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thDAJZOA98I only went out of town for a few days and it seems the whole world has blown up in my absence!   I know that I have been beating this drum quite a bit lately but it’s an important drum!  Let’s review and then we will evaluate!

* Huge 7.8 earthquake in Nepal.  At last check the death totals jumped from over 4200 dead to 5000 and those numbers are expected to rise.  Big aftershocks continue. thPZJSCEFO We need to be praying for those poor people if we cannot provide anything more substantive in nature.

* Volcanic activity is on the rise!  Big one ongoing in southern tip of Japan right now which is sending plumes of ash over 15,000 feet into the atmosphere. th3RSTL580thV0IUK792 The Sakurajima Volcano is producing quite a show.    For eye-popping statistics one can just go to the same website and check for current worldwide volcanic activity as well as a host of other related activity:  It’s   to find out what is blowing up near you!  Close to home we have the very active Hawaiian volcano,, Kilauea as well as three or four others in those islands.  There are currently 6 active erupting volcanoes in Central America and the Caribbean.  6 more notable ones erupting in South AmericathV3QJ00AY the most recent one in Chile that was in the news last week. 8 erupting now in Indonesia and 6 more in the Pacific Ocean. We have 5 rumbling ( not erupting yet) on the backburner  in Alaska alone.  In addition to Sakurajima mentioned above, Japan has 3 others that are currently active and Mt. Fuji, long thought extinct has started smoking since the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami of 2011.  ( If you have loved ones in Japan, I would counsel them to pack their little bags and vamoose!)

*Volcanic activity, of course, does not happen in a vacuum.  Ash in the atmosphere can significantly change the temperatures around the world which effects food production and crop viability as well as other comfort factors.  These Volcanic eruptions are also accompanied by ongoing regular sizable earthquake/seismic activityth8JQPVO95 all over the Pacific Rim.  Let us not forget that large (160) dolphin beaching a few weeks ago as reported in post San Francisco as well as the enormous jelly fishay53f5d98e that lined the California beaches last week that could red flag some sort of subterranean temperature shift or anticipate seismic activity. I have included a startling national geographic photo shoot that better shows the enormity of the jellyfish kill.  There have been continuing low level California cluster quakes as well as groupings of Oklahoma rumbles. Feel free to check out to track activity worldwide.

* Rioting is ongoing at this writing in Baltimore, Maryland and fears are that all this racial angst at police brutality and alleged profiling will spread to other urban areas and overwhelm social services.500 Riots and unrest are lawlessness.  Lawlessness,  gives the central government excuses to move in to areas and impose martial law.  Martial law can suspend elections and your civil rights including your freedom of speech and right to assemble and possibly many more. thR58VE81OOnce rights are ceded to the central government, whatever the cause or the duration, they are often difficult to retrieve.

* In a different but possibly related topic I have heard from several readers concerns about upcoming homeland military/UN exercises called JADE HELM.th1VEZUCTO  After reading up on the enormous scope and make-up of this enterprise I am deeply concerned about the possible ramifications to states rights and personal liberties.  There are many online discussion groups discussing  JADE HELM as well as wild conspiracy theories floating around it. I encourage you to google, research and make your own determinations. thLBAEQDUP There are numerous reports of huge tank and helicopter movements as well as pockets of foreign soldiers already prepositioning across America for these exercises that are not slated to begin until mid July- November.th4LFWV769  FEMA camps seem to be involved and reputable military personnel have reported that they have been forced into retirement if they showed any reluctance to “fire” on American citizens during these operations.   Even if this proves to be nothing but an elaborate war game: At the very least Jade Helm sets a dangerous and weird precedent on our own shores.  We as Believers need to be keeping our eyes open and our heads on a swivel.  End Times are tricky.

* Drought in the world is currently at historic levels.  I won’t get into a discussion of global warming or climate change as it is non-productive. thN4VDSPZG As a believer, I believe that we have been given dominion over the earth and as such need to be good stewards of our resources.  I encourage you to google Drought in the World and take a look at the maps and worldwide sites that pop up.  Drought is a lack of rain.  Drought results in lack of food or famine.  Famine produces high prices in more than just food. I have long encouraged my readers to stock up on food, freeze dried, canned, and otherwise for a time when these items may be prohibitively expensive in your area. food 1Prolonged and increasing world-wide drought conditions are a recipe for disaster on a host of different levels.  I believe that it is germane to the conversation to remind readers that rainfall in scripture is directly connected to blessing from the Lord in response to obedience to His Word.  Lack of rain being the result of disobedience and rebellion to the same.  Repentance and a call for Revival should be the obvious and immediate in rain 1

*Mid-East Watch!  Just today it was reported that Iranian Naval vessels have fired shots and has boarded a container ship with a 30 man crew in the Strait of Hormuz and is taking this ship to their port. The container ship was originally bound for the United Arab Emirates.  American USS Farragut, a guided missile destroyer is headed to the area and helicopters have been dispatched to get a closer look.  The Iranian Navy is forcing the ship and crew to Bandar Abbas, home of their largest Navy base.  It is easy to see how an incident in important international waters could escalate out of control.  Please note that this is the nation that we were in Nuclear negotiations with as late as just last month.  This developing incident should also raise the hackles of the UAE as a sign that Iran is attempting a blockade of goods and services in the Strait of Hormuz.

Matthew 24 is a passage that I quote a lot.  There are obviously other passages that deal with end Times issues and precursors but this passage ( as well as parallel passages in Mark 13 and Luke 21disciples 1 describing the same discussion from each authors POV) is in Jesus’ own words to his inner circle of men.  I always like to go first to the most valued cite source.

He says in descending order to: beware that no one deceives you.  Indicating persons or entities, in these days, may be trying to deceive us.  Wars and rumors of wars, kingdoms against kingdom and ethnic group against ethnic group.thY5JY5301  These are not necessarily the same thing.  Supernatural warfare is on the rise.  Keep your eye on the spirit that underlies Islam…I believe that this is the Revelation 6:8 Green (pale) horse that is even now riding.

Verse 12 mentions iniquity abounding.  This word really means Lawlessness.  We are seeing it abound right now all over the place! Lawlessness in scripture means things not in line with God’s law or statutes not necessarily merely our own laws!

Verse 7 hones in on Famine, pestilence, earthquakes in different places.  untitled (6) I have discussed most of these above and/or several in my post a week or so ago, San Francisco. Jesus called all these occurrences the beginning of sorrows or just the initial labor pangs.  As we see these…and, we have…get more intense and closer together then we can anticipate that something is about to be delivered!

Jesus tells us in Luke 21:28 and Mark 13:29 that these things should not strike fear into our hearts!  No, instead, they should be the flashing neon signs that let us know, JOYFULLY that his return is imminent!  Joy 4As we tick off these prophetic fulfillments, our faith is increased, we have answers to give to the curious lost, and prophetic fulfillment lets us, as believers, really get zeroed in on our real purpose.

Early this morning I had a very short dream with a voice over.  I saw myself in a harness in a golden field. The reins were long and went up into Heaven. th292OJ2MCThe  accompanying voice to this brief picture said ” It is a harness of Love”.  It is often too easy as we get caught up in our everyday work-a-day grind, financial concerns or as we watch prophetic fulfillment in specific detail on the TV  in this deeply troubled world, to forget that God is Love. He is not about fear and He doesn’t want ANYONE to perish!  We, as his adoptive children are adoptively “genetically predisposed”  and commanded to Love as He loved us.  That is our Calling Card, our job description and our impetus. untitled (15)We are burning daylight, people. We have an important job in the field to be in harness wherever we find ourselves: planting our John 3:16 seeds and then feeding them so that they thrive and grow. Seedtime and harvest.   Lest we forget, we are on a specific, limited schedule. There is an End Time harvest coming and an accompanying out-pouring of the Holy Spirit to empower us to get the job done.thIA6N6KNG

*Verses for additional reading on the End Times outpouring and /or necessary Power of the Holy Spirit:  Isaiah 44:3, Joel 2:23-29, Zech 12:10, Matt 3:11,  Acts 10:44-45.  I encourage you also to read the page on this website called Holy Spirit 101.


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  1. “Harness of love” — I like that!

    • says:

      Your comment from Dallas reminds me that I wanted to include the softball sized hail reported in your neck of the woods a few days ago! So much happening and so little time to get it all together! I liked the harness of love, too. Sort of the easy yoke thing. Thanks for dropping by, it is always good to hear from you.

  2. ebookannie says:

    Sally, you hit a home run AGAIN!

    • says:

      Annie! How good to hear from you! Exciting times we live in, for sure! It is all about the Joy!

  3. Chuck says:

    Wow Sally, seeing everything that is happening around the world and in the US listed like you did is amazing. Breathtaking actually. Thanks!!! Chuck

    • says:

      Hi Chuck, Thanks for stopping by! This was only in one week! I can hardly keep up with it all! We live in very exciting times, for sure!

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