Rabid Dogs

 In my Watcher from the Wall post last week I referenced  recent conflicting reports of ISIS camps just across the border, less than 10 miles, from El Paso, Texas.  This resulted in a flurry of emails from concerned readers who haven’t been keeping abreast of the news.  Having done more investigation and reaching out to several law enforcement associates for their opinions of this issue on the Southern Border I would like to revisit this serious topic today.th6N4Q28IQ

I am reminded of the intense scene in the iconic film To Kill A Mockingbird when Atticus Finch, played by Gregory Peck, is forced to shoot a rabid dog in the middle of his dusty Depression Era street.thPVK61H6C It revealed traits and characterists to his children that they did not know their father possessed and it also drove home a universal point that one cannot let rabid dogs roam around freely in one’s neighborhood unchallenged, without  the real potential of deadly consequences.

Below, I am posting two videos that deal with the veracity of reported ISIS camps close to El Paso. thB3QWJDL5 I lived in El Paso for many years and still have a few US Customs/ law enforcement contacts in the region so I asked them about these reports.  Are they true, is ISIS running camps near the border, what is being done.  What do you believe their intent is.  What are the dangers of our government continuing to allow these camps to exist.  Do they believe that ISIS is operating with drug cartels and gangs that move with impunity on both sides of our borders?  These videos were forwarded to me by a former pilot for US Customs who absolutely believes the reports.  His  14 years personal law enforcement service spanned the Drug War of the 1990’s.  In spite of public support for “winning the Drug War”; he witnessed blatant and regular US Governmental quashing of any negative info or pertinent eye-witness law enforcement information linking Mexican Government involvement with active drug cartels.  At that time, there was an active propaganda push to facilitate passing the NAFTA trade agreement during the first Bush administration. No negative Mexican corruption/drug facts were allowed to leak. By the same token, my source is not surprised, that now, the Obama administration is reluctant to address any current issues, terrorists or otherwise who are sitting on our doorstep that may ruffle Mexican sensitivity of the ongoing Immigration Amnesty thF26M9KOLlegislation. “Assuming, for the moment, that there is no financial- drug money or political fraud happening to cause this blind eye,” my source speculated.” There is no focus by this administration to do anything substantive about border safety, or illegal immigration whether they are poor folks coming to make a better life  or  to commit terrible acts of violence. It has all coalesced into one big issue. Its a scary game of Russian roulette. I believe that they are doing nothing and just hoping that nothing will happen on their watch–kicking the can of responsibility down the road for someone else.”   When asked, this source stated that his plan was to move away from the border in the near future.

A longtime Border Patrol officer source who asked not to be named, works along the SouthWest Border ( not in El Paso) had some doubts and offered his fascinating perspective on the ISIS rumors.” I have heard rumors of terrorist camps supposedly being there since shortly after 9-11.  I suppose there could be (ISIS Camps) but I don’t think it would be a large scale operation.  I don’t think the cartels would want the heat it would bring, and that would interfere with cartel business.  They do not want America locked down–we are their cash cow and a full scale border lockdown would cost billions!  When these guys kill it is over respect and lots of money…I’m sure there are (ISIS Camps) but it would honestly be easier (for ISIS) to have a campus here in the U.S.”  When I asked exactly what he meant by that frightening statement, he replied” You take any billionaire who is sympathetic to buy up a couple of hundred acres in any backwoods area and there you go.  Pay for some student visas ..who then disappear shortly after arriving(in the US) now that ICE has been muzzled…easy.” And chilling in it’s possibilities!

This takes us back to the interesting, tangled web of Governmental collusion which our previously quoted Customs pilot alluded to: both sides of government in border politics  in cahoots for various reasons.  Political influence peddling by cartels who own the Mexican ‘Federales’  and the Army seemingly have allowed these camps to remain undisturbed as long as their goals were not at cross-purposes.  Perhaps, Mexico has decided that current ISIS actions and statements are bringing too much scrutiny to their areas of influence and are ready to let someone else deal with eradicating the ISIS presence.  This author suspects that this is why we recently saw the Mexican Army sources cited as “discovering” these camps reported in last weeks post.

In the aftermath of last week’s Garland shooting of Islamic terrorists which ISIS has since claimed credit, FBI director James Comey released a statement yesterday announcing that there are active investigations  ongoing in all 50 states,” There are hundred’s -maybe thousands “image_preview of people across the country who are receiving recruitment overtures from the terrorist group(ISIS) or directives to attack the U.S.”  He admitted that the FBI has not found them all.  His statement should sober up and hopefully muzzle the factions in our country who constantly downplay any immigration and border crossing worriers as goofy right-wing conspiracy theorists.150508114935-bravo-threat-level-large-169

Concurrent actions by all military bases and installations have raised their security levels to FPCON BRAVO in the past few days as well.  All bases and Pentagon type installations are now at a higher level of security.

The US Government has blatantly avoided enforcing current laws and abdicated any rational new immigration legislation that allows adequate screening or deportation of those who cross our borders. The fact that we are still allowing legal immigration to millions of folks from troubled Muslim countries creates a recipe for disaster.  It is well past time to at least shut down the legal immigration path.  As voters we have a corporate responsibility to turn up the heat on our congressmen bringing pressure on them to take the plunge and shut these floodgates of immigration before something dreadful happens!thGJ8QG22A It is useful to remember that Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Libertarians and Independents are all just infidels who need to die in the eyes of  “Rabid Dog” terrorists who have entered our country one way or the other.

In Watcher from the Wall I also encouraged readers to look up the disturbingly detailed, Rick Joyner ISIS dream which  he released with regard to demonically inspired, ISIS the Southern Border well before these latest ISIS camps were revealed.  As I know, sometimes people don’t bother to look these things up I am including that video as well.  There are longer versions available on youtube but this 5 minute version gets the point across.

I have heard no network news sources reporting on the AP.org story this morning that “North Korea claims to have successfully test -fired a newly developed ballistic missile from a submarine in what would be the latest display of the country’s advancing military capabilities.”th (21)  South Korean officials, after this announcement said that the North fired 3 anti-ship cruise missiles into the sea off its coast.  Experts in Seoul say the North’s military actions and hostile rhetoric are attempts at wrestling concessions from the US and South Korea whose officials have recently talked about the possibility of preliminary talks with the North Koreans to test its commitment to denuclearization.

For the second straight day, North Korea said that” it would fire without warning on South Korean naval vessels that it claims have been violating its territorial waters of the west coast of the Korean Peninsula”.  South Korea has convened an emergency national security council meeting to” review the threat and discuss possible counter measures”.

In other Prophetic News:  Dutchsinse.com reports this morning that there has been major activity in the past 24 hours across the West Pacific:  *  11 blasts at Sakurajima in southern Japan,11259328_932861100099648_5668563914646813423_n *1 major eruption of Karangetang in Indonesia * A 5.9 Earthquake in Indonesia, * 4.5 earthquake at Mauna Loa in Haiwaii, * Movement at 10 different dormant volcanoes on the West Coast of US, * Movement at the Yellowstone magma chamber and * an alert issued at Bulusan volcano in the Philippines. * Add 2 deeper earthquakes in the Asthenoshere on opposite side of the planet in Italy and Fiji  ALL OF THIS IN THE PAST 24 HOURS!!

In Luke 21:28 Jesus says that when you see all these things begin to happen- Look up!  Your redemption is near!  Are you looking up?  Are you ready for Jesus to come?  Tell me what you think about these crazy times we are living in.

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6 Responses to Rabid Dogs

  1. chuck chetwin says:

    Makes sense that the real threat is inside our borders . Why would the cartel want to carry their baggage. Kind of like Hillary, we would need a couple more air force 1 just to carry her baggage.

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      I rather gathered from some of these sources that one must follow the money. And since Rick Joyner had linked them in his video I wanted to be sure to ask that question. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Laverne M says:

    As a geologist I couldn’t help but take a turn at an earthquake simulator in a museum. I set it at 6.0. I found it difficult to stand up without falling. Each decimal… 6.0 to 6.1 means the 6.1 earthquake releases 10 times more energy than is released by a 6.0.

    0-3.0 earthquakes are very common at Yellowstone so I have not been concerned. I could have had TWO jobs at Yellowstone this summer as I had applied as a tour guide, BUT when the opportunity for interviews came in March, I felt led of the Lord and declined. THEN…!!!! Recently discovered is a NEW and larger magma chamber than the one previously known. Quote from http://www.livescience.com/28821-yellowstone-supervolcano-bigger-plume.html :

    “The underground magma resembles a mutant banana, with a knobby, bulbous end poking up toward the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park, and the rest of the tubular fruit angling shallowly southwest. It’s a single connected chamber, about 37 miles (60 kilometers) long, 18 miles (30 km) wide, and 3 to 7 miles (5 to 12 km) deep.”

    All our plans to garden outdoors are futile because when Yellowstone blows, ash would/will cover the ground in many states from inches to feet thick. Near Dotsero, Colorado, and near Moab, Utah are areas where you can find feet thick of ash from Yellowstone’s last 2 eruptions. I’ve seen them. Breathing ash killed thousands of animals in the central US in a slow painful death from Yellowstone’s eruptions of ash. Not pretty.

    We do not know enough details of where or when monster earthquakes or unexpected eruptions will occur. Even my friends live in a caldera (sunken crater above a reduced magma chamber) in Colorado which sent up more material in its last eruption than Yellowstone did last time. The San Juan Mountains in Hinsdale County, Colorado, has the 2nd hottest underground temperature in the state of Colorado.

    Each shift in the Earth DOES cause buildup of pressure in another part of the Earth. We just don’t know where is next.

    My thoughts??? We obey the Lord as to where He wants us when and with whom and what we do to prepare for the onslaught of disasters the Bible predicts. Our own thinking is futile. We must seek the Lord as to every detail of our lives now and later. As the card that I have carried in my wallet since 2005 says: “My only job description is obedience.”

    Fear mongering on the news creates panic, but obeying God brings peace. The fear and bitterness toward God for the things coming on the Earth will defile many. Our joy is in looking up for the Coming of the Lord. Our sorrow is in the ones we will leave behind, BUT Jesus will wipe the tears from our eyes Himself. It is appointed to man once to die and after that the judgment. So why fear? Whether we live to the coming of the Lord or whether we die before then, place it in the hands of God and live in peace.

  3. Robert Hines says:

    Yes things are begining to happen! I think his coming again to rule over us is coming at last. Praise the Lord. Bob Hines

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      Yes, Bob, if you haven’t read the Cocoon post, I encourage you to do so.
      Thanks, so much for following along. .

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