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Prophecy Watch:

This is a regular posting of newsy tidbits which I gleaned from a wide variety of sources to keep you abreast of world events. If one is short on time, I encourage you to scan the headlines, at least. I chose these particular stories because I think that they show, in some way, Biblical Prophetic fulfillment such as the wonderful following video.  I believe that the news stories foreshadow large prophetic wars, Mid-East unrest, a march towards a One World Government/leadership or disturbing science which falls into an End-times prophetic pattern. We must be watching and spreading the word!

Just over a 7 minute video with a two-year-old who had an encounter with Abba

–there are subtitles to help us through the baby talk .  Watch it, Watch it all and ponder Acts 2:16-18

This is New: Five Chinese Navy Ships are operating in Bering Sea off Alaska

Wall Street Journal Sept 2, 2015  by Gordon Lubold

safe_image (7)

Five Chinese navy ships are currently operating in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska, Pentagon officials said Wednesday, marking the first time the U.S. military has seen them in the area.

The officials have been tracking the movements in recent days of three Chinese combat ships, a replenishment vessel and an amphibious landing ship after observing them moving toward the Aleutian Islands, which are split between U.S. and Russian control.

“This would be a first in the vicinity of the Aleutian Islands,” one defense official said of the Chinese ships, which have been operating in international waters. “I don’t think we’d characterize anything they’re doing as threatening,” the official said.AI-CR935_CNAVY_9U_20150903021833

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington couldn’t immediately be reached to comment.

Chinese officials have complained in the past that the U.S. is meddling in their affairs by flying military jets near a chain of islands known as the Spratlys in the South China Sea.

US Shadowing Russian Ship in Atlantic Near Nuclear Submarine Areas


U.S. intelligence ships, aircraft, and satellites are closely watching a Russian military vessel in the Atlantic that has been sailing near a U.S. nuclear missile submarine base and underwater transit routes, according to Pentagon officials.

The Russian research ship Yantar has been tracked from the northern Atlantic near Canada since late August as it makes its way south toward Cuba.

Defense officials familiar with reports on the Russian ship say the Yantar is believed to be gathering intelligence on underwater sensors and other equipment used by U.S. nuclear submarines based at Kings Bay, Georgia. The submarines, their transit lanes, and training areas stretch from the coastal base through the Atlantic to Europe.

Intelligence analysts believe the ship, one of Russia’s newest military research vessels commissioned earlier this year, is part of a larger strategic intelligence-gathering operation against U.S. nuclear missile submarines and other targets.

One official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information, said the ship is a concern because it is equipped with deep-sea surveillance craft and cable-cutting equipment.

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Russia sends message with more troops to eastern Ukraine as Leaders get together for Crisis Summit

Fears of a return to all out warfare continue to mount in Ukraine after Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president, accused Russia of sending fresh troops and equipment into the eastern part of the country. hollande-merkel-pr_3417554b

The comments come ahead of a summit on the crisis between Mr Poroshenko, Angela Merkel, and Francois Hollande in Berlin, where the three leaders are expected to discuss how to keep a peace agreement signed in February from falling apart.
Nearly 7,000 people have died since the war between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed separatists broke out in April 2014.

Speaking at an independence day parade in Kiev, Mr. Poroshenko praised Ukraine’s diplomats and soldiers for their work in what he called a “war for independence”, but warned that the danger of a return to all-out hostilities remained high.
“Moscow’s ‘army surplus’ has supplied fighters with 500 tanks, up to 400 artillery systems, and 950 fighting vehicles,” he said.

“Just this week three big convoys crossed out border towards Lugask, Donetsk, and Debaltseve,” he continued.

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US to deploy F-22 fighter jets to Europe amid Russia Activity Worries

United States Air Force officials said the deployment would train alongside other nations’ militaries, and support eastern European NATO members concerned over Russia’s actions in eastern Ukraine. 016839362_30300

“Russia’s military activity in the Ukraine continues to be of great concern to us and to our European allies,” Air Force Secretary Deborah James said.

“For the Air Force, an F-22 deployment is certainly on the strong side of the coin.”

The move will allow F-22 pilots to gain more experience over European terrain, James said.

Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark A. Welsh said it would test the jets’ ability to communicate and fight with other advanced warplanes operated by European allies.

Officials would not say when nor where the jets would be deployed.

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Russia, Egypt set to sign deal for Nuclear plant, Jordan,  as leaders visit Moscow

Egypt’s Sisi, Jordan’s King Abdullah, and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyau are in Russia for talks

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi were set to sign a deal for the construction of a nuclear power plant at a meeting on Wednesday in Moscow, a source close to the negotiations said, according to a report by Russia’s state news agency, Sputnik International.

In June, Russia’s state-owned nuclear-energy company Rosatom delivered Sisi a proposal for the construction of the plant.

Sisi, Jordan’s King Abdullah, and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed al-Nahyan are in Russia for meetings this week.

Sisi met with Abdullah in Moscow on Wednesday and discussed regional developments, Egypt’s state news agency MENA reported.

The Israel-Palestinian issue and terrorism in the Middle East would be the focus of their meeting, Putin said as talks began, Russia’s TASS news agency reported.

“I dearly hope that in the course of your visit we will manage to talk not only on the economic issues – speaking of which I would mention that our bilateral trade increased by 86 percent over the last year – but we will also talk on the situation in the region in general, discuss the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, and the fight against terrorism,” the Russian president said.

The head of Russia’s state-nuclear company said on Tuesday that the terms for the construction of Jordan’s first nuclear power plant are expected to be clear by 2017, Sputnik reported.

In March, Moscow and Amman signed an agreement to construct two nuclear power plants in the country by 2022. Jordan would retain 51% ownership, Russia 49%.

Yuri Teper, a Russian expert from Ariel University, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that the Egyptian deal has been propagated and publicized by Russian official media and top officials for some time, but the Egyptians have been much more cautious with their public comments.

“Right now, the only sources in Russia announcing the deal are governmental or government-affiliated media. Therefore, I would still be somewhat reserved in referencing this as a done deal.”

“Russians are known for making a lot of fuss about very little or unfinished deals, as happened with their energy deal with the Chinese,” said Teper, who is also a fellow at the Israeli Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies.

“This is important for their propaganda,” he added, “because it allows them to show they are not as isolated as the West wants them to be.” The high cost of the nuclear plant in Egypt could be funded by the Saudis, he asserted.

The nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran works in favor of the deal, as Sunni states fear the Shi’ite bomb, Teper continued.

Furthermore, because of the accord, Russia has become concerned about losing its influence with Iran, which it sees moving closer to the US and Europe.

US-Egypt relations have cooled since Sisi came to power, while those between Russia and Egypt have warmed.

Meanwhile, France is in talks to sell two Mistral helicopter carriers to Egypt after their sale to Russia was canceled earlier this month, two sources close to the matter said on Wednesday.

Cairo has sought to boost its military power in the face of an Islamist insurgency. A sale would also fit into France’s recent strategy of favoring predominantly Sunni Arab nations, both politically and commercially, over their Shi’ite rival Iran.

“There are indeed discussions that are relatively advanced to take the two Mistrals,” one French source close to the matter said.

The source said if there were a deal it would likely be financed in part by money from Gulf Arab states, which consider Sisi a bulwark against the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood movement.

A second French source confirmed the talks, but said the financing is unclear.

France, whose navy already operates three Mistral helicopter carrier warships, has no use for the two ships and will have to pay Russia some €1 billion ($1.14b.) for canceling the contract, the French government spokesman said on Wednesday.

The Mistral is known as the Swiss army knife of the French navy for its versatility. It can hold up to 16 helicopters and 1,000 troops.

Separately, Jordan’s King Abdullah told the Russian president on Tuesday that Moscow has a vital role to play bringing together rival sides in Syria to seek a solution to a war that has killed a quarter of a million people.

The two were meeting amid a renewed diplomatic push on the conflict in Syria, where fighting has intensified and where Islamic State now controls vast territory.

“We need to find a solution on Syria. Your role and the role of your country is vital in bringing together all the rival sides to a negotiating table towards a peace solution,” the king told Putin.

Russia has been a key backer of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the conflict.

Reuters contributed to this report.

China parades new ‘carrier-killer’ missile as its navy cases Alaska

Beijing is challenging the U.S.’s dominance in the Far East and the Pacific.

China has dispatched its navy to patrol the coast of Alaska and unveiled a new “carrier-killing” ballistic missile in a stark display of how its massively increased defense spending is tilting the balance of power in the Pacific.

At the same time, however, President Xi Jinping announced in a speech that he aims to cut the People’s Liberation Army’s troop numbers by 300,000, although he didn’t give a timeframe or any details on where the troops would be reduced.

The naval exercise, which saw five warships patrol the Bering Sea just as President Barack Obama became the first sitting president to visit Alaska, is a pointed demonstration of China’s steady rise to Great Power status…

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Wormhole created and It could Make things Invisible!

A wormhole is a theoretical space portal first identified by Albert Einstein that “can transfer matter through to another dimension.”


It is currently not even proven they actually exist, but a group of physicists have now claimed to have crafted a ‘wormhole’ that invisibly moves a magnetic field so it “appears to arrive out of nowhere”.

Jordi Prat-Camps, a doctoral candidate in physics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain and co-author of a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, said: “This device can transmit the magnetic field from one point in space to another point, through a path that is magnetically invisible.

“From a magnetic point of view, this device acts like a wormhole, as if the magnetic field was transferred through an extra special dimension.”

In 1935, Einstein and his colleague, Nathan Rosen, discovered that the German-born physicist’s famous theory of relativity “allowed for the existence of bridges that could link two different points in space-time.”

The Einstein-Rosen bridges, or wormholes, could theoretically allow something to travel instantly between great distances.

Although the new magnetic wormhole is not quite a space-time wormhole, as suggested by Einstein’s theory, it is a realization of a futuristic “invisibility cloak” first suggested as being possible in the journal Physical Review Letters in 2007.

The type of magnetic wormhole suggested in 2007 would hide electromagnetic waves from view from the outside.

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Here is a related article for science geeks!

Black Holes are a passage to another Universe, says Stephen Hawking

The Independent by Andrew Griffen  Wednesday 26, 2015

Humans could escape from black holes, rather than getting stuck in them, according to a new theory proposed by Stephen Hawking.


Unfortunate space travelers won’t be able to return to their own universe, according to Hawking. But they will be able to escape somewhere else, he has proposed at a conference in Stockholm.

Black holes in fact aren’t as “black” as people thought and could be a way of getting through to an alternative universe.

“The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible,” Hawking said, according to a report from Stockholm University. “The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe. So although I’m keen on space flight, I’m not going to try that.

Hawking’s proposal is an attempt to answer a problem that has tormented physicists about what happens to things when they go beyond the event horizon, where even light can’t get back. The information about the object has to be preserved, scientists believe, even if the thing itself is swallowed up — and that paradox has puzzled scientists for decades.

Now Hawking has proposed that the information is stored on the boundary, at the event horizon. That means that it never makes its way into the black hole, and so never needs to make its way out again either.

“If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up,” he told the audience at the end of his speech. “There’s a way out.”

I Pulled This one off of Facebook

Dwayne  Bryant posted this:

I JUST got pulled over by Indiana State Trooper!!11953080_10156004864465057_3038980648054634247_n

Ok, I’m sitting in my rental car with tears in my eyes! I have a BIG speaking engagement in Battle Creek Michigan tomorrow morning. I’m going to Lite up ALL the teachers in the Battle Creek School district.

So! I’m driving from Chicago to Battle Creek. I KNOW I was speeding, then, Dad gum it!!! Police officer had me in his radar. I pulled over…. He asked the Question, Do you know I stopped you. I asked, “was I speeding?”. He clocked me doing 85 in a 65. Then he said, you also crossed three lanes of traffic to pull over without signaling.

I thought… Dad gum it…!!! This is what happened to Chandra Bland!! I KNEW, I would determine the outcome!

I was calm, was respectful, told the officer WHO I was (showed him by my actions WHOSE I WAS) and what I was doing and where I was going. He took my license and said, ” sit tight.”

After about 5 min. He came back with a citation. He told me in Indiana, he coulda written me up for reckless driving because I was going over 20mph. Instead, he was only going to give me a $150 ticket.

I said, thank you officer, I know I was wrong by speeding. I appreciate your kindness you have shown me. (I was really sincere!… Straight from the heart). I asked him could I take a pic because I wanted to post this experience because I’m always talking to my students about THEIR responsibility when pulled over by Authority.

He asked me to give him back the ticket. I didn’t know what was about to happen, but I had NO fear during the entire encounter.

He tore up the ticket, told me to sit tight, then he brought back a WARNING instead of a ticket.

I am crying in my car, because God is SOOOO faithful! I sincerely believe, in MOST instances, it is OUR ATTITUDE, OUR BEHAVIOR, OUR RESPONSE that dictates the officers response.

There is so much more to say, but I gotta get back on the road!

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That is all for this edition of Prophecy Watch:  Keep looking up!  Luke 21:28thI1N3CIST

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