and Lord Weidenfeld defended the project’s narrow focus. He said: “I can’t save the world, but there is a very specific possibility on the Christian side. Let others do what they like for the Muslims.”

Funding was also given by other Jewish philanthropists and charitable groups such as the JNF, and aims to offer 12 to 18 months of support to the refugees.


The publisher, who co-founded Weidenfeld and Nicolson in 1948, was rescued from Nazi-occupied Austria thanks to the generosity of members of the Plymouth Brethren, a Christian group, which took him in, fed and clothed him.

He said: “I had a debt to repay. It applies to so many of the young people who were on the Kindertransports. It was Quakers and other Christian denominations who brought those children to England.


“It was a very noble operation and we Jews should also be thankful and do something for the endangered Christians.” The peer paid for the privately chartered plane to carry the first batch of refugees with the agreement of the Polish government and the Assad regime in Syria.

Lord Weidenfeld, 95, told the Times: “The primary objective is to bring the Christians to safe haven. ISIS is unprecedented in its primitive savagery compared with the more sophisticated Nazis. “When it comes to pure lust for horror and sadism, they are unprecedented. There never was such scum as these people.


iraqi-christians-e1436982329978“My main concern is — and this is terribly important for me as a member of the generation that can look back to the time before World War Two — the lack of will to defend oneself; to get boots on the ground and to get rid of these people. The lack of desire to fight the enemy, to slay the dragon in his lair.

“I am appalled by the lack of action. The brave Kurds have shown in the battle for Kobani that you can defeat them. In a disunited world, the road is wide open for the terrorists.”

He added that he hoped to replicate the work done by the likes of the late Sir Nicholas Winton, who helped to organise Kinderstransport trains that saved more than 10,000 Jewish children from the Nazis. Sir Nicholas died on 1 July. There were 1.1 million Christians in Syria in 2011, but in March a report from the European Parliament said that 700,000 had fled since the start of the conflict.

Some of the Syrian refugees who were flown to Warsaw by Lord Weidenfeld


The Catholic Church Provides Thousands Of Persecuted Christians With Apartments After Being Driven Out By ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat The Catholic Church has provided thousands of persecuted Christians — and other peoples — with apartments after they were driven out by ISIS: This Thursday, August 6, will mark the first anniversary of the expulsion from their convent of a group of Dominican sisters who had been serving Christians on Iraq’s Nineveh […]

Christians Fight Back Against ISIS’s Islamic War

By on July 3, 2015


With wooden crosses around their necks and others tattooed on their arms, several dozen Iraqi Christians are training to recapture their homes overrun by the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group.

A year ago, ISIS launched a fierce offensive in northern Iraq, quickly capturing second city Mosul, with its large Christian minority, and Christian-populated areas in the surrounding Nineveh province.

Residents were given the choice of converting to Islam, paying a tax to continue practicing their faith, or death.

Thousands fled, but some want to fight back, and are now training at a military base near the Baghdad airport.

They have Shi’ite Muslim fighters instructing them on how to use their Kalashnikov assault rifles and on the basics of combat maneuvers, but they are vocal in their Christianity on parade, chanting “Ya Mariam (O Mary)” in cadence as they march in a salute to the mother of Jesus.

“We heard that the Christians had an opportunity for jihad (holy war), and we all came and volunteered,” said 17-year-old Chaldean Christian Frank Samir.

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Muslims Make Horrific Massacre, Killing Dozens Of Innocent People And Burning Down Their Homes

B Theodore Shoebat

Muslim terrorists in Nigeria attacked two villages, killing dozens of innocent people and burning down their homes. According to the report:

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen have killed dozens of people and burned down homes in two villages in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, police and a security source said on Monday.

The attacks on Kalwa and Gwollam villages in the Monguno local government area of Borno state, just over 100 km (60 miles) from state capital Maiduguri, began on Friday night and continued into Saturday morning, a security source said.

“Many persons were reported killed and several houses were burnt,” said Borno police commissioner Aderemi Opadokun, who said the attackers were suspected members of militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

Nobody has taken responsibility for the raid, but it has the hallmarks of the militant group that has killed thousands of people and forced around 1.5 million others to flee their homes during a six-year insurgency.


ISIS blows up booby-trapped baby while teaching militants how to use explosives:

An orphaned baby was reportedly strapped to a booby trap device and blown up as part of a sickening ISIS training camp exercise on improvised devices.


The sadistic act is thought to have taken place near ash-Sharqat in the northern Iraqi province of Salahuddin, where ISIS still holds considerable territory.

Using a remote control detonator, the baby was destroyed by the explosives to show the trainee terrorists how to assemble improvised explosive devices.

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ISIS planning to use toy helicopters as bombing drones fear security chiefs:

Counter-terror chiefs fear Islamist fanatics plan to launch deadly bomb attacks on the UK’s streets using unmanned toy drones.


Both MI5 and police battling the threat of an IS outrage in Britain believe the network has experimented with planting high explosives on the tiny flying machines.

The agile drones could lift enough C4 plastic explosive to kill or maim a person if detonated near someone’s head by remote control or a timer.

Sources told the Mirror that police probing IS plots against UK citizens believe terror bosses want to launch a multi-drone attack.

This could mean flying the helicopter-style toys by remote control into crowds at an open-air music festival or a football ground.

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The crew of a Shuttle America flight reported an unmanned aircraft off the aircraft’s left side Sunday evening as it was landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the FAA said.

That report follows two similar ones on Friday.

th (154)

In one, the flight crew of a JetBlue aircraft reported a drone passed just below the plane’s nose as they were preparing to land at JFK Friday afternoon. Later, a Delta flight reported a drone below its left wing as it flew near an area known to be used by unmanned aircraft enthusiasts.

All three flights landed without incident, but drones that fly too close to commercial flights pose a serious threat to the larger aircraft, Phil Derner of told CNN affiliate WPIX.

A drone “going into an engine can destroy an engine,” Derner said “Going into the cockpit window can injure a pilot or even kill a pilot.”

Flying drones isn’t allowed within five miles of an airport without first notifying the airport operator and control tower. The unmanned vehicles are also supposed to stay below 400 feet.

But the FAA says it gets a couple of reports every day from pilots saying they spotted an unmanned aerial vehicle.

“It’s very, very concerning because having drones at JFK or any major airport was illegal even before the latest drone laws came into effect,” CNN aviation analyst Mary Schiavo said. “What is happening now is there are some stiff prosecutions being handed out — including jail time — for lawbreakers. As the people get the word, they won’t do such idiotic things anymore.”

FAA to ramp up drone education, regulation

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